New General Hospital Spoilers For October 5, 2020 Episode Revealed

New General Hospital Spoilers For October 5, 2020 Episode Revealed

Happy Friday and weekend, “General Hospital” fans. We are back on here to let you guys know what’s coming up on General Hospital when brand new episodes finally return this Monday, October 5, 2020.

Yep, unfortunately, new General Hospital episodes took a back seat to ABC’s LIVE coverage of Major League baseball for most of this past week.

Anyways, we’ve got some new spoiler scoops for the October 5, 2020 installment via the terrific ABC folks. So, we’re going to get into those right now. Let’s get at it.


First off, it sounds like Monday’s new,October 5, 2020, week-starting episode will feature some very interesting, intense, dramatic and emotional scenes as Ava gets a disturbing phone call! Jason comes up with a plan. Cameron is conflicted. Stella and Curtis meet up for dinner. Molly tells TJ he needs to focus on their future and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Ava situation. It turns out that she will indeed get a phone call in this episode, but it won’t be a phone call that she likes. Oh, no, no, no. In fact, this phone call will be quite troublesome!

ABC’s description for this latest Ava scenario tells us, “Ava receives an ominous phone call.” An alternate description reads like this, “A phone call leaves Ava on edge.”

What will this phone call consist of exactly? That is a very important question we’ll be looking to see get answered in this episode. Some other things we’re officially hearing about Ava is that she will get cornered in the October 6, 2020 episode! So, get ready for that drama to go down at the top of next week.


The second spoiler scoop reveals that Jason will be very busy with Sonny in this episode. You see,Jason has a new plan, and he will be spending a good amount of time telling Sonny all about it.


ABC’s description for this Jason and Sonny storyline tells us, “Jason suggests a plan to Sonny.”

What will this new plan turn out to be? That’s a big question for this particular storyline. Whatever the case, it sounds like we could get some pretty interesting scenes out of this plotline. It will all depend on what this new plan is and whether or not Sonny will go for it. We’ll see.


Some other things we’re hearing about Jason is that he will warn Epiphany to lay low in the October 7, 2020 episode. So, look out for that.


The 3rd spoiler teaser reveals that Cameron won’t know what to do with himself in this installment as he will be totally conflicted.


ABC’s description for this latest Cameron storyline tells us, “Cameron is conflicted.”

What will have Cameron so confused in this moment? That’s the burning question for this particular plotline. This is another scenario that sounds like it could feature some very interesting scenes for you guys.

The 4th spoiler scoop reveals that Stella and Curtis will be spending quite a bit of time with each other in this episode as they will meet up somewhere for a dinner date.


ABC’s description for this Stella and Curtis situation tells us, “Stella and Curtis meet for dinner.”

This seems like a pretty straight forward storyline to us. We’ll have to wait to see if anything else plays out here because we don’t have any future scoops for these two at the moment.


The 5th and last teaser description lets us know that Molly will be in serious action in a new scene with TJ. During this particular moment, Molly will try hard to get TJ to understand that she wants him to just focus on their future together.

ABC’s description for this Molly and TJ storyline tells us, “Molly urges TJ to focus on their future together.”

Will TJ give Molly’s what she wants? That’s a big question for this ongoing storyline. Only time will tell how this will work out at the moment. Whatever the case, it sounds like some possible intense and dramatic scenes could result from this plotline. Get ready for it.

Alright guys. That’s all the spoiler teasers we were able to gather up for Monday’s new October 5, 2020 episode of General Hospital, but certainly expect to see other scenes play out in this long, one-hour series.

General Hospital airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 1 pm central standard time on ABC.

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