Big Brother November 5, 2023 Evicted Felicia Cannon (Recap)

Big Brother November 5, 2023 Evicted Felicia Cannon (Recap)

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, November 5, 2023, another new, special, LIVE eviction episode of Big Brother’s current season 25 did indeed hit the air, and another houseguest was sent packing for the jury house at the end of it.

Tonight’s new, LIVE eviction episode kicked off with footage of what happened in the house after Bowie won the latest HOH (Head Of Household) competition. Bowie told the Diary room aka private cams, “I’m in a final two with Jag. So, I don’t want to put him on the block with Felicia.”

Jag told the private cams, “I’ve gotten really close with Bowie over the last couple of weeks. I’m hoping that will keep me off the block.” Felicia told the private cams, “I know Bowie is putting me up with someone, but all that matters is the veto.”

Jag told the private cams that he and Bowie made up a pretend game of luck to decide who goes up on the block to fool Matt. While talking with Matt, Jag told Bowie to think of a number. Then, he and Matt will try to guess it. The one closest to it, gets to stay off the block. Matt said 77 and Jag said 73. Bowie said she thought of the number 70, but it didn’t matter because it was all made up by Jag and Bowie. Jag’s number would’ve always been the closest no matter what he said.

At the nomination ceremony, Bowie nominated Matt and Felicia for eviction. Bowie told the private cams, “I do feel a little bad for the trick we played on Matt, but all that matters is we win the veto so we can send Felicia home.”

At this point, we go some new jury house footage. During it, we were shown Cirie’s arrival at the jury house. She brought a video of the week she got evicted. So, they watched it, and Cirie told the private cams, “I would like to see Matt win this season because he’s overcome a lot to be there.”

Next, we got a segment featuring last season’s winner Taylor Hale showing up to talk with host Julie Chen-Moonves. During their talk, Taylor gave an update about what she’s been up to since she won last season. She said she and Joseph are not still together romantically. They decided to just be friends because they work better that way.

She gave her take on this season. She thought the best move was getting Reilly out early because of how much of an effect she still has on Matt. She thought all 4 of the final houseguests could make a case for winning this season, but she leaned more toward Matt and Bowie, especially since Jag is only there because Matt saved him earlier in this season.

After the Taylor Hale segment,they showed footage of the latest POV (Power Of Veto) competition. It was titled,”Scrambled Timeline.” It was a mental/physical comp where they had to place chronological tiles in the right order. The person with the fastest time, won, and that person was Jag.

So, Jag guaranteed himself a final three spot and the sole vote to evict. Felicia told the private cams, “I’m going to try and convince Jag to send Matt to the jury house.” Matt told the private cams,”There’s still a part of me that’s still nervous Jag won’t take me.”

Felicia told Jag, “Your biggest competitor is still here. He’s a big risk going into the final 2.” Jag told the private cams, “It’s such a tough decision to take Matt over Felicia.”

There was no POV ceremony because there was no one else that could be nominated. So, they went straight into the LIVE eviction. Matt and Felicia gave their final plea speeches. Then, Jag voted to evict Felicia. So, Felicia did get evicted from Big Brother season 25 tonight.

Afterwards, Felicia gave her exit interview with Julie. During it, Felicia told Julie, “I think Jag really has a strong loyalty to Matt, and I appreciate that loyalty. They were connected from day one. I couldn’t bust into that loyalty.

Jag may lose to Matt because Matt played a really good social game. Jag may have just given away $750,000 dollars. I think I tried to play the best game that was true to me. This has been probably the greatest experience of my life. I wouldn’t do it again, but it has been a pleasure. I’m going to use my influence in that jury house.”

From here, we’re going to report on who the winner is for the first part of the final,3-part HOH competition when those results become available. Be sure to follow us on our official Big Brother Twitter page for the latest Big Brother news and updates by Clicking Here.

How do you guys feel about Felicia getting evicted tonight? Let us know in the comments section. Alright, guys. That is going to be a wrap for this latest,”Big Brother” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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