The Bachelorette November 5, 2020 Got Engaged To Dale And Dumped The Rest (Recap)

The Bachelorette November 5, 2020 Got Engaged To Dale And Dumped The Rest (Recap)

Hey,Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, November 5, 2020, another new episode of the Bachelorette 2020 edition did indeed air, and it definitely did feature a first-ever turn of events in Bachelor Nation history.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with footage of the guys complaining about Clare not giving anyone a group date rose because she didn’t even give anyone else any time.

Clare told the private cams, “I’m so falling in love with Dale. It’s like I’ve known him forever. It’s that chemistry you can’t explain. Dale is what I want. What do we do from here? What do we do?”


Next, host Chris Harrison went to talk to Clare. He told her, “We need to talk. Right now, the guys are unhappy and confused. They’re smart. They’re not dumb. The path we’re on right now, we can’t continue.”

Clare said, “I respect the process. There are some really amazing guys here, but I’m totally head over hills for Dale.”

Chris asked Clare, “Did you and Dale talk before the show?” Clare immediately said, “No, I swear on my mom’s grave. That’s why I’m so into this. I feel like Dale is my match. He meets me on the level emotionally. He’s everything I want out of life.”

Chris said, “You spent all this time looking for your someone like your dad. Is Dale that man?” Clare said, “I think he is. Yeah. I don’t wanna disrespect these guys or waste their time.”


Chris said, “Well, we’ve never dealt with this before. We have to reinvent the whole thing. In your mind ,right now, is this over? Clare said, “Yeah.” Chris said, “It’s official then. You’ve just blown up The Bachelorette.”

Next, they showed footage of Chris telling the other guys, “There will be no cocktail party or a rose ceremony tonight.” From there, Chris pulled Dale aside and told him, “Clare wants to spend time with you tonight.”


Clare told the private cams, “I want to tell Dale how I feel about him tonight. He’s the man of my dreams. I know it sounds so crazy. I’m putting a lot on the line because I don’t know what he’s going to say tonight.”


Next,Dale greeted Clare for dinner. Clare told Dale, “I’ve been doing this whole thing my way. I know it’s not the traditional way, but I’m the type that just knows what I want. The whole night, I was just thinking about you. We’ve never even had a 1 on 1 date, but I feel like I know you better than all the other guys.”

After that, they started talking about how long their parents were married and so on and so forth. They talked about family stuff. Dale mentioned his mother died and how much pain that caused his family. They got pretty emotional and deep.


Clare told the private cams, “I’ve been falling in love with Dale, and I want to let him know. It’s scary. What is he gonna say?”

Meanwhile, the rest of the guys ,back at the house, kept complaining about Dale and Clare.

Clare told Dale, “I’ve been trying to stay open minded about this process. Everytime I wake up ,I think about you. I’m so falling in love with you.”


Dale said, “I’ve been falling in love with you throughout this whole process. I’m not ashamed to say it.” Once they confirmed their feelings were mutual, they kissed.

Then Chris and Bri from “The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart” reality show sang for them. During it, Clare and Dale danced and kissed some more.


Clare told the private cams, “What Dale and I have is magical. There’s no doubt he is my person.”

After that, Clare and Dale were seen waking up in bed together. So, it looks like they already slept together. While in bed, Clare and Dale talked about what they’re going to do next. She kept telling Dale, “I don’t want you to leave. Not now. Not ever.” So, he really put a spell on her.

Clare told the private cams, “Dale is the type of man you get when you refuse to settle. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Dale.”

Next, Chris Harrison went to talk to Clare again. She told Chris, “I needed that so bad. It was so nice to get the reassurance from him that he felt the same way. He’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. He’s my person. What do we do?”

Chris said, “The next step is the proposal. Are you ready for that?” Clare said, “Of course I’m ready for that!”

Clare told the private cams, “It’s true what they say. You know when you know, but is Dale ready to get engaged?”

At this point, Clare finally went to talk to the rest of the guys. She told them, “It’s been an interesting couple of days for me. This is so hard for me. You are all such amazing guys. I was so ready and open when I first got here.

What I came here for,I think I found, and it’s with Dale. I’m going for it. I have so much respect for you guys. I didn’t want to lead any of you on. What I found with Dale, I seriously want the same for you guys.”

Blake said, “I just hope you don’t get hurt.” Clare also confirmed with the guys that she never talked with Dale before the show. Kenny asked Clare to apologize to the group for wasting their time because she seemed to be in love with Dale from the first night.

Clare said, “I apologize if I wasted your time. If I hurt you, but I will never apologize for love.” Most of the guys said, “It took a lot of courage to do you what you just did. We’re happy for you,” and they gave her a hug.

Blake told the private cams, “I’m really nervous for Clare. She knows nothing about Dale.” Some of the other guys complained saying, they felt like a joke and what not.

Next, they showed footage of Chris Harrison on the phone with the jeweler Neil Lane saying, ” I need a ring today! Hopefully, there will be a proposal today!”

Chris went to talk to Dale and said, “This has been wild, huh? How are feeling right now? How’s your heart?” Dale said, “I feel great. I told Clare I was falling in love with her. I want to explore that and nurture it.”

Chris said, “Clare broke up with all the other guys today. There are no other steps. The final step is next. Clare is waiting for you to propose to her.”

Next, they showed footage of Clare crying, wondering if Dale is ready to propose or if he feels too much pressure. Clare told Chris, this is bringing up old fears from the past when she was dumped at this stage of the relationship.

At this point, they finally showed Clare waiting for Dale to show up for the proposal. Chris Harrison arrived first to tell her, “There’s something I need to tell you. We are so proud of you. If you’re ready, I’ll go get Dale.”

Then Dale showed up to greet Clare. They kissed. Then Clare poured it on thick with Dale again, telling him, “You’re everything I’ve always wanted. You continue to show up for me, and I want to show up for you every single day. You make me so happy.”

Dale told Clare, “From the moment I stepped out of the limo, this was special. I know without a shadow of a doubt, you would go to the end of the world for me, and I appreciate that. I want to be here for you.

I want you to feel protected. My mom would absolutely love you. I love you,and I’m so appreciative for you. I’m not going anywhere. I always want to be there for you. Clare, will you marry me? Clare said, “yes!” Then they kissed and hugged nonstop.

After all of that, Chris Harrison told the rest of the guys, “I’m sorry you all put your hearts on the line ,and your lives on pause. I’m sorry. Dale did get down on one knee and proposed to Clare. She said yes.

As much as it was about Clare, it was also about you guys. So, we do feel that you were cheated. Your journey is not over. I need you to consider your feelings for Clare and see if you can look past that. If you can, get dressed and get ready to continue your journey.”

Some of the guys really did need to take some time to consider continuing on, but they all seemed to get on board by the time that night rolled around.

Chris told them, “Your new bachelorette is on her way here right now. She really is in a place in her life where she really wants to find love.”

The guys said they were re-energized after that.

From there, Chris went and got Tayshia Adams from Colton Underwood’s season to be the new Bachelorette. She stepped out of the limo with all smiles. She said, “I feel like this is the right time. I don’t think I’d be standing here if it wasn’t meant to be. I’m ready to meet the guys.” Tonight’s episode ended on that note. So, it will be continued next week.

The next,new Bachelorette episode is scheduled to this Tuesday night, November 10, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. So, it will go back to its usual time slot.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest The Bachelorette TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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