‘Bold And The Beautiful’ January 23, 2020 Episode Delayed, Preempted In The USA

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ January 23, 2020 Episode Delayed, Preempted In The USA

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. It is with great regret that we have to jump on here again today to let you guys know that your favorite soap opera was indeed preempted again today, January 23, 2020 by CBS so they could deliver LIVE coverage of the President Donald Trump Impeachment trial.

From what we can tell, the show was definitely preempted in the mountain, central and eastern time zones. CBS’ coverage ended pretty early today at around 2:30 pm central standard time. So, it’s possible that the people on the west coast may have been given a new episode of “The Bold And The Beautiful.” We’re not sure.

Oh, wait a minute, we just got confirmation that The Bold And The Beautiful was indeed preempted nationwide today. So, nobody got to see a new episode for it.

In regards to the impeachment trial, it sounded like they were trying to argue that Trump had something to do with rigging his election and so on and so forth. The message that we saw on our TV screens for what was taking place is: “House Managers Present Arguments On Abuse Of Power.”

In our search for new information on this topic, we were able to find some interesting info. If any of you are “Young And The Restless” fans too, you might be in luck. It’s being widely reported that CBS does plan to air the preempted Young And The Restless episodes on their official website CBS.com later on today. So,that might be worth checking out.

One CBS affiliate station out of Nashville,TN named NewsChannel 5 @NC5 hit up their official Twitter account to report the following:

“The rest of today’s episode of Young & the Restless will be available later today on http://CBS.com and CBS all access. There will not be an overnight replay on NC5. Bold and the Beautiful was preempted nationwide. You did not miss an episode of that show.” You guys can view that tweet on Twitter by Clicking Here.

Judging from that, it appears that CBS will try to make some leeway with the Young And The Restless soap opera, but you Bold And The Beautiful fans might have to continue to suffer.

One soap opera fan on Twitter definitely expressed their displeasure about the episodes being preempted.

Crazy Chic @CrazyCh37621715 hopped on Twitter to write, “@catturd2 Hell, there are thousands of fans of general hospital, bold and the beautiful, young and the restless, who are fed up with the non stop hearings and trials, bc local networks are airing this RIDICULOUS #ShamImpeachment.” You guys can view that tweet on Twitter by Clicking Here.

As far as we know, these delays of the Bold And The Beautiful are only happening in the good ole United States. If you move to Canada real quick, you could watch the new episodes there. By this time, I’m sure they’re now weeks ahead of us, dating way back to the November and December 2019 preempted episodes

Judging by what we’ve seen the past three days in a row, if the trials start up again tomorrow morning or afternoon, CBS will indeed preempt their daytime programming to give LIVE coverage to the impeachment trial.

We’re hoping that CBS will eventually just upload the new Bold And The Beautiful episodes online too. As far as we know, they only have plans to do that for “The Young And The Restless” preempted episodes.

As of right now at 3:32 pm central standard time, no new episodes have been uploaded to CBS.com for either soap opera beyond January 20, 2020.

So, all we can tell you is to just keep checking their website to see if they finally come to their senses and upload the preempted episodes.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Bold And The Beautiful” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

The “Bold And The Beautiful” airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned.

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  1. Joanne Burton says:

    Nope. Not getting B&B up here in Canada either! Sure hope the missing episodes will be shown.

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