Big Brother July 24, 2022 Voted Off Joe Pooch. New HOH & Eviction Nominees Revealed (Recap)

Big Brother July 24, 2022 Voted Off Joe Pooch. New HOH & Eviction Nominees Revealed (Recap)

Hey,”Big Brother” fans. Tonight, July 24, 2022, another new episode of Big Brother’s current season 24 did indeed air, and it featured a taped version of the eviction episode that we usually get to view LIVE on Thursday nights. Additionally, it featured the new HOH competition and nomination ceremony.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with footage of what happened in the house after Michael didn’t use the veto at the last POV ceremony. Michael told the private cams, “I didn’t use the veto because I didn’t want Pooch to catch wind that he’s the target this week.” Jasmine told the private cams, “Pooch s getting a new home on eviction night.” Ameerah told the private cams, “Pooch is a bigger threat to my game than Taylor. So, I’m getting rid of him.”


Kyle and Alyssa started forming a bit of a flirty bond. They showed lots of footage of that. Monte told the private cams, “It’s starting to not sit right with me to vote out Pooch.” Kyle told the private cams, “I can’t let Joseph know I’m really voting out Pooch because it would expose my true Post Pack alliance.”


Alyssa told Kyle, “The girls are trying to get Taylor to go after two of the guys next week if she wins HOH.” Kyle told the private cams, “That’s not good.”

Taylor told Ameerah, “If I win hoh next week, it’s a guy that’s going up.” Ameerah liked that and told the private cams, “The girls are starting to warm up to Taylor even though she’s not a part of the Girls Girls alliance.”

Ameerah told Monte that Taylor’s trying to backdoor him. Ameerah told the private cams, “Maybe I shouldn’t have told Monte that.” That made Monte start to think getting Taylor out is really not beneficial for his game.


Nicole was seen telling, “Monte that Pooch is dangerous to me and Ameerah’s game.” Kyle told the private cams, “I think the women in my Post Pack alliance are more loyal to another alliance.” Monte echoed the same thing as Kyle saying, “I might need to keep Pooch in the house.”


After all of that, the eviction nominees Joe “Pooch” and Taylor gave their final plea speeches. Then, the rest of the houseguests cast their votes to evict. Turner, Alyssa, Ameerah, Joseph, Daniel, Nicole, Kyle, Monte, Michael, Brittany, Indy and Terrance all voted to evict Pooch. No one voted to evict Taylor. So, by a unanimous vote of 12-0, Pooch got evicted from the Big Brother house.

Afterwards, Pooch gave his exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. He told her, “I was stunned and shocked. They took the opportunity to get me out, and it makes sense. Taylor’s a free agent. They can use her.”

Julie told Pooch, “Alyssa, Jasmine, Ameerah, Brittany and Nicole are all in a girls’ alliance and immediately took the opportunity to get you out as soon as you offered yourself to go up on the block as a pawn.” Pooch said, “It was smart. They really got me. That was great game play. I underestimated them.”


Next, Julie told the remaining houseguests about game changing twist that’s being introduced. It’s called, “Festie Bestie.” This twist forces the houseguests to play with a bestie/partner. If their bestie wins HOH (Head Of Household), they are both safe from eviction for that week. The HOH will nominate a set of besties. Whoever wins POV can take themselves and their besties off the block or remove another set of besties.


If one half of the bestie comes off the block so does the other half automatically. At the eviction ceremonies, only one half of the besties team can get voted off. What happens to the remaining bestie after the eviction remains to be seen. Julie said she’ll explain that at a later date.

After the twist was explained, the houseguests competed in the new HOH comp. It was called, “Get Lit.” It was basically a game of musical chairs. The last person to sit in a chair after the music stopped, got eliminated each round and sat at an empty table.


The last person eliminated in each round chose to sit at an empty table or chose their bestie by sitting next to them. Michael chose to be besties with Brittany because he thinks he could have the votes over her if they’re on the chopping block.


Monte chose Joseph as a bestie. Nicole told the private cams, “I chose Taylor as a bestie because she’s more of a target than me. I would be safe if I’m on the block with her.”


Kyle chose Daniel as a bestie. Alyssa told the private cams, “I chose Indy as my bestie because she’s in my Girls Girls alliance, and I know she’ll have my back.”

Turner won the HOH comp over Ameerah in the final round. Ameerah told the private cams, “I chose Terrance as my bestie to make sure the Girls Girls alliance stays spread out. Also, Jasmine can get in Turner’s ear and make sure the Girls Girls don’t go home.” Turner ended up with Jasmine as his bestie by default, which automatically makes her safe this week.

Turner told the private cams, “Nicole and Ameerah are huge problems in this game. I wanna put them on the block.” Ameerah told the private cams that she didn’t like the fact that Terrance doesn’t do well in comps.

Kyle and Daniel pitched Brittany & Michael or Nicole & Taylor as possible eviction nominees to Turner. However, Turner told the private cams, “I need to decide which is better for my game.”

Tuner told the private cams, “Nicole and Taylor are two strong women that can go really far in this game. However, Brittany’s game play makes me super uncomfortable. I don’t trust her.”

Turner told Michael, “I trust you more than Brittany. If I were to put you two up, Brittany would be my target.”

At the nomination ceremony, Turner nominated Michael and Brittany for eviction saying, “We don’t talk a lot of game, and it seemed like the easiest pick.” Turner told the private cams, “Brittany is super sketchy.” And that was tonight’s show, guys. Joe “Pooch” got evicted as expected. Turner won the new HOH competition and nominated Michael and Brittany for eviction. How do you guys feel about that? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Big Brother season 24 airs this Wednesday night, July 27, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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