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Big Brother 17 Steve Moses Won The Entire Show Tonight,September 23rd

Tonight’s finale show, kicked off with footage of what happened during the entire season. Then they showed footage of the first 2 rounds of the final HOH comp. Vanessa won the first endurance challenge by getting into Liz’s head. Then Steve just edged out Liz in the 2nd comp which was a quiz/physical challenge.

After that, they showed footage of Big Brother legend, Dr. Will, returning to talk with the jury, and help them decide who they would possibly vote for. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Vanessa & Steve Won First 2 Parts Of Final HOH Competition

Alright,so according to Big Brother Network, the first 2 rounds of the final 3 part HOH, are in the bag, and Vanessa won round 1.

Then Steve won round 2, so that means Steve and Vanessa will go head to head in the 3rd and deciding round to win the final HOH! Also, they reported that Vanessa and Steve apparently have a deal to take each other to the final 2 over Liz. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Johnny Mac Pulled Off POV Win Yesterday,September 12th

Ok so, yesterday, the POV comp went down for this latest week of Big Brother season 17, and man, did it set off some scrambling as Vanessa’s main target this week, Johnny Mac, pulled out the win, foiling Vanessa’s demise attempt for him. Now, she will have to choose a new victim to attack.

The word going around, now, is that she might just go ahead and target Steve, because she apparently has some sort wicked deal with Austin and Liz. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Steve & Johnny Mac Put Up For Eviction Yesterday,September 11th

Ok, so yesterday afternoon, the eviction nomination ceremony took place in the Big Brother 17 house, and current HOH, Vanessa Rousso, went ahead and nominated Johnny Mac and Steve after interrogating everyone the night before. Apparently, Vanessa’s got some stupid deal with Austin and Liz, which is causing her to opt keeping a power couple in the house.

Vanessa told Steve that Johnny Mac is her main target. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Eliminated Julia Nolan Tonight,September 10th

Tonight’s live eviction show, kicked off with more footage of what went down after Steve replaced Austin with Julia on the eviction chopping block. Vanessa continued to work her angles while Austin and the twins swore they would stop giving into Vanessa’s every wants and desires. The twins also sulked over one of them having to leave.

After all that, the houseguests received video messages from their loved ones. We also saw footage of Meg and James entering the jury house to show DVD footage of how they got evicted. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Julia Replaced Austin On Eviction Chopping Block Other Day

big brother 17 julia nolan image

Ok, so the big POV ceremony did go down this past Monday afternoon, September 7th, and Austin did, of course, use the POV that he won to pull himself off the block. Then current HOH, Steve, put up Julia in his place so she could join her twin sister, Liz.

Austin, of course, wants his girlfriend, Liz, to stick around. However, it’s definitely going to be a better move to vote out Liz as she and Austin are an obvious couple that needs to be split up asap. Since Julia pretty much loathes Read more »

Big Brother 17 Austin & Liz Put Up For Eviction Yesterday September 4th

Alright, so the nomination ceremony for this week, took place yesterday afternoon, and current HOH, Steve, pulled out a really big and important move by finally throwing Austin and Liz up on the chopping bock.

There’s not one doubt in my mind that Vanessa had a lot to do about this decision as she was totally suggesting it to Steve the night before after celebrating with him. That’s some damn good game play by Vanessa, getting Steve to do her dirty work. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Eliminated Meg Maley & James Huling Tonight,September 3rd

Tonight’s live double eviction show, kicked off with more footage of what went down after Vanessa replaced James with Julia for eviction. Then we saw Vanessa continue to nurture her side alliances with Johnny Mac and Steve, and ensuring that Meg got voted out.

After the brief footage, host Julie Chen, informed the houseguests that it’s double eviction night. So, the nominees Meg and Julia quickly gave their plea speeches followed by the rest of the houseguests casting their votes to evict. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Evicted Johnny Mac Tonight August 27th,New HOH Revealed

johnny mac big brother season 17

Tonight’s live eviction show, kicked off with more footage of what went down after Vanessa decided not to use the POV on either Steve or Johnny Mac. Steve immediately tried to make things right with a very upset Vanessa, who you guessed it, delivered even more tears. She told Steve she was incredibly hurt to find out he tried get her voted out.

The twins were ticked at Johnny Mac for telling Vanessa there was a plan to try and get her evicted. However, Vanessa decided not to blame them, but focused all of it on Steve because she put a lot of trust in him. Read more »

Big Brother 17 Austin Pulled Out HOH Win This Week August 22nd,Nominated Steve & Johnny

That’s right. This past Thursday night, August 20th, Austin was able to pull out the HOH win in the competition that lasted well past the duration of the live eviction show. From there, we saw Austin and the Twins go back and forth, on the live feeds, contemplating whether or not they should try to get rid of Vanessa now or wait.

They also stayed up to the early morning hours discussing this with Steve and Johnny. But ultimately, Austin coward out and threw Johnny Mac and Steve on the chopping block. Read more »