New ‘The Thing’ Movie Delivered Lots Of Thrills,Extreme Graphic Violence & More

New ‘The Thing’ Movie Delivered Lots Of Thrills,Extreme Graphic Violence & More

New ‘The Thing’ movie delivered lots of thrills,extreme graphic violence & more. Universal Pictures recently released their new, very graphic/thriller, flick “The Thing” into theaters this weekend. I just got through watching it,and I thought it was very disturbing,yet entertaining. The violence was very graphic. I mean,they really left nothing to the imagination with this one. They showed me stuff that usually only surgeons get to see.

The movie stars: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Jonathan Lloyd Walker, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Eric Olsen, Ulrich Thomsen, Paul Braunstein, Trond Espen Selm,and Jorgen Langhelle.

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In the flick, Dr. Sander Halvorson invited everyone on a field trip to dig up a very dangerous alien creature deep in Antarctica on a marooned colony. Little did they know, it would be their last trip. Apparently,this creature was supposed to be a major scientific discovery,and Dr. Halvorson was elated about it. Once they arrived in Antarctica,they got right down to business.

After searching around a bit,they located the creature’s icebound location,and dug him up to find that he was fully encased in a solid block of ice,most likely, for a very good reason. Anyways,as the story progressed, everyone drooled over the creature in the amazing block of ice,except character Kate Lloyd who was always suspicious of the whole damn operation.

They went ahead and drilled a narrow whole into the ice to get a sample,much to Kate’s objections,claiming, they didn’t know enough about the thing yet to do anything. With the exception of the tiny,drilled hole,the creature was still fully encased in the ice,but was still able to break out. I guess it must have thawed out to a low enough temperature. Whatever the case,the thing was out,and on the run to do major damage.

The crew eventually found the initial creature,but,later on, Kate discovered that the thing was killing members of the crew,and taking their form,spreading like a virus. So, even if they killed one,another one could be lurking about in the shape of one of them.

They tried to take different precautionary measures to make sure everyone was human,but it wouldn’t be much of a movie if the precautions worked. So, needless to say, they didn’t work and all hell broke loose,causing a lot of people to get killed very graphically and violently. It eventually lead up to a very thrilling and shocking conclusion that left only one person standing.

I thought the movie was very entertaining in a,scary, “edge of your seat” type of way. It definitely did what it was supposed to do by thrilling the living hell out of me. I thought the overly graphic stuff was a bit disturbing,but that’s just an issue with me. I don’t usually like to watch really graphic stuff because it grosses me the hell out.

I liked actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead as character Kate. She didn’t trust anything about the expedition from the “get go,” and with very good reason. I gave the movie a solid B+ grade.Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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