‘New Amsterdam’ Season 2, November 26, 2019 Episode 10 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

‘New Amsterdam’ Season 2, November 26, 2019 Episode 10 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

Hey, “New Amsterdam” fans. We are here to tell you some not-so-great news about your favorite TV show. It turns out that the next, new episode 10 will not be airing tonight, November 26, 2019.

Yep,and this break is going to be for a while because it turns out that episode 9 was the finale episode for the Fall part of the season.

We do have the official air date for episode 10. It’s due to air on Tuesday night, January 14, 2020 at 9 pm central standard time on NBC of course. So, certainly be sure to mark down that very important date on your TV show calendars as soon as possible.

What will NBC air ,tonight, instead of New Amsterdam? That is a very good question. According to the TV guide listings, NBC is going to air a huge Dolly Parton special that is literally taking up a whopping 2 hours of their primetime line up.

NBC’s official description of it reads like this, “Dolly Parton’s 50th year as a member of the Grand Ole Opry is celebrated.

The party includes remarks and a performance by Parton, plus performances by such friends as Dierks Bentley, Emmylou Harris, Chris Janson, Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum, Margo Price and Hank Williams Jr.”

Then next Tuesday night, December 3, 2019, NBC will be airing a show called, “Making It” in the New Amsterdam 9 pm central time slot. It’s an educational type of show. NBC’s official description for it reads like this, “Ordinary Home To Extraordinary Home.

The Makers will craft projects for both inside and outside the home. First, in the Faster Craft, they will transform a plain, blank wall into an inspirational and artistic installation for the home.

Then in the Master Craft, they’ll turn a standard mailbox into something with eye-catching curb appeal.”

Beyond next Tuesday night, we have no idea what NBC will be airing in the vacant time slots because TV Guide’s listings don’t extend beyond the immediate two weeks.

If any of those two specials rings your bell, you might still want to tune in to NBC tonight and next Tuesday night. If they don’t, you will certainly want to find something else to watch or do as soon as possible.

With all that said, we do have a bit of good news for New Amsterdam’s next, new episode 10. NBC apparently served up a new preview clip for it. We must warn you that it does contain possible, light spoiler teasers.

If you don’t like spoilers, it’s highly recommended that you exit this article right now. If you don’t mind spoilers, by all means please keep reading along.

Now that we’ve got our spoiler warning in place, let’s take a look at this new episode 10 preview clip.

It starts off with everyone being told to evacuate the hallway. An emergency code silver is in place! “Move to the nearest room and wait for authorities.” Lots of chaos erupts.

After that, someone has started bleeding. It all looks very intense. Both Helen and Max are seen in this preview clip,and they look seriously tense while this emergency is going down. You guys can view the new preview clip for episode 10 over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Since there’s currently no official press release for episode 10 from NBC, we thought we’d give you guys a brief rundown on how New Amsterdam season 2’s ratings and viewership numbers are looking.

In short, they don’t look half bad. The show is averaging 5.244 viewers per episode and a ratings score of 0.81 for the 18-49 year old demographics.

The last episode 9 that aired on November 19, 2019 brought in 5.462 million viewers with a ratings score of 0.80. NBC has not given it a new season 3 renewal yet. So, we’ll wait and see if those numbers will be good enough for NBC’s current business plan.

Again, NBC officially confirmed that episode 10 is scheduled to air on Tuesday night, January 14, 2020 at approximately 9 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “New Amsterdam” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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