Big Brother August 26, 2021 Evicted Derek Xiao. New HOH Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, August 26, 2021, another new, LIVE eviction episode of Big Brother season 23 did indeed air tonight, and another unlucky houseguest was evicted and sent packing to the jury house.

Tonight’s LIVE eviction episode kicked off with the footage of what took place in the house after Sarah replaced Xavier with Derek X on the eviction chopping block at the last POV (Power Of Veto) ceremony.

Xavier told the Diary Room aka the private cams, “I’m actually the biggest competitor in this game, and I have been targeting Derek X.” Sarah told the private cams, “I feel confident I have the votes to get out Derek X.” Tiff told the private cams, “Derek X might be able to get me further in this game.”