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Big Brother 16 Eliminated Devin Shepherd Tonight Week 3,July 17th

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Tonight’s live eviction show, kicked off with footage that went down in the house this past week. They really harped on the fact that Caleb was really starting to annoy people with his Amber obsession, thinking he would do just about anything for her and ruin other people’s game in the process.

Cody was especially annoyed as Caleb kept coming around him when he would try to have conversations with Amber, and even called Cody to the side to accuse him of possibly flirting with Amber at one point. They showed a lot of footage of various houseguests really flirting with the idea of possibly voting Caleb out over Devin to try and play up the possibility that Devin could stay, to the non-live feeds, viewing audience. Read more »

Big Brother 16 Eliminated Paola Shea Tonight In Week 2,July 10th,New Hohs Revealed

Tonight’s live eviction show, kicked off with the crazy footage of what went down after the POV ceremony. Paola blew up at Devin, and Zach followed suit, basically insulting Devin’s character. Zach promised to take him out too. After that, they showed a big verbal argument that went down between Zach and Paola. Zach called her a liar and they just went back and forth about how awful they think each other are.

Next, they showed Derrick going to work to do damage control for Zach to make sure he stuck around over Paola. Zach eventually made amends with Caleb, sealing his votes to stay. Frankie told Devin all about it, which made him very upset. Then after a break, the nominated house guests, Zach and Paola, gave their final plea speeches before the rest of the houseguests casts their votes to evict. Read more »

Big Brother 16 Eliminated Joey Van Pelt Tonight Week 1,June 3rd. Amber & Devin Are HOH

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Tonight’s live eviction show, kicked off with a look at some events that went on in the Big Brother 16 house this past week. Devin got on everyone’s nerves as usual. Joey made herself an even bigger target with her introduction of her very rude, alter ego, Alex. Joey also continued to campaign pretty hard even though it was a complete waste of time. Caleb revealed to Amber his romantic obsession with her that had her exiting the room full of awkwardness. She told the Diary Room cams, she totally didn’t feel the same way.

Next, the current eviction nominees, Joey and Paola, gave their final plea speeches before the houseguests casts their votes to evict. Devin, Caleb,Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Donny, Cody, Brittany, Nicole, Christine, Victoria,Jocasta, Hayden, and Amber all voted to evict Joey, and no one voted to evict Paola. So, with a unanimous house vote, Joey made her exit and chatted live with host, Julie Chen, for one hell of a strange interview. Read more »

Big Brother 16 Donny Pulled Out First POV Win Yesterday,Week 1

According to a new report from Big Brother Network, the very first POV competition for Big Brother season 16, went down yesterday afternoon, June 27th, and it turns out that Donny (left) was able to claim the win to save his ass as he was actually the main target this week and is currently on the chopping block.

As previously reported, Donny is currently on the chopping block with Paola, Victoria, and Brittany. Caleb, Donny, Paola, Cody, Victoria, and Zach all competed in the POV comp while Jocasta hosted it. The next thing they’re going to do, is that new,crazy Battle Of The Block competition, I believe, and I’m hearing that the nominees who win that, could be taken off the block and be safe for the week. Read more »

Big Brother 16 Paola,Brittany,Donny & Victoria Nominated For Eviction,Week 1

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According to our sister site, Big Brother Network, the Big Brother 16 first eviction nominations have already gone down. Caleb, who won the 2nd HOH, decided to nominate Donny Thompson and Paola Shea for eviction. Then, Frankie Grande, who won the very first HOH, decided to nominate Brittany Martinez and Victoria Rafaeli for eviction.

In addition to that, it’s believed that Caleb and his nominees ,won “Battle Of The Block,” dethroning Frankie’s HOH, so the POV competition will be next. I’m still confused as to who stays nominated and who doesn’t, but we’ll find out all Read more »

Big Brother 16 Caleb Reynolds Won 2nd HOH In Episode 2 Tonight,June 26th

Earlier tonight, CBS served up their 2nd Big Brother season 16 episode to complete their big 2 night premiere. In this episode, Host Julie Chen, got the 2nd group of 8 houseguests up to speed on the new 2 HOH twist, and revealed that the first group of 8 were already chillin in the house.

