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New League Of Legends Interesting Updates To A Few Characters And More Revealed

Hey, “League Of Legends” fans. In this report, we’ve got a couple of updates for you guys in regards to a couple of the game characters. We also have some more information on the long awaited League of Legends Clash tournament mode.

We’ll go ahead and start this article off with the character updates. According to the folks over at, League Of Legends characters Taliyah and Poppy received a few changes in the latest patch 8.12 public beta environment update. Read more »

Fortnite Video Game Just Received Some New, Very Important Updates,Characters And More

Hey, “Fortnite” fans. We’ve got a new very important report for you guys. It turns out that your favorite video game “Fortnite: Battel Royale” just received some content updates, and is about to receive another one tomorrow, May 25, 2018.

According to some new reports from and, Epic Games just released the v4.2 content update which features the jetpack legendary item which can be found in the treasure chests. It’s supposed to give you guys additional mobility by letting you fly for a limited time. Read more »