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Big Brother 14 Eliminated Janelle Pierzina Tonight And Frank Is New HoH For Week 5

Big Brother 14 eliminated Janelle Pierzina tonight and Frank is new HoH for week 5. Tonight’s live eviction show,kicked off with footage that went on inside the house this past week. Basically, Britney,Dan,Danielle,Shane,Ian,and Mike Boogie formed a huge alliance to vote Janelle out of the house,and also got Ashley and Wil to vote her out as well.

They showed the aftermath of Janelle getting put on the block. Britney and the gang all did a wonderful acting job of making a scrambling Janelle believe they had no idea why Danielle put her on the block when it couldn’t have been further from the truth. At one point, Britney got pretty upset that she had to keep lying to Janelle,and had to be reminded why they’re getting rid of her.

After all that drama,host Julie Chen chatted with the houseguests live. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Janelle Spotted Sorta Down,Prepping For Elimination Tonight

Big Brother 14 Janelle spotted sorta down,prepping for elimination tonight. Earlier today, we spotted Big Brother legend Janelle Pierzina,looking sorta down on the season 14 live feeds as she knows that she could be making her earliest exit from the game later on tonight.

We say, “could be,” because she still thinks she might have the votes to stay, even though Britney,Mike Boogie,Dan,Danielle,Shane,Ian,and Wil have secretly turned against her and are looking to vote her out tonight.

Britney has been doing a wonderful acting job with Janelle Read more »

Big Brother 14 Janelle Replaced Wil To Get Evicted Today For Week 4

Big Brother 14 Janelle replaced Wil to get evicted today for week 4. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the POV ceremony went down earlier today, and reigning HoH Danielle went through with her group’s plan to remove Wil from the eviction chopping block,and replace her with Janelle. So now, Janelle joins Frank for possible eviction this week.

Janelle is definitely the target. Last night, the decision was made when Mike Boogie called Janelle out on her crap right in front of Britney. Mike suggested to Janelle that she sacrifice one of her bast players like Wil or Joe,and then he’d work with her.

Janelle’s face immediately went blank and she had nothing to say. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Danielle Won POV Comp For Week 4, May Possibly Backdoor Janelle

Big Brother 14 Danielle won POV comp for week 4,may possibly backdoor Janelle. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, reigning HoH Danielle won again to claim the POV price yesterday afternoon. As previously reported, she nominated Frank and Wil for eviction this week.

However, last night, plans to get Janelle backdoored this week, went into effect when Mike Boogie went to work. He presented the idea to Danielle and she totally went for it. Mike suggested that they he, Danielle,Dan,Britney,Shane,and two others, form a 6 person alliance,and wipe out the other six players,starting with Janelle. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Wil & Frank Nominated For Eviction For Week 4

Big Brother 14 Wil & Frank nominated for eviction for week 4. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the eviction nomination ceremony for week 4 went down,and reigning HoH Danielle decided to put Wil and Frank up for eviction. She doesn’t trust Frank or Wil for good reason. Wil is so wishy washy it’s not even funny.

It’s also reported that Danielle almost changed her mind over who to put up just before the ceremony took place. The plan is to put up Mike Boogie if either of them,somehow,get off the chopping block with a POV win or something. Ian has struck a deal to join Danielle,Britney,Shane,and Dan’s alliance,because he thinks Boogie has lost his passion for the game,and is very negative right now. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Danielle Won HoH Last Night For Week 4

Big Brother 14 Danielle won HoH last night for week 4. Last night,it was revealed on the eviction show that the coaches did ,indeed,join the game as regular players for the $500,000 grand prize,and everyone competed for the HoH,which was an endurance contest that lasted for about three hours. Thanks to Big Brother Network and the live feeds,we know how it all went down.

They participated in a contest called “Walk The Plank,” and they were perched on small ledges as the wall tilted forward and back. The last houeseguest standing, became the new HoH. At about 52 minutes into it, Mike Boogie decided to drop off. Then Jenn dropped shortly after he did,along with Joe. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Eliminated No One Tonight,Week 3 & Coaches Became Regular Players

Big Brother 14 eliminated no one tonight,week 3 & coaches became regular players. Tonight’s episode, kicked off with footage from this past week. Boogie and Frank confronted Ian after they found out that his elusive words to Britney about whether or not Shane would go up on the block if they got power, was responsible for Frank getting put up on the block at the POV ceremony.

Janelle and Wil also had a falling out when Janelle complained about always having to save him. This made Joe worry that Wil might try and strike a deal with Frank and Boogie, to turn against Janelle. Janelle tried to give Wil a fake,teary,apology,but he revealed in the diary room that he wasn’t buying it. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Ashley & Joe Put Up For Eviction Yesterday,Week 3

Big Brother 14 Ashley & Joe put up for eviction yesterday,week 3. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, the nomination ceremony for Big Brother season 14,week 3,went down yesterday. Reigning HOH Shane, decided to nominate sweet Ashley and crazy Joe for eviction,in an effort to chop away at Janelle’s team.

It’s reported that Shane originally planned to nominate Frank and Will,but Janelle won the coach’s competition,and was able to give Will immunity. Also, Mike Boogie and Frank worked Britney hard to set up a deal with her not to nominate Frank. So, if everything holds together Mike Boogie’s team will try and work with Britney and Shane to get rid of Janelle’s team. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Eliminated Jojo Spatafora Tonight Week 2, & Shane Is New Hoh

Big Brother 14 eliminated Jojo Spatafora tonight week 2, & Shane is new Hoh. Tonight’s episode kicked off with footage from this past week when crazy Willie Hanz got evicted. Then Shane and Jojo flirted in front of Ian. Ian then told Danielle about it. Then she told Janelle. From there,Janelle started to think Jojo should go home, in order to break up a possible showmance partnership between Shane and Jojo.

After that,host Julie Chen talked with the houseguests,live. Then they showed a special segment featuring the greatest Big Brother player ever, Will Kirby. He gave his opinions on this season,and he predicted Ian to be the winner. Of course, he thought his former Chilltown partner Mike Boogie was doing a great job coaching,but isn’t too fond of his big ego. Read more »

Big Brother 14 Danielle Put On Eviction Chopping Block To Replace Shane Yesterday

Big Brother 14 Danielle put on eviction chopping block to replace Shane yesterday. As previously reported, Big Brother season 14 Shane, won the POV this past Saturday afternoon. Now, Big Brother Network and the live feeds are reporting that he,not surprisingly,took himself off the eviction chopping block yesterday,July 23rd.

Then reigning Hoh ,Frank,decided to stick with his plan,and put up Danielle in his place to join Jojo. It was previously reported that Frank wanted to get rid of Danielle to eliminate Dan’s team. However, it appears that Dan has been cutting deals with Frank’s coach Mike Boogie,so Jojo could be in some definite trouble this Thursday night. Stay tuned,or get the live feeds. Read more »