General Hospital December 31, 2020 & January 1, 2021 Episodes Delayed. Not Airing

General Hospital December 31, 2020 & January 1, 2021 Episodes Delayed. Not Airing

Hey, “General Hospital” fans. We are back to ,unfortunately, give you more bad news. ABC is doing it again this week. They’re not going to air a new episode of General Hospital this Thursday, December 31, 2020 and Friday, January 1, 2021. Our best guess is it’s because of the New Year’s holiday.

Whatever the case is, ABC is putting General Hospital out of commission this Thursday and Friday. The good news is all new, General Hospital episodes will start back up on Monday, January 4, 2021 in the usual 1 pm central standard time slot. So, be sure to jot down that very important date and time on your TV show calendars.


With that said, ABC will be airing something else in General Hospital’s place over these next, two days. We do have that information for you. Tomorrow, December 31, 2020, ABC is going to air a repeat episode of General Hospital. It will be the episode that originally aired back on September 17, 2020.

ABC’s official description for it reads like this, “Sonny receives an unexpected gift. Michael reaches out to Brook Lynn. Ava spends time with Avery. Nina feels hopeful. Ned offers to help Alexis.”

Then, on Friday, January 1, 2021, ABC is going to air some, to-be-announced, local programming according to the TV guide listings. We’re hearing from other sources that they’re going to air a sporting event though. You’ll have to flip on ABC to see exactly what it is they’re airing in place of General Hospital on that day.

If you guys are up for a General Hospital rerun and an unidentified sporting event this Thursday and Friday, you might still want to watch ABC during that time.


However, we suspect that most of you are not interested in this alternate line of programming from ABC. If that is the case, you will definitely want to start clearing out that schedule for something else as soon as you can.

With that said, we were able to track down some new spoiler scoops for the January 4, 2021 episode. So, we’re going to tell you what those are right now.

If you don’t like reading spoilers, you should certainly consider this a spoiler warning and begin exiting this article right now. If you like spoilers, we’d love for you to stick around.


With that said, we’re officially hearing that the January 4, 2020 episode will feature Cyrus having a confrontation with Jason. Laura will search for extra info on the relationship between Cyrus and Martin. Jax will get some advice from Nina, and he will be shocked. Alexa and Ava will come face to face.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “General Hospital” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

General Hospital airs every Monday through Friday at approximately 1 pm central standard time on ABC.

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    Stop taking General Hospital for sports. I’m a long time GH fan and would rather see it any day.

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