‘General Hospital’ April 17, 2020 New Episode Delayed. Repeat Episode To Air Instead

‘General Hospital’ April 17, 2020 New Episode Delayed. Repeat Episode To Air Instead

Happy Friday,”General Hospital” fans. We are back at you, today, to let you guys know what’s on the ABC agenda today when it comes to their hit soap opera General Hospital. As we have previously reported, every Friday is a repeat episode for General Hospital due to this crazy pandemic we’re facing right now.

General Hospital only has ,I’m guessing, maybe a month to 2 months of episode they filmed before getting shut down. Once they run out of those,they will have no more new episodes.


So, they’re trying to preserve all their new episodes by showing repeat/classic episodes every Friday. They will reportedly do this until May 22, 2020 and possibly longer if things aren’t better by then.

We were able to track down which repeat episode of General Hospital ABC will be airing today. According to the folks over at the soapoperanetwork.com, ABC is going to re-air the January 17,2018 episode.

CBS’ description for the January 17, 2018 episode reads like this, “Julian (William deVry) offers his support while Sonny (Maurice Benard) receives a mysterious text message, and Franco (Roger Howarth) looks to repay a favor. Kiki (Hayley Erin) is a bundle of nerves, and Griffin (Matt Cohen) offers words of encouragement.”

If any of you guys want to watch that repeat episode of General Hospital, you will want to watch ABC like you always do. However, if you’re one of the people who have absolutely no desire to watch this repeat episode, you will definitely want to switch up your schedule today.


Spoiler Warning: For those of you who are interested, we do have a few spoiler scoops for next week’s new batch of episodes.

Robert will have some very bad news in the April 20, 2020 episode. So, look for Robert to not be in the greatest of moods at the top of next week.

In the April 21, 2020 episode, Julian might be in a bit of trouble. At some point, he’s going to get the attention of someone he doesn’t want! The official spoiler teaser for that plotline reads like this, “Julian catches the attention of an unwelcome source.”

The Wednesday, April 22, 2020 episode won’t feature Willow having any good times. Oh, no, no, no. In fact, Willow is going to get very devastated by something in that one. So, look for Willow to be going through some turmoil when the middle of next week hits.


Then at the end of next week on April 23, 2020, look for Jordan to think about making a major move. At some point, Jordan will totally contemplate resigning. The official spoiler teaser for that scenario reads like this, “Jordan contemplates resigning.”


Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “General Hospital” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

General Hospital airs every Monday through Friday at 1 pm central standard time on ABC.

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