Big Brother October 8, 2020 Evicted Tyler Crispen (Recap)

Big Brother October 8, 2020 Evicted Tyler Crispen (Recap)

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, October 8, 2020,another LIVE eviction show for Big Brother season 22, All-Stars did indeed air, and another unlucky houseguest did get voted out and sent to the jury house.

Tonight’s LIVE eviction show kicked off with them showing footage of what happened in the Big Brother house after the last POV ceremony when Cody didn’t use the veto on either Christmas or Tyler.


Cody told the private cams aka the Diary Room, “I’m leaning towards Tyler going home. He’s just too good of a competitor.”

Enzo was seen telling Cody and Memphis of Christmas, “She’s too happy, but Tyler has to go. It’s purely a strategic call.” Memphis told Tyler, “I’m leaning towards voting you out because you’re a beast. I’m scared of you.”

Tyler campaigned to Cody by telling him, “If you don’t win the veto next week, you’re gone, but not with me here.” Cody to the private cams, “I’m just telling Tyler what he wants to hear to keep him at bay.”

Memphis and Cody agreed they need to get rid of Tyler because he could win competitions. Cody told the private cams, “I know Memphis is lying about not working with Christmas, and I don’t trust him.”


Enzo and Memphis talked about a possible final two deal, but Enzo told the private cams, “I’m just stringing Memphis along. Cody’s my boy.”

Enzo ran and told Cody, “Memphis is really trying to get Nicole out next. His final two has to be with Christmas because he thinks he can win against her.” Cody told Enzo, “The only way to avoid that is to clip Christmas this week.” Enzo said, “I’m thinking that too.”

After all that, they showed jury house footage. Ian told the private cams, “I blame myself. If I had played a better game, I would’ve been more protected from the twist.”

Da’Vonne eventually joined Ian. She told him about the slick 6 alliance she was in. She also told Ian that Nicole flipped to vote him out. Ian said, “I don’t hold it against her. She’s playing a good game.”


Da’Vonne said, “I’m mad at Nicole because I came to her as a person. Not as a player, and she still lied to me about the vote.”


Next,Kevin joined them fresh off his eviction. Kevin told the private cams,” I feel like a weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I did the best I could. Five times on the block was enough.”

David showed up next from the triple eviction. He told the private cams, “I was proud to make it to final 8 among all-stars.” Dani was the final one to join them. She told the private cams, “I was playing a much better game than Nicole. She’s not a threat to anybody. That’s why they voted me out over her.”


Dani brought a DVD of the triple eviction episode. So, they all watched it together. At one point, Ian said of David taking the $10,000 in the veto comp, “I don’t blame David for taking the money. He could’ve been knocked out in the second round and got nothing.”


Dani expressed that she was really upset about her exit from the game saying, “I feel more betrayed than I ever have been in this game. I truly believed that I was more close to Cody than Nicole was.

I feel heartbroken, sad and disappointed in myself. I think Cody is playing the best game in the house. I got outplayed by him, and I still want to see him win.”


After all of that, the eviction nominees Christmas and Tyler gave their final plea speeches. Tyler gave an interesting bluff speech saying,”It’s not over for me yet. If you evict me, it won’t be good for any of your games.”

Next, the houseguests casts their votes to evict. No one voted to evict Christmas. Enzo, Nicole and Memphis all voted to evict Tyler. So, by a unanimous vote of 3-0, Tyler was indeed evicted from the Big Brother season 22, All-Stars house tonight.

Tyler gave his exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. During it, Tyler said of his final plea speech, “I was trying to confuse them and scare them with that speech. They definitely got the right person out because I was coming after Cody and Memphis.

I really think Nicole is Cody’s number one, and he wants to take her to the end. I feel like I just slipped away from myself at times in this game, and it got the better of me.”

Tyler also got to see some goodbye messages from the houseguests. Cody and Memphis revealed they had other alliances going on. Tyler said, “Man, there was a lot of double and triple dipping going on. I was trying to avoid that. I did that in my last season.”

Next,the remaining houseguests competed in the new HOH (Head Of Household) competition. It is titled, “Smashing Pumpkins.” It’s a physical comp that involves them having to transport pumpkins back and forth as quickly as they can while on balance beams and other things. It’s kind of confusing.

What we’re not confused about is that we’re going to have to wait until later on to tell you who won it because the comp lasted well beyond the time restraints of the LIVE show, and they also cut off the LIVE feeds right now. So, be on the lookout for our report on who won tonight’s HOH comp later on.

How do you guys feel about Tyler Crispen getting evicted tonight? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.


The next, new Big Brother season 22, All-Stars episode is scheduled to air this Monday night,October 12, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.


Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I pray Memphis and Christmas go next. I dont like either of them. Their nasty and crude. No class what so ever. Their true colors showed making fun of Ian. Others were laughing wich wasn’t good either. But these two are just plain discusting as parents. Real nice way to teach your children its ok to make fun of others. Shame on them both.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tyler was the best houseguest. Those left are not entertaining. Wont watch now.

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