Dancing With The Stars October 31, 2022 Eliminated Jordin Sparks & Brandon (Recap)

Dancing With The Stars October 31, 2022 Eliminated Jordin Sparks & Brandon (Recap)

Hey, “Dancing With The Stars” fans. Tonight, October 31, 2022, another new performances/results episode of Dancing With The Stars’ current season 31 did indeed hit the air. Judges: Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough and Bruno Tonioli were back on hand as expected to serve up their opinions and scores. Tonight’s theme was none other than Halloween.

Jordin Sparks and Brandon Armstrong kicked off tonight’s performances with a Tango number to “Oogie Boogie” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Afterwards, Len said, “Sparks were flying in that spirited performance. It’s your best dance so far.”

Bruno said, “Your radiance can light the darkest night, and all your problems with taking turns and finishing your movements are gone.” Carrie Ann said, “This performance was very good, but there were little slip-ups where things weren’t totally coming together.”

Carrie Ann gave Jordin & Brandon a 9 score, Len a 9, Derek a 9 and Bruno a 9 for a 36 score out of possible 40 score.

Charli D’Amelio and Mark Ballas served up an Argentine Tango. Afterwards, Derek said, “I loved the interpretation of the music. I usually want more power and gusto, but I liked this softer version.” Bruno said, “This was a beautiful expression of horror. They were genius.”

Carrie Ann said, “Everything you do is perfect, but you two could have had more intensity and intimacy. I haven’t seen Charli get messy.” Len said, “You moved across the floor with effortless ease like a ghost. Your dancing sends a chill down my spine.”

Carrie Ann gave Charlie & Mark a 9 score, Len a 10, Derek a 10 and Bruno a 10 for an almost perfect 39 score.

Daniel Durant and Britt Stewart danced a Paso Doble routine. Afterwards, Bruno said, “I counted all the way through, and you only missed a fraction of one step. It was fantastic.” Carrie Ann said, “I loved the characterization, but some of the shaping was broken and the footwork was flat-footed.”

Len said, “This performance lacked some of the key elements of the paso, and your posture could have been stronger with more shaping through the body.” Derek said, “I loved the original concept and the shapes.”

Carrie Ann gave Daniel & Britt an 8 score, Len an 8, Derek a 9 and Bruno a 9 for a 34 score.

Shangela and Gleb Savchenko rocked out a Jazz routine. Afterwards, Carrie Ann said, “I loved it. You were immersed in that dance. This is your best performance and Gleb’s best choreography.” Len said, “This performance had plenty of tricks and treats. It scared the pants off me.”

Derek said, “This was going to give me nightmares. This performance had great narrative, storytelling and execution. It was sensational.” Bruno said, “You’re the psycho killer queen of the night. This performance had great dramatic structure.”

Carrie Ann gave Shangela & Gleb a perfect 10 score, Len a 10, Derek a 10 and Bruno a 10 for a perfect 40 score!

Vinny Guadagnino and Koko Iwasaki danced a Paso Doble number. Afterwards, Len said, “This performance wasn’t super or natural, but there were no mistakes during the routines and there were strong lines and powerful movements.” Derek said, “There was texture in your movements. You’re getting the steps ,now, but it’s time for even more texture.”

Bruno said, “There was nothing toxic about this performance, and you did not go wrong, but you need to embody it more.” Carrie Ann said, “I can feel your heart and how much it matters to you. So, I want to see Koko choreograph more moves with momentum.”

Carrie Ann gave Vinny & Koko a 7 score, Len a 7, Derek an 8 and Bruno an 8 for a 30 score.

Heidi D’Amelio and Artem Chigvintsev delivered a Tango routine. Afterwards, Derek said, “This was your best dance. I even wanted more of the cord.” Bruno said, “Bondage becomes you. You hit every position with power and drive.” Carrie Ann said, “You delivered the precision and posture, but I want more.” Len said, “You give really good performances, but I want you to push it a little more because you’re on a plateau right now.”

