New Yellowstone Season 5 Rip Wheeler & Beth Details And More Revealed

New Yellowstone Season 5 Rip Wheeler & Beth Details And More Revealed

Hey,”Yellowstone” fans. We are back in action with some more spoilery details for the next, new, upcoming season 5 of your favorite Paramount Network drama Yellowstone. In this article, we’ve got a little bit of information about Rip Wheeler’s character from his portrayer Cole Hauser along with some more info about Beth Dutton.

According to the folks over at , Cole Hauser recently teased a few, new season 5 details in mid-June 2022. He revealed that they already filmed a handful of episodes that are already set up for post-production.

They’re saying that Rip’s character will most likely be in high spirits after having tied the knot with Beth. However, Beth will be dealing with some issues in regards to having to deal with her adoptive brother Jamie Dutton after blackmailing him in the 4th season.

Cole teased some filming updates to the people over at Apparently,Rip has some wonderful scenes with John and Beth in this new season 5. Cole stated, “We just finished two and we’ve started three. The first two episodes were fantastic. I’ve had wonderful scenes with John (Kevin Costner) and beautiful scenes with Beth. So you know. It’s more of the same. The writing is obviously top-notch again.”

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Additionally, Cole revealed that it’s actually been a whole year and 8 months since he and the cast have filmed together. So, they had a really long break before starting work on season 5. He said, “Getting back, you know it’s been almost a year and eight months since we got back together. We’ve taken a pretty big hiatus. However, we slipped right back into the fold, and it feels like we stopped working with each other yesterday.”

Lastly, Cole revealed that the scripts for season 5 are definitely getting even better saying, “The scripts are getting better and better. Taylor is just on fire ,right now, as a writer.”

As we previously reported, the new season 5 of Yellowstone is currently set to debut on Sunday, November 13, 2022 on the Paramount Network.


Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Yellowstone” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.


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