‘Bold And The Beautiful’ December 18, 2019 Episode Delayed, Preempted In Certain USA Time Zones

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ December 18, 2019 Episode Delayed, Preempted In Certain USA Time Zones

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Unfortunately, we had to jump on here today to deliver an emergency report for your favorite soap opera. It turns out that the President Donald Trump impeachment hearings have struck again!

That’s right, guys. CBS has preempted today’s December 18,2019 episode of “The Bold And The Beautiful” to cover more of this impeachment hearings mess.


Currently, we can confirm that “The Bold And The Beautiful” will preempted today, December 18, 2019 in the eastern,central and mountain time zones. It’s still possible that the West Coast could get a new episode if the impeachment hearings coverage ends before it’s time for it to air there.


As for the impeachment hearings, it sounds like these people are finally voting on whether or not to impeach Donald Trump. The description that’s flashing across our TV screen reads like this, “”House Debates Articles Of Impeachment Against President Donald Trump.”

They’re just going back and forth, voting yes or no. Hopefully, this means these hearings will finally end soon. I’m not into politics, but it seems to me once a vote is finally agreed upon, that should be it. Oh, God let it be so.

Anyways, so let’s talk about how the local CBS affiliates will handle today’s December 18, 2019 preempted episode.


The way CBS affiliate stations usually handle it is they air the preempted episode the next day. So, based on that, we’re thinking that today’s preempted episode of The Bold And The Beautiful will air tomorrow, December 19, 2019.


However,some local CBS affiliates may handle it differently and try to air it late at night or something. If that turns out to be the case, you may want to just wait until CBS posts the episode on CBS.com.

We’re hearing that today’s impeachment hearings is supposed to last a total of six, whopping hours! We’re currently in the 3rd hour at 1:46 pm central standard time. If CBS covers the entire hearings today, The Bold And The Beautiful will certainly get preempted in all time zones.

Mack @_Kenziepuff on Twitter just revealed that the Bold And The beautiful was preempted in their area writing, “If you’re wondering if family is crazy enough to be obsessed with this political nonsense… my dad got home for lunch today and is angry the impeachment BS is interrupting the Bold and the Beautiful scheduled programming.”


You guys can view that post on Twitter by Clicking Here.


A local CBS affiliate out in Miami,Florida posted earlier that they’re airing the preempted Young And The Restless episode tomorrow December 19, 2019. So, we’re guessing they will handle “The Bold And The Beautiful” in the same manner.

They wrote, “Today’s previously scheduled original episode of The Young and the Restless has been preempted and will air Thursday.Viewers did NOT miss an episode.” You guys can view that post on Twitter by Clicking Here.


Spoiler Warning: For those of you who are interested, we’ve got a couple of spoiler scoops for The Bold And The Beautiful when it returns to the air.


Hope will finally break down and agree to work with crazy Thomas for the sake of saving her “Hope For The Future” fashion line.


Steffy will finally agree to hire Zoe back on at Forrester Creations as a model. Brooke will definitely have a few, intense words to say to Steffy about rehiring Zoe. However, Brooke will get met with a shocking surprise!


So, yes. There’s definitely some interesting storylines on the horizon if they ever stop preempting the show.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this emergency “Bold And The Beautiful” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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