Carrie Ann gave Heidi & Artem a 9 score, Len a 9, Derek a 10 and Bruno a 9 for a 37 score.

Gabby Windey and Alan Bersten performed an Argentine Tango number. Afterwards, Bruno said, “This was a feast for the senses, and your legs work wonders. It was difficult and almost double speed, and you nailed it.” Carrie Ann said, “I’m proud that you’re pouring your heart into the dance and achieving chemistry with your new partner and throwing yourself into it.”

Len said, “There was a little incident, and it was a little too hurried.” Derek said, “That tango did not suck. It was bloody brilliant. It was fang-tastic. I loved your power and impact, but I saw a little incident.”

Carrie Ann gave Gabby & Alan a perfect 10 score, Len a 9, Derek a 9 and Bruno a 10 for a nice 38 score.

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson did a Contemporary routine. Afterwards, Carrie Ann said, “I liked the way you challenge yourself, but you weren’t quite hitting your moves hard enough.” Len said, “This was powerful no-nonsense dancing. Tight and together, but it had a sameness about it that could have used a different side to it.” Derek said, “Your isolations, textures, movements and synchronicity were great.” Bruno said, “This was clever, subtle and every detail was absolutely superb.”

Carrie Ann gave Wayne & Witney a 9 score, Len a 9, Derek a 9 and Bruno a 10 for a 37 score.

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater performed a Contemporary dance. Afterwards, Len said, “You’ve come back stronger than last week. This was soft and lyrical.” Derek said, “It’s beautiful to see the gift of dance be embraced by you after fearing it so much at the beginning of this season.”

Bruno said, “This performance was a beautiful, gothic romance. It was beautiful and honestly played. It gave me goose bumps.” Carrie Ann said, “This was an amazing performance. This partnership is beautiful.”

Carrie Ann gave Trevor & Emma a perfect 10 score, Len a 9, Derek a 10 and Bruno a 10 for a 39 score.

At this point, they did a team dance contest. Team Wicked consisted of: Vinny and Koko, Jordin and Brandon, Heidi and Artem, Gabby and Alan and Shangela and Gleb.

After their performance, Len said, “I liked the mix of tango and jive. The group section was very good, though I would have liked more choreography from the rest of the team during the individual portions. Derek said, “This was a solid team dance. You all set the mood very well.” Bruno said, “This was a good group effort, but I could see mistakes because of how you were showcased.” Carrie Ann said, “I saw mistakes, but it was a fun dance.”

Carrie Ann gave Team Wicked an 8 score, Len an 8, Derek a 9 and Bruno an 8 for a 33 score.

Team Scream was up next. It consisted of: Trevor and Emma, Wayne and Witney, Daniel and Britt and Charli and Mark. After their performance, Derek said, “I loved the concept, formations and choreography. I absolutely loved it, and Daniel came out so strong and confident.”

Bruno said, “This performance was a gripping whodunnit. It had the balance between the ensemble.” Carrie Ann said, “This was amazing, and Charli was the MVP.” Len said, “The hair, makeup and wardrobe were on point. It was a well done performance, though Charli went wrong a bit.”

Carrie Ann gave Team Scream a perfect 10 score, Len a 9, Derek a 10 and Bruno a 10 for a 39 score.

After all of that, they finally revealed that everyone was safe this week except for Jordin Sparks & Brandon Armstrong and Heidi D’Amelio & Artem Chigvintsev. They were the bottom 2 vote-getters this week.

The judges got to vote to save one of the bottom 2 couples. Carrie Ann voted to save Heidi & Artem. Derek voted to save Jordin & Brandon. Bruno voted to save Jordin & Brandon, and Len voted to save Heidi & Artem.

Since Len was the deciding vote, Jordin Sparks and Brandon Armstrong were eliminated, and Heidi D’Amelio and Artem Chigvintsev were saved. How do you guys feel about that? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s a wrap for this latest, “Dancing With The Stars” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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