Celebrity Big Brother February 4, 2022 Evicted Teddi Mellencamp (Recap)

Celebrity Big Brother February 4, 2022 Evicted Teddi Mellencamp (Recap)

Hey, “Celebrity Big Brother” fans. Tonight, February 4, 2022, the first, LIVE eviction show for Celebrity Big Brother did indeed air, and we saw our first celeb bite the dust.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with footage of what happened in the house after reigning HOH (Head Of Household) Miesha Tate nominated Mirai and Carson for eviction. Miesha told the Diary Room aka the private cams, “Mirai is my primary target because she’s really competitive and can’t be trusted.”


Mirai told the private cams, “I don’t know if I’m Miesha’s target, but I’m ready to fight.” Teddi talked about the safety deal she made with Miesha and felt pretty confident. Todrick told the private cams, “Carson being on the block is actually not bad for my game. I’m playing with a lot of people in this game, but Miesha is starting to become my number 1 ally.”


Mirai cried to Chris Kattan. Chris told the private cams, “I don’t think Mirai is going home.” They had a good talk,and Mirai thanked him for it.

Miesha assured Chris Kirkpatrick that he is in their core alliance. Teddi told Carson that Todrick might be leaking info to Miesha. They also brought up Mirai’s name on that same topic.

Todrick told Miesha, “I wanna ride or die with you.” Miesha reciprocated saying, “I just naturally gravitate towards you. I think either one of us would make a great winner.”


At one point, they showed a funny segment with Todrick strutting around in his high heels. Even Lamar got in on the fun by trying it out.


Next, we saw the veto players get picked. Miesha and her two nominees Mirai and Carson played by default. Todrick and Cynthia were added to the mix by random drawing and picking. Mirai told the private cams that she picked Todrick to play because she believes she’s in a real alliance with him.

Todrick told the private cams, “Carson has to get out of this house because he is a physical threat ,and he has a good social game. So, I’m planting seeds in Miesha’s mind to consider him.” Miesha told the private cams, “I agree that Carson could be a threat, but he didn’t betray me this week. Mirai did.”

During the Power Of Veto comp, the celebs had to complete a physical/mental comp that involved them matching up numbers with the correct places after reading a clue. They had to do this as fast as possible. The celeb with the fastest time, won the veto. After it was all done, Carson emerged as the winner with a time of just 3:54.


Miesha told the private cams, “Todrick was right. Carson is a big threat.” Mirai talked to Miesha and promised not to put her up if she helps her stay this week. Miesha told Mirai, “I need you to help us get out Carson.” Mirai agreed to that deal.


Todrick joined them. Miesha told Todrick about adding Mirai to their group. Miesha told them, “I’m thinking about putting up Chris Kattan in Carson’s place.” Shanna told the private cams, “I’m really nervous because I haven’t established a relationship with Miesha yet.” Shanna talked to Miesha and told her about the Formation alliance she’s in. Shanna went on to promise Miesha that she could be a spy for her if she doesn’t put her up. Miesha agreed to that deal.

Todrick suggested to Miesha to target Teddi because she’s Carson’s closest ally in the house. After that, Miesha pulled Teddi to tell her she might have to go back on their deal because things change so quickly in this game. Teddi got real emotional. She even started crying, begging and pleading with Miesha to not put her up.


During the POV (Power Of Veto) Ceremony, Carson did indeed use the veto to take himself off the block. So, Miesha went ahead and nominated Teddi to take his place. From there, it was now Teddi and Mirai on the chopping block.


Carson told the private cams that he was determined to help Teddi stay this week. Teddi also campaigned for herself by talking to Chris Kattan, Todd and Lamar.


Next, host Julie Chen-Moonves let the celebs know that it’s time for them to find out what the Hat curse is. She told them that they had to pass it around again. Whoever had it last would go up for eviction and take either Mirai or Teddi off the block!

The Mon Won symbol on the hat was flipped to now say, “Nom Now.” The celebs passed it around, and Todd ended up being the last person with the hat. He got to choose who to take off the block. He chose Mirai. So, Mirai came off, and Todd went on the block with Teddi.

Todd and Teddi gave their plea speeches. Then, the other celebs casts their votes to evict. Lamar, Todrick,Chris Kirkpatrick, Mirai and Shanna all voted to evict Teddi. Chris Kattan, Cynthia and Carson voted to evict Todd. So, by a vote of 5-3, Teddi did get evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother season 3 house tonight. She gave everyone a hug on the way out.

Teddi gave her exit interview with Julie Chen-Moonves. Julie told Teddi who voted her out. Teddi revealed that she feels most betrayed by Todrick because “he conspired against me after promising me we can do this together.” Teddi said that probably Lamar or Chris Kattan are playing the best games right now. “Who knows?”

How do you guys feel about Teddi Mellencamp getting evicted in tonight’s February 4, 2022 LIVE eviction show? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Celebrity Big Brother season 3 is scheduled to air this Sunday night, February 6,2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Celebrity Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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