New ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Spoilers For Season 11, January 12, 2020 Episode 13 Revealed

New ‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Spoilers For Season 11, January 12, 2020 Episode 13 Revealed

Hey, “NCIS: Los Angeles” fans. We hope you guys enjoyed the last episode 12. Now that it’s officially in the history books, it’s time to see what’s going to take place in the next, new episode 13, which is due out on January 12, 2020.

Thanks to CBS, we do have an official press release for episode 13. It contains a teaser description for the main plotline. So , we’re going to tell you about it in this spoiler session.

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CBS also released some new preview photos and a preview clip for episode 13. We’ll talk about those and give you a link to them. So, let’s get started.

For starters, the new episode 13 is officially titled, “High Society.” It sounds like episode 13 will feature some possible intense, dramatic, action-filled and interesting scenes.

In the new episode 13, black market opioid use is going to skyrocket. In light of this, a bunch of people are going to turn up dead! This will definitely cause the NCIS: Los Angeles team to launch a major investigation into this matter.

As the NCIS: Los Angeles team investigates, they will eventually link this deadly street drug to a very dangerous terrorist funding activity!

CBS’ official description for episode 13 reads like this, “After a rise in deaths caused by black market opioid use, the NCIS team links the street drug to funding for terrorist activities.”


Will The NCIS: Los Angeles crew be able to stop the spread of this deadly drug? What trouble will they run into? Those are some important questions we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode.

The new preview photos for episode 13 feature Kensi working the catwalk while sporting a sexy dress. Sam, Callen , Deeks and Kensi are all spotted together in a scene. They all look pretty serious in it.

Deeks and Kensi are spotted in a scene together. You guys can view all of the new preview photos for episode 13 over on Spoiler TV’s site by Clicking Here.

The new episode 13 preview clip is quite short, but it does reveal that a lot of deaths will take place in a very short period of time. Sam is seen saying, “We have an epidemic on our hands.”

The clip also features a few hardcore, action scenes as the NCIS: Los Angeles crew takes care of business so to speak. You guys can view the new preview clip for episode 13 over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Episode 13 will feature a couple of guest stars. They are: Moon Bloodgood as character (Katherine Casillas), Pamela Reed as character (Roberta Deeks), Vladimir Noel as character (Kadek Waiguna), Rupak Ginn as character (Dev Jabbar).

Guest stars continued: Rachel Marsh as character (Lily Chen), Adam Chambers as character (Victor Walker), Tyler Poelle as character (Corey the Coroner), Kate Orsini as character (FBI Agent Audrey Rush), Russell Sams as character (Richard Weaver), Bayley Corman as character (Yoga Instructor) and Lauren McKnight as character (Coco).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 12 are: Chris O’Donnell as character (Special Agent G. Callen), LL COOL J as character (Special Agent Sam Hanna), Linda Hunt as character (Operations Manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange), Daniela Ruah as character (Special Agent Kensi Blye), Eric Christian Olsen as character (LAPD Detective Marty Deeks), Barrett Foa as character (Tech Operator Eric Beale) and Renée Felice Smith as character (Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones).

Episode 12 was written by Chad Mazero, and it was directed by John P. Kousakis. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 13 is indeed scheduled to air this Sunday night, January 12, 2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “NCIS: Los Angeles” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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