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New Deadpool First Red Band Movie Trailer Hit The Net


New Batman V Superman Movie Pic Shows More Superman Stand Alone Action


New Hunger Games 4,Mockingjay Part 2 Second Movie Trailer Hit The Net,New footage


New Suicide Squad Movie Trailer Released From 2015 Comic Con,New Footage


New Batman V Superman IMAX 4th Movie Trailer Released Today,New Footage


New Supernatural Season 10,Finale Episode 23 Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By CW

Recently, CW delivered the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Supernatural” season finale episode 23 of season 1. The episode is entitled, “Brother’s Keeper,” and it turns out that we’re going to see some very interesting and intense stuff go down as Rowena and Crowley finally have their big face off. Dean gets faced with a very tough decision, and more!

In the new, 23rd episode press release: “Dean (Jensen Ackles) will make a shocking decision regarding the Mark Read more »

New Bachelorette 2015 Episode 1 Wild Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

Recently, ABC dropped this new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “The Bachelorette 2015″ episode 1, and it gives us new looks at some pretty shocking and interesting stuff as one of the 2 Bachelorettes, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson, are in for a very upsetting announcement when one of them gets voted off to only have one Bachelorette like it should’ve been in the first damn place. Read more »

New Penny Dreadful Season 2,Episode 4 Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By Showtime

Recently, Showtime released the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Penny Dreadful” episode 4 of season 2. The episode is entitled, “Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places,” and it turns out that we’re going to see some very spooky and intense stuff as an evil from within is lurking about on the move to attack, and more!

In the new, 4th episode press release: “Lyle will reveal that the Verbis Diablo relics tell a very dark and disturbing story that affects Vanessa. Read more »

New Game Of Thrones Season 5,Episode 7 Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By HBO

Recently, HBO released the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Game Of Thrones” episode 7 of season 5. The episode is entitled, “The Gift,” and it turns out that we’re going to see some pretty intense stuff as Jon gets ready for a conflict. Jaime tries to reconnect with family, and more.

In the new, 7th episode press release: Jon is going to prepare for conflict. Sansa will try to talk to Theon. Brienne is going to wait Read more »

New Pitch Perfect 3 Movie Could Happen,Director Seriously Thinking About It

Recently, the people over at Collider got to chat with Pitch Perfect 2 movie director, “Elizabeth Banks, about various projects she’s currently involved in, and even asked her, straight up, if she’d do a Pitch Perfect 3 , and her response seems quite promising, saying she’ll definitely look into it if the fans really embrace this 2nd installment.

She told them: “I will say, it would be disingenuous to say that no one’s talking about a Pitch Perfect 3; the possibility of it. We are really focused on getting as many butts in seats for this one. If fans embrace it, we are going to seriously think about what Read more »

New Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Delivered Great Laughs,Performances & More

Universal Pictures released their new comedy flick, “Pitch Perfect 2,” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out and thought it was fantastic, serving up even more great performances, laughs and more.

It stars: Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, Katey Sagal, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson, Alexis Knapp, Adam DeVine, Hailee Steinfeld, Ester Dean, Kelley Jakle, and Hana Mae Lee.

In the new flick, the plot reveals that Beca (Anna Kendrick) has led the Barden Bellas to three more Acapella college championships, bumping up the timeline to Beca’s senior year. They’re a really hot group now, performing for various other events. However, they end up getting into major trouble when Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) has a major wardrobe malfunction that ends with her showing her vagina to the whole world, including the President Of The United States.

From there, the Bellas end up getting suspended from all competitions and recruiting activities. However, they’re told if they can win the World Championships, they would get reinstated. So, the challenge was set. They went on to accept a new girl, Emily, into their group after she tells them her mother was a past Bella, meaning she was a legacy recruit.

The Bellas eventually start to fall off a bit when they try to better the style of an opposing team that’s they’re main rivals for World Championships. Also, Beca loses focus as she tries to pursue her goal of being a music producer, via an internship. At one point, we also got to see a new singing battle competition, which was one of the better parts for me.

Towards the conclusion, The Bellas found their winning style again after visiting their former leader, Aubrey, at a camp retreat that she’s been busy running. The final scenes were great as the Bellas delivered another awesome, feel good acapella set.

Again, i enjoyed the entire movie from start to finish. They brought all the gang back from the first movie, even Bumper, who’s just freaking hilarious. I thought Anna Kendrick did an excellent job again. And if they do a 3rd sequel, they must get her back. I gave the movie a definite A+ grade. Stay tuned. Also, get your favorite TV show stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

New Amazing Race 27 Officially Happening,New Spoilers Coming Soon

Hey, “Amazing Race” peeps. Yep, it’s true we can happily tell you that your favorite reality show has been given a new 27th season by CBS. The official announcement broke a few days ago on May 11th, 2015 according to TV Line.

This, of course, means new spoilers, cast intel, photos, videos and more will be coming your way in the upcoming weeks and months, so be on the lookout for all that great stuff. Read more »

Amazing Race 26 Tyler Adams & Laura Pierson Won The Entire Show Tonight,May 15th

Tonight’s finale episode, kicked off with the teams finding out they had to fly to Dallas,Texas to get their first clue for the final leg of the race. However, one of the 4 teams would get eliminated before they reached the finish line.

Once they got there, they hit a Road Block challenge at AT&T Stadium. In it, the men had to catch a touchdown pass and then score a field goal kick to get their next clue. Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 7 Bonnie & Damon Teaser Spoilers Dished Out By Producer

Last night, TV Line talked with Vampire Diaries executive producer, Caroline Dries, and she delivered a couple of good season 7 spoiler teasers. In this segment, she revealed that Damon won’t be doing too well keeping himself in check now that Elena is MIA. However, Bonnie will be there to help reel him back in.

Carolyn explained: “Bonnie’s going to grab the bull by the horns and be awesome Bonnie Bennett. She’ll start up a fun friendship with Damon, a continuation of what they have now, Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 7 Unhappy Alaric Teaser Spoilers Dished By Producer

As previously reported, the TV Line peeps got to chat up Vampire Diaries executive producer, Caroline Dries, last night after the season 6 finale to acquire some initial season 7 spoiler intel.

In this segment, she talked about how much of a struggle Alaric will have over losing Jo, and will actually turn to Damon for support, and more. Caroline told them: “As we break Alaric’s story for Season 7, we’re thinking, “How would you actually feel if that happened? Read more »