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Big Brother 14 Willie Hanz Kicked Off The Show For Fighting,Throwing Things & More

Big Brother 14 Wille Hanz kicked off the show for fighting,throwing things & more. According to a new report from Big Brother Network and the live feeds, crazy Willie Hanz got himself totally kicked off Big Brother for good yesterday afternoon for fighting,throwing things at Janelle,and more. I mean, he is also banned from coming back for the finale show,so he is truly gone forever!

The events all went down on the live feeds at around 3:35pm Pacific time on Friday,July 20th. You can watch it on the flashback if you have the feeds. Basically, Janelle won the coach’s competition,and elected not to trade any of her teammembers. Then she made Britney’s entire team be Have-nots this week. After that, Willie got furious,and said, he was going to get himself kicked out of the house before the Thursday eviction show. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Eliminated Sweet Kara Monaco Tonight In Week 2, Frank Is New Hoh

kara monaco image
Big Brother 14 eliminated Sweet Kara Monaco tonight in week 2, Frank is new Hoh. Tonight’s live eviction show,kicked off with footage that went down inside the house this past week,and fireworks definitely flew when Willie tried to keep Frank in the house,and Frank turned on him,telling the rest of the house that he was saying bad things about them,making fun of them,and so forth.

At one point, Willie called Frank out in front of everyone,causing a huge argument and making everyone feel uncomfortable. Basically, this has been the busiest first week in Big Brother history with votes shifting in two different directions every freaking minute.

After all the drama footage, the two eviction-nominated houseguests Kara and Frank gave their pitches to stay in the house. Then the houseguests casts their votes. Danielle,Shane,and Jojo voted to send Frank home. Joe,Ian,Jenn,Wil,and Ashley voted to send Kara home. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Frank And Kara Put Up For Eviction Today,Week 1

Big Brother 14 Frank And Kara put up for eviction today,week 1. According to Big Brother Network, the 24 hour live feeds revealed who the first Big Brother 14 eviction nominees are,and contestants Frank and Kara are up on the chopping block at the moment.

Willie is the current HOH,who put them up. He revealed that his strategy will be to get rid of all the nice folks,first,because he wants conflict in the house to keep attention off him,which is pretty smart,especially since a lot of key players are suspicious of him being Russell Hanz’s brother. Frank and Kara are pretty nice people,so they gotta go. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Quickly Eliminated Jodi Rollins Last Night In Week 1 And Willie Is 1st HOH

Big Brother 14 quickly eliminated Jodi Rollins last night in week 1 and Willie is 1st HOH. Last night, the big premiere of Big Brother season 14 took place,and they weren’t messing around as they dropped one person right off the bat,revealed a crazy,new twist,and more.

It kicked off with host Julie Chen doing the regular intro. Then they introduced the cast. After that, the cast introduced themselves to each other. Immediately, Ian got suspicious of Willie Hanz being Russell Hanz’s brother. Later on, Dan tried to question Willie about being Russell Hanz’s brother,and he denied it. After that, Mike Boogie and Janelle revealed they were totally convinced that Willie is Russell’s brother,so they were really sharp about that. Read more »

New Big Brother 14 Mentor Twist Bringing Back Mike Boogie,Janelle,Dan & More

New Big Brother 14 mentor twist bringing back Mike Boogie,Janelle,Dan & more. As previously reported,tonight is the big night. Big Brother season 14 is finally going to premiere,and we’ve got a very interesting new scoop for the big mentor twist CBS is unveiling.

First of all,if you haven’t heard, Big Brother 14 is bringing back four veteran players to be mentors to our 12,new,houseguests this season. Big Brother Network recently revealed live feed, leaked photos (above) that show who three of them are. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Cast Spotted Entering The New House For The First Time Other Day

Big Brother 14 cast spotted entering the new house for the first time other day. This past Saturday afternoon, CBS released this new photo,showing some of the Big Brother season 14 houseguests,entering the new house for the very first time, to kick things off. In the photo, we see contestants Kara Monaco, Joe Arvin, JoJo Spatafora, and Willie Hantz throwing their arms up in the air in excitement for their big chance to win $500,000.

Gameplay has already started up,and we’ll get too chime in on what’s been going on during the premiere of the show tomorrow night, July 12th at 8pm central time. So, everyone get excited,because it’s officially that time of the year again. It’s time for the backstabbing,lying,deceit,and more. I can’t wait. The 24 hour live feeds are also back and better than ever at discount until midnight,July 12th. Read more »

New Big Brother 14 Castmember Jojo Said She’s Bringing Lots Of Fun & More, New Clip

jojo on big brother 14 image
New Big Brother 14 castmember Jojo said she’s bringing lots of fun & more, new clip. Recently, Big Brother Network,chatted it up with new Big Brother 14 houseguest Jojo,who looks hot as hell by the way. However, she wasn’t just looks as she had a lot of interesting things to say,including her plans to liven up the house and bring lots of fun. (video below)

In the new clip,Jojo revealed that she can get very loud and speak her mind,but also knows when to be quiet and shut up. She also wants to bring a lot of fun and excitement into the house,and will stand up for what she believes in. She also described herself as the female Enzo with a little bit of Evel Dick mixed in,so that’s pretty interesting. Check her out,below. Read more »

New Big Brother 14 Dirt,Twist Details & More Revealed By Evel Dick, New Clip

New Big Brother 14 dirt,twist details & more revealed by Evel Dick, new clip. Recently, Evel Dick from season 13 and season 8 of Big Brother,dropped his first bit of info on the new Big Brother season 14 in this new video (below).

First off, he chatted about what he thought about the new houseguests,and also talked about how CBS Survivor star Russel Hanz’s brother Willie Hantz is apart of the casts,which should definitely be interesting. He thought the new gay guy Wil is just weird,lol!!

Later on in the clip, he went on to talk about the show’s twist. Read more »

CBS Big Brother 14 Entire Houseguests Cast Revealed Today, New Photo

CBS Big Brother 14 entire houseguests cast revealed today, new photo. Earlier today, CBS revealed the full 12 contestants for their upcoming Big Brother season 14. Also, there will be four more returning alumni contestants coming into the house to play their own game. Details of that will be revealed on the premiere show on July 12th.

As for the 12 contestants we know about, we have Joe Arvin who’s a 41 year old chef from Kentucky. Willie Hantz who’s a 34 year old tankerman from Louisiana. Ashley Iocco who’s a 26 year old Spray tanning company owner from Pennsylvania. Danielle Murphree who’s a 23 year old nurse from Alabama. Read more »

New CBS Big Brother 14 Media Day Clips Shows Entire New House Plus Game Play

New CBS Big Brother 14 Media Day clips shows entire new house plus game play. Recently, the CBS Big Brother 14 folks had their annual Media Day tour, where they invited members from different press outlets to come in and test out the house. They also played a 24 hour version of the game,along with Big Brother legends Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas.

In the clips, they did their whole introductions and things before meeting Rachel and Brendon,better known as Brenchal, who have got to be the most annoying to people to ever play the game. Anyways, they participated in all the game play and voting out that the regular game does,except it’s radically fast-forwarded to get it all done in 24 hours. The videos give great views of the entire house,along with an idea of how this season will go down. Check them out,below. Read more »