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New Big Brother 15 Cast Spotted About To Enter The House For The First Time,New Pic

New Big Brother 15 cast spotted about to enter the house for the first time,new pic. Recently,CBS dropped this new photo of the brand new,16 houseguests,getting ready to enter the new Big Brother 15 house for the very first time. We’re not sure exactly when they entered, but we’re guessing it was at least a week before today (premiere day), since that’s when they usually set that up.

It should be an interesting season as they have some new twists lined up. The first one being, a new MVP player every week. America’s vote will decide who that MVP player will be,and in turn, the MVP will get a special power,which I’m hearing, will put a damper on the “Floaters” game. Read more »

New Big Brother 15 New Houseguests And Twist Video Clip Hit The Net

New Big Brother 15 new Houseguests and twist video clip hit the net. Recently, this new commercial clip (below) for Big Brother 15,hit the net,and it features a new look at some of the new houseguests,along with revealing that a big twist is going down. In fact, it’s going to be so big that they’ll need our help to pull it off. Check it out,below.

In related news, the twist will have America voting for a MVP houseguest every week. The MVP will get a special power that could change the game in such a major way that it could keep the floaters at bay,or at least that’s the way the producers described its design. Read more »

Big Brother 15 Contestant Howard Plans To Be A Little Mysterious & More,New Clip

Big Brother 15 contestant Howard plans to be a little mysterious & more,new clip. Recently, our partner site , Big Brother Network, got the chance to chat it up with Big Brother 15 contestant, Howard Overby. From what we saw, he looks pretty solid,and hopes to be the first African American to ever win Big Brother,he’ll have a little mystery to him,and more.

In the new clip, Howard revealed what he does for a living. Then later on, revealed that he’s very open and outgoing. However,he does like to play the role of “you never really know what’s on my mind. ” So, I guess he’ll come off as mysterious at times. He’s definitely looking to get in an alliance. He wants to align with major thinkers. Read more »

All Big Brother 15 Houseguests Finally Revealed By CBS Today

All Big Brother 15 houseguests finally revealed by CBS today. Earlier today, CBS finally revealed who will be occupying their new Big Brother season 15 house,and I can already see a couple of hot chicks in the mix,which means, I’m already happy,lol!! As previously reported, there are 16 new houseguests in total. So with no further ado,lets learn a little bit more about them.

On the top row from your left to right we’ve got:Aaryn Gries
Age: 22. Hometown: San Angelo, Texas.Living: San Marcos, Texas. Occupation: College Student. David Girton Age: 25. Hometown: San Diego, Calif. Occupation: Lifeguard. Howard Overby Age: 29. Hometown: Hattiesburg, Miss.
Occupation: Youth Counselor. Kaitlin Barnaby Age: 23. Hometown: Vadnais Heights, Minn.. Lives in: Minneapolis, Minn. Occupation: Bartender. Read more »

Big Brother 15 Serving Up New MVP Houseguest Twist To Keep Floaters In Check,New Spoiler

Big Brother 15 serving up new MVP Houseguest twist to Keep floaters in check,new spoiler. As previously reported, CBS served up a new press release for their upcoming Big Brother 15 season,and it turns out that they’ve got this big,new, MVP twist going on that will supposedly help “floaters” think twice about their game play,and pick a got damn side. I don’t particularly like it,but whatever.

The MVP houseguest is going to be decided by America’s vote,and then,given a special power that will be further explained on the show. In their official press release, here’s what they had to say: “The second twist will allow BIG BROTHER viewers to play a crucial role in the game by casting votes for the Houseguest they feel is playing the best game. Read more »

Big Brother 15 New Twist Will Nominate 3 People For Eviction Each Week Instead Of 2

Big Brother 15 new twist will nominate 3 people for eviction each week instead of 2. Recently,CBS served up a new, official press for their upcoming “Big Brother 15″ season,and it revealed that they’re bringing some major twists into play,particularly, by nominating three people for eviction each week instead of just two people.

They’ve also got another twist in the works that will have America voting for an MVP player each week. Then this player will get a special power,and this twist will start immediately in the first week! The producers indicated that they feel it will help keep “floater” players in check this season.

Their press release statement went like this: “The first twist is a series’ first: instead of two Houseguests being nominated each week for eviction, as in past seasons, contestants will nominate three in this summer’s edition. This process will be further explained during the season premiere. Read more »

New Big Brother 15 House And Spoiler Twists Finally Revealed By Host Julie Chen,New Clip

New Big Brother 15 house and spoiler twists finally revealed by host Julie Chen,new clip. Recently, Big Brother host, Julie Chen, tag teamed with Entertainment Tonight to deliver this new clip (below), featuring Julie giving us a tour of the brand new, Big Brother 15 house! It turns out that they’re going to be going with more of a retro/ugly type look. Some people would say it’s a bit nostalgic. However, I just say, it’s ugly. Also,some twists/spoilers were revealed.

In the new clip, Julie kicked off the video footage with a tour of the new living room,and revealed that the traditional nomination chairs are gone this year due to a big,secret,annoying twist they’re planning. There’s going to be 16 houseguests and a longer season, which Julie,revealed while showing us the kitchen area. Read more »

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Are Back With Huge Discount And Same Great & New Features

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are back with huge discount and same great & new features. As previously reported, CBS decided to drop Real Networks from its Big Brother Live Feeds partnership and take over the damn thing themselves,and from what we can tell,it appears to be just as good,if not better. They’re offering the same great features along with a couple of new ones,and at a much cheaper price!

Right now, they have an early bird discount that’s going to last until June 25th,2013, a day before the show premieres on June 26th. The price for the Early Bird special is just $23.99 for the entire season,which is like $7.00 cheaper than Real Networks $29.99 price. If you decide to sign up after the Early Bird special, the price will be just $26.99,which is again,way cheaper than Real Networks. Also if you decide that you would like to just go month to month the price is just $9.99 a month. So, I’m thinking that’s not bad at all. Read more »

Big Brother 15 New,Very First Promo,Commercial Clip Hit The Net

Big Brother 15 new,very first promo,commercial clip hit the net. Recently, CBS served up this new,very first,promo/commercial clip (below) for their upcoming Big Brother season 15, which will be debuting earlier this year. This clip just features houseguests from last season, so no new casts reveals yet. In fact, they take so much time with that whole process, I’m pretty sure they’re still casting at this very moment. The commercial also promises that season 15 will be the wildest season ever, along with revealing its new start date of June 26th, 2013.

As previously reported, Big Brother 15 is going to feature more contestants than ever before,thus hinting that we may see a longer season to go along with that early start date. Also, all the houseguests will actually be new people for a change, without the crazy “lets bring back old people back” twist,which I’m highly grateful for. Read more »

Big Brother 15 Finally Bringing On All New Cast Again And Most Contestants Ever

Big Brother 15 finally bringing on all new cast again and most contestants ever. According to our partner site, Big Brother Network, it looks like somebody over at CBS/Big Brother finally got the memo that they need to go back to their original format of introducing all new castmembers to the mix for the upcoming 15th season,and all I can say is, thank God! Yes, it’s true, they are ditching the “let’s bring back former houseguests’ theme in favor of something that’s actually interesting.

It’s also being reported that they’re planning to have the most contestants ever this season,so that sounds pretty exciting and sort of crowded,but whatever. As previously reported, they’re getting an earlier start date of June 26th, so it sounds like we’ll be getting a tad bit of a longer season as well!

Also, the traditional live feeds Read more »