The Bachelorette June 28, 2021 Eliminated Thomas, Conor C, David & Christian (Recap)

The Bachelorette June 28, 2021 Eliminated Thomas, Conor C, David & Christian (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, June 28, 2021, another new episode of The Bachelorette 2021 edition with Katie Thurston did indeed air, and some more guys did get sent home in the end.

Tonight’s episode picked up right from where last week’s episode left off with the guys complaining about Thomas after his confession that he thought about being the next Bachelor before this season started. The guys complained about his lack of respect for other people. Quartney said to the private cams, “Thomas is a manipulating person. I think he’s manipulating Katie.”

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After all of that, Katie took Andrew S, Tre, Greg, Mike P, Conor C, Josh, Christian and Andrew M out on a group date. During the first half of the date, the guys had to play Katie’s Truth or Dare game. During it, Mike had to eat 5,400 calories worth of Twinkies. Christian had to give Tre a wax job. All the guys had to eat hot peppers and tell Katie sweet nothings afterwards. It seemed like a fun time.

During the second half of the group date, Katie talked 1 on 1 with Andrew S. He prepared her a Taco Bell meal because he heard she likes Taco Bell. Katie told Andrew S that she feels like things are easy with him, and everything just flows. Andrew S told Katie, “I value my time with you,” and they kissed.

Katie talked with Andrew M. Katie talked with Mike. Katie talked with Greg. Greg told Katie, “I love the connection I feel with you.” Katie said, ” Me too. You’re authentic. You impress me without even trying. I’m starting to fall for you,” and they kissed. Katie talked with Josh. They’re conversation went well. They smiled and laughed.

At one point, Tre told the rest of the guys he wants to rat out Thomas to Katie. Andrew S didn’t agree with that plan. He told Tre, “Just focus on your relationship with Katie. She will figure out Thomas on her own. It will just upset Katie and cause others to lose time with her.”

Tre remained adamant that he should warn Katie about Thomas so she doesn’t get hurt by him later on in the season. Christian agreed with Tre.

After that intense conversation, Tre went and told Katie about Thomas telling her, “Me and some of the other guys think Thomas isn’t here for you. He’s very manipulative. He told us he wanted to be the next Bachelor. I care about you, and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Katie told Tre, “This is 1000 percent something I wanted to know. Thank you.” Katie told the private cams, “I feel like everything with Thomas was a lie.” The other guys confirmed with Katie the same concerns about Thomas. Katie gave Tre the group date rose.

Andrew S told the private cams, “I have a bad feeling about Tre telling Katie about Thomas.” Andrew S still thought that it would upset Katie and take time away from the other guys spending time with her.

Next, we saw footage of Tayshia Adams talking with Katie. Tayshia told Katie, “There’s a guy from my season of The Bachelorette that wants to meet you. I think he has good intentions. He wasn’t here in the beginning because he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through this roller coaster ride again.” Katie said this guy would have to be worth the risk because I’ve already formed these other relationships with other guys, and I’m worried about how that will make them feel.

Katie went out to meet the guy, and it was Blake Moynes. She greeted him with hug ,and she seemed glad to see him. He told her, “I like what I saw from you on your season. I liked your playfulness and boldness. I could totally relate to you.” Katie told the private cams that she previously talked with Blake on social media before this. Apparently, he had reached out to her after her season to pay her some compliments.

Katie told Blake, “It’s concerning that you’ve already dated two other Bachelorettes.” Blake said, “I totally understand, but you check boxes for me that nobody else has. I would’ve rather totally done this a different way, but it seemed like the only option.”

Blake made a very compelling pitch to Katie, but she said she needs to think about it because she didn’t want to harm her other relationships she’s formed.

Next, Katie talked with Tayshia and Kaitlyn. She told them about the Thomas situation. Katie cried saying, “I thought Thomas would go far. I was picturing him in hometown dates.”

Shortly after that, Thomas finally made his way to talk to 1 on 1 with Katie in her room. Thomas told Katie, “I know my reputation and integrity have been ruined this week. No matter what has been said about me, I’m going to fight for you. I would sign anything to prove to you I’m here for you. It’s no longer a thought for me to be the next Bachelor.”

Katie told Thomas, “You say the right things, but I just don’t know. I’ve struggled so much when it comes to you. Multiple people have questioned your integrity. It’s a lot to consider.” Thomas said, “The other guys don’t know my heart. I want to be with you.” Katie told Thomas, “Thank you for stopping by. I have some other relationships to think about for now. I’ll make my decision at the rose ceremony.”

After that, Thomas told the other guys that he spoke with Katie. They were angry that he took up even more of her time from them.

During the cocktail party, Katie apologized for being late. She talked 1 on 1 with Kyle. Kyle told Katie, “I like your qualities. You’re a sweetheart.” So, that seemed to go well.

Katie talked with Justin. He confirmed with Katie that Thomas is a problem. Aaron also talked about Thomas with Katie, and he too confirmed that he’s a problem. Katie talked with Michael. Katie told Michael, “I could not stop thinking about our date.” Michael said, “Me too. It could’ve lasted forever. You’re the exact person I’ve been seeking,” and they kissed.

Just before the rose ceremony, Katie told Tayshia and Kaitlyn, “I think I need to send Thomas home because of all the negativity that surrounds him, and all the doubts in my heart about him.” Just before Katie passed out the roses, Thomas apologized to Katie saying, “I’m sorry for you having to doubt my intentions.” He also apologized to the other guys for any disrespect he showed them this season. They weren’t buying any of it at this point though.

Finally, Katie gave roses to: Hunter, Greg, Justin, Brendan, Andrew S, Aaron, Mike P, James, Josh, Quartney, and Andrew M to join Tre, Michael A and Connor B who got roses earlier in this round.

Just before the rose ceremony was over, Katie called Thomas’ name. It appeared that she might give him a rose, but instead, she pulled back and told him, “You’re selfish, unkind and a liar. Your Bachelor audition ends tonight. Get out!”

That means that poor Conor C, David and Christian didn’t get a rose, and they joined a very ousted Thomas to exit the show.

This episode capped off with one more thing. Katie went and told Blake Moynes from Tayshia Adams’ season, “If you want to stay, I’d like you to join.” Blake said, “Yes, definitely.” So, Blake will join in to compete for Katie from here on out. And that was tonight’s show, guys.

The next, new episode Of The Bachelorette 2021 edition with Katie Thurston is scheduled to air next Monday night, July 5, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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