Then they let the 2nd group finally enter the house. They consisted of: Brittany Martinez, Caleb Reynolds, Derek Levasseur, Hayden Voss, Jocasta Odom, Victoria Rafaeli, and Zach Rance. They quickly mingled in with the first batch with more hugs, yelling, and screaming. At one point, Zach ticked off Frankie with some offensive comments about where Frankie’s from, but Frankie kept showing a nice face. Read more »

Big Brother 16 Frankie Grande Won 1st HOH Tonight In Premiere Episode 1

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Earlier tonight, Big Brother 16 finally premiered the very first episode of the season. It kicked off with the usual introduction of the houseguests, but with a twists as we only got to see the first 8 houseguests in action. The next 8 houseguests will be introduced tomorrow night, June 26th.

Tonight, they introduced Amber Borzotra, Cody Calafiore, Devin Shepherd, Donny Thompson, Frankie Grande (left), Joey Van Pelt, Nicole Franzel, and Paola Shea. They did the whole hugs and yelling thing when entering the house. Then they did their intros to each other. Paola couldn’t quit harping about the crush she had on Cody.

Eventually, they had host, Julie Chen, quickly reveal a little of the twists they were in for. The big one that stood out for them, is that HOH isn’t exactly Read more »

New Big Brother 16 Full Cast Finally Unveiled By The CBS Folks

Yesterday, the peeps over at CBS finally delivered up the photos and intel of who in the hell we’ll be seeing enter the Big Brother season 16 house. I also took a look at all the video introductions, and they did get some interesting people. Zach is cocky as hell and has sort of a Dr. Will charisma about him. Then there’s a Gina Marie 2.0 chick in there, named Paola Shea. She’s actually friends with Gina Marie, and their vibes are so similar it’s uncanny. She’s a NYC DJ, and seems like she’ll be pretty entertaining.

Anyways, without any further ado, lets go over these castmembers. Starting from the top row, your left to right, we’ve got: Zach Rance – 23, Palm Beach FL, Recent Grad and Unemployed, Derrick Levasseur – 30, Providence RI, Police Officer, Caleb Reynolds – 26, Hopkinsville KY, Hunting Guide, Jocasta Odom – 33, Lovejoy GA, Minister, Hayden Voss – 21, Long Beach CA, Pedicab Driver, and Christine Brecht – 23, Tucson AZ, Barista. Read more »

New Big Brother 16 Shocking Spoiler Twists Revealed By Host Julie Chen

According to Big Brother Network, Big Brother host, Julie Chen (left), delivered new, major spoiler twists that will go down in the upcoming season 16 on her “The Talk” show. It turns out that they’re going to feature two HOHs every week, which also means that 4 people will indeed get nominated for eviction.

If that weren’t bad enough, now they’re making it to where even the HOH won’t be safe from eviction with a new competition labeled, “Battle Of The Block,” WTF? I think that’s going to be a problem as that will dilute motivation to win HOH as well as destroying the only sure fire way to remain safe for the week. They’re just going to far, got dammit. Read more »

New Big Brother 16 Entire New House Revealed In New Tour Video Clip

Recently, CBS released this new video clip (below), featuring Big Brother host, Julie Chen, serving up a tour of the entire,new season 16 house. She starts it off by revealing that it’s going to feature an Urban treehouse theme. The walls have a wooden paneling that’s made to look like the inside of a freaking tree house.

There’s an Earth room with fake rock pillows, a Fire room with a ton of red, a Wind room that they didn’t let us see. They’ve removed the huge refrigerator from the kitchen, and replaced it with lower, undercounter fridges and freezers. The kitchen island has been replaced with uneven tree slices like stumps. Read more »