New 60 Minutes May 7, 2023 Episode Preview Revealed

New 60 Minutes May 7, 2023 Episode Preview Revealed

Hey, “60 Minutes” fans. We are back on here, right now, to let you guys know that CBS will indeed be dropping another new episode of your favorite news show 60 Minutes on you tonight, May 7, 2023. Tonight’s new episode will be the 33rd installment of 60 Minutes’ current season 55, and we’ve got some new preview information for it.

CBS was kind enough to deliver a new press release for tonight’s new episode. So, we will certainly take a look at it for this preview session. Let’s dive into it.

The first description for tonight’s new, May 7, 2023 episode reveals that the 60 Minutes team is going to do a segment titled, “THIS ANCIENT ATROCITY.” In it, American journalist Scott Pelley is going to report on a Department Of Labor probe that revealed how children as young as 13 years old were put to work, cleaning slaughterhouses overnight all across the USA.

CBS’ official description for this “This Ancient Atrocity” segment reads like this,”A Nebraska middle school’s concerns about the safety of its students led to one of the largest investigations into illegal child labor in this country.

60 MINUTES’ Scott Pelley looks at the Department of Labor probe that uncovered how for years children as young as 13 worked overnight to clean slaughterhouses across the country. Henry Schuster and Sarah Turcotte are the producers.”

The second description reveals that a segment titled, “LITHIUM VALLEY” will be featured. In in, American journalist Bill Whitaker is going to report about how automakers are currently transitioning away from gas-powered cars and adopting new, electric vehicles. Bill will also take a look at how there is a race to try and develop domestic sources of Lithium. Bill will travel over to California to take a look at a lithium extraction process that will be powered by clean energy.

CBS’ description for this “Lithium Valley” segment reads like this, “Automakers are transitioning away from gas-powered vehicles with new fleets of electric cars and trucks running on lithium batteries. Now, the race is on to develop domestic sources of lithium. 60 MINUTES’ Bill Whitaker travels to a region by California’s Salton Sea, where lithium extraction will be powered by clean energy. Sara Kuzmarov is the producer.”

The 3rd and last description for tonight’s new, May 7, 2023 episode lets us know that a segment titled, “James Nachtwey” will be featured. During it, American Broadcaster Anderson Cooper is going to profile a man named James Nachtwey. Apparently, he’s one of the greatest war photographers of all time.

He’s currently 75 years old and still risking his life to capture important images of suffering, sacrifice, heroism and beauty. He goes into dark and dangerous places all around the world to capture these shots. He’s captured nearly every major conflict for the past 40 years.

CBS’ description for this “JAMES NACHTWEY” segment reads like this, “Anderson Cooper profiles one of the greatest war photographers of all time, James Nachtwey, who is now 75 and still risking his life to capture important images of suffering and sacrifice, heroism and beauty, in dark and dangerous places around the world.

For the last 40 years, Nachtwey has photographed nearly every major conflict, including wars in Bosnia and Afghanistan, the genocide in Rwanda and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Denise Schrier Cetta is the producer.”

CBS’ press release confirmed that 60 Minutes is brand new again tonight, May 7, 2023, and it’s scheduled to hit your TV screens at approximately 6 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That’s going to do it for this latest, “60 Minutes” TV show, preview report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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