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Big Brother 15 New Twist Will Nominate 3 People For Eviction Each Week Instead Of 2

Big Brother 15 new twist will nominate 3 people for eviction each week instead of 2. Recently,CBS served up a new, official press for their upcoming “Big Brother 15″ season,and it revealed that they’re bringing some major twists into play,particularly, by nominating three people for eviction each week instead of just two people.

They’ve also got another twist in the works that will have America voting for an MVP player each week. Then this player will get a special power,and this twist will start immediately in the first week! The producers indicated that they feel it will help keep “floater” players in check this season.

Their press release statement went like this: “The first twist is a series’ first: instead of two Houseguests being nominated each week for eviction, as in past seasons, contestants will nominate three in this summer’s edition. This process will be further explained during the season premiere. Read more »

New Big Brother 15 House And Spoiler Twists Finally Revealed By Host Julie Chen,New Clip

New Big Brother 15 house and spoiler twists finally revealed by host Julie Chen,new clip. Recently, Big Brother host, Julie Chen, tag teamed with Entertainment Tonight to deliver this new clip (below), featuring Julie giving us a tour of the brand new, Big Brother 15 house! It turns out that they’re going to be going with more of a retro/ugly type look. Some people would say it’s a bit nostalgic. However, I just say, it’s ugly. Also,some twists/spoilers were revealed.

In the new clip, Julie kicked off the video footage with a tour of the new living room,and revealed that the traditional nomination chairs are gone this year due to a big,secret,annoying twist they’re planning. There’s going to be 16 houseguests and a longer season, which Julie,revealed while showing us the kitchen area. Read more »

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Are Back With Huge Discount And Same Great & New Features

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds are back with huge discount and same great & new features. As previously reported, CBS decided to drop Real Networks from its Big Brother Live Feeds partnership and take over the damn thing themselves,and from what we can tell,it appears to be just as good,if not better. They’re offering the same great features along with a couple of new ones,and at a much cheaper price!

Right now, they have an early bird discount that’s going to last until June 25th,2013, a day before the show premieres on June 26th. The price for the Early Bird special is just $23.99 for the entire season,which is like $7.00 cheaper than Real Networks $29.99 price. If you decide to sign up after the Early Bird special, the price will be just $26.99,which is again,way cheaper than Real Networks. Also if you decide that you would like to just go month to month the price is just $9.99 a month. So, I’m thinking that’s not bad at all. Read more »

Big Brother 15 New,Very First Promo,Commercial Clip Hit The Net

Big Brother 15 new,very first promo,commercial clip hit the net. Recently, CBS served up this new,very first,promo/commercial clip (below) for their upcoming Big Brother season 15, which will be debuting earlier this year. This clip just features houseguests from last season, so no new casts reveals yet. In fact, they take so much time with that whole process, I’m pretty sure they’re still casting at this very moment. The commercial also promises that season 15 will be the wildest season ever, along with revealing its new start date of June 26th, 2013.

As previously reported, Big Brother 15 is going to feature more contestants than ever before,thus hinting that we may see a longer season to go along with that early start date. Also, all the houseguests will actually be new people for a change, without the crazy “lets bring back old people back” twist,which I’m highly grateful for. Read more »

Big Brother 15 Finally Bringing On All New Cast Again And Most Contestants Ever

Big Brother 15 finally bringing on all new cast again and most contestants ever. According to our partner site, Big Brother Network, it looks like somebody over at CBS/Big Brother finally got the memo that they need to go back to their original format of introducing all new castmembers to the mix for the upcoming 15th season,and all I can say is, thank God! Yes, it’s true, they are ditching the “let’s bring back former houseguests’ theme in favor of something that’s actually interesting.

It’s also being reported that they’re planning to have the most contestants ever this season,so that sounds pretty exciting and sort of crowded,but whatever. As previously reported, they’re getting an earlier start date of June 26th, so it sounds like we’ll be getting a tad bit of a longer season as well!

Also, the traditional live feeds Read more »

Big Brother 15 To Debut Early & Run Longer In 2013,Premiere Date Already Revealed

Big Brother 15 to debut early & run longer in 2013,premiere date already revealed. According to a new report from Big Brother Network, CBS has already revealed the premiere date for their upcoming “Big Brother” season 15,and it will be arriving a little earlier this year,and they’re also going to be giving us a longer season! It’s set to premiere on Wednesday,June 26th at 8pm central time.

Also, Big Brother 15 will also air on different nights this year. Read carefully,because it’s pretty confusing. The show is going to air on Sundays at 7PM central time, Tuesdays at 8PM central time, and Wednesday,I guess,will be the live eviction show. The first live eviction show will air on July 3rd. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Ian Kelly Won The Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 Ian Kelly won the show tonight. Tonight’s finale episode, kicked off with footage of what happened this past week,beginning with the 3-part,final HoH,competition. Apparently, Dan talked Ian into throwing part 1 before it even started. It was an endurance competition. Dan later convinced Danielle to throw it as well.

After a break, they showed the 2nd round,where Ian beat out Danielle in a physical/quiz competition. Then Dan had Danielle stage a fight with Ian,threatening him that if he takes Dan to the final 2,she’ll turn the jury house against him. It was plotted,so Dan could convince Ian to maybe throw the 3rd part of the HoH competition,and stab Ian in the back by taking Danielle to the final 2.

Next, Dan and Ian competed live for the final HoH of the season. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Ian Won Part 2 Of Final HoH Competition Last Night

Big Brother 14 Ian won part 2 of final HoH competition last night. According to a new report from Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Big Brother season 14,kicked off the 2nd part of the final HoH competition last night,and Ian knocked off Danielle for the win,so he will now face Dan in the final part 3, which will decide who the final HoH is.

What’s more interesting is that Danielle threw a huge temper tantrum at Ian after he won,because he ,somehow, indicated that he has a final 2 deal with Dan. Danielle started yelling at him,saying, “If you take that man to the final two,I will not vote for you, and will make Shane and Ashley throw their votes.” Read more »

Big Brother 14 Dan Pulled Off Part 1 Of Final HoH Win Last Night For Week 10

Big Brother 14 Dan pulled off part 1 of final HoH win last night for week 10. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, Big Brother season 14 started up the final 3-part,HoH competition last night. It was an endurance competition that had the houseguests,hanging on to a swinging rope for dear life while slamming them up against a wall at the same time.

The comp last a little under an hour as Dan was able to talk both Ian and Danielle into throwing it for him. Unbelievable. It went down like this. Ian was convinced to drop off at the 8:48pm mark. Then Dan finally got Danielle talking again after she was furious with him for voting Shane out the house after he told her, he wouldn’t. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Eliminated Shane Meaney Tonight For Week 10 With A Major Blindside

Big Brother 14 eliminated Shane Meaney tonight for week 10 with a major blindside. Earlier tonight, Big Brother season 14, aired another live eviction show to narrow the final 4 down to the final 3 houseguests,and one of them got a huge blindside like nobody’s business.

The show,kicked off with footage of what happened after Danielle won the HoH competition last night. Then Danielle decided to put up Dan and Ian for eviction to make Shane still feel like he could trust Danielle,and disguise the fact that she’s still working with Dan.

Next, they showed Jury house footage when Britney,Frank,and Joe joined Ashley. Frank was still very bitter and constantly bickered back and forth with Britney about what went down in the game. It was pretty intense. Read more »