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New Avengers 2 Superbowl 2015 TV Spot,Movie Clip Hit The Net


New 2015 Oscar Nominations Full List Revealed Today


New Avengers 2 Fourth Movie Trailer Released Yesterday


New Avengers 2 Movie Pic Features Thor,Tony Stark & Steve Rogers Action


New Cinderella 2014 Midnight Changes Everything Movie Clip Released


New Exodus,Gods And Kings Movie Delivered Great Action But Skimped On Special Effects

20th Century released their new action/Bible flick, “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out and thought it was very entertaining, but I was disappointed with how they skimped out on the special effects and really sort of just skimmed through a lot of the important parts of the story. But still it was an interesting take. The movie stars: John Turturro, Christian Bale, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley, Joel Edgerton, and Aaron Paul.

In the new flick, the plotline started off when Moses was already fully grown and a prince in Egypt alongside Ramses. It goes through the motions of how Moses eventually started talking with the Hebrews and discovered that he was actually born a Hebrew,and then later, was exiled from Egypt after Ramses found out about it.

From there, they showed how Moses fought off an assassination attempt while alone out in the middle of nowhere. Then he eventually met his wife before getting called by God to deliver the Hebrews out of the clutches of Egypt and 400 years of slavery. Read more »

Additional Batman V Superman Intriguing Alfred Character Spoilers Revealed By Jeremy Irons

According to a new report from Comicbookmovie.com, “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” Alfred star, Jeremy Irons (left), dished out more Alfred spoiler teasers to Indiewire, and it turns out that this version of Alfred will be able to do pretty much everything and just be very competent, and more.

When they asked Jeremy about Alfred, he said: “Oh he’ll be quite different. He has an interesting history. He’s a very competent man. He’s the sort of man I think anyone would like to be married to. He can sort of do everything: change light bulbs, blow up bridges if he has to.” Read more »

Bill Cosby Alleged Drugging Of Beverly Johnson Details Revealed

 beverly johnson image

Recently, former Supermodel, Beverly Johnson (left) talked with Vanity Fair magazine , and revealed exactly how she remembered things went down when Bill allegedly drugged her. She claims. he didn’t get to rape her because she resisted so much, but he definitely tried.

Beverly told them: ” I knew by the second sip of the drink Cosby had given me that I’d been drugged,and drugged good. My head became woozy, my speech became slurred, and the room began to spin nonstop. Cosby motioned for me to come over to him as though we were really about to act out the scene. He put his hands around my waist, and I managed to put my hand on his shoulder in order to steady myself. Read more »

CSI Season 15,Episode 10 Three New Spoiler Clips Hit The Net

Recently, CBS released these 3,new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” episode 10 of season 15, and they give us new looks at some intense action going down in Vegas. Sharon Osborne shows up on the scene. Some hardcore confrontations and investigations take place, and more. The episode is labeled, “Dead Rails.”

The official plotline for episode 10, reads like this: “The CSI team will investigate the bizarre death of a man who was killed not once, but twice. THE TALK’s Sharon Osbourne guest stars as Elise Massey, the manager of a billiards championship.” Read more »

New Vampire Diaries Season 6 Second Half Major Spoilers Dished Out By The Producer

According to a recent report from TV Line, Vampire Diaries executive producer, Julie Plec, recently served up a plethora of new spoilers for the second half of season 6. A whopping 12 to be exact. It turns out that two of the Gemini witches will end up merging, Bonnie finally makes it back from the prison world, but with a twist, and more!

With no further ado, let’s just roll them all out for you. Here they go: 1. Two of the Gemini witches, either Kai and Jo or Luke and Liv, will merge. 2. We’ll meet the real Sarah Salvatore. 3. Bonnie will return — changed! — to the present day. 4. Younger versions of Stefan and Caroline will be shown in flashbacks. Read more »

New Once Upon A Time Season 4,Episode 11 Third Spoiler Clip Hit The Net

Recently, ABC dropped this new, 3rd sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Once Upon A Time” Winter finale episode 11 of season 4, and it gives us new looks at Elsa and Anna experiencing some major trouble when trying to get the hell out of Storybrooke. And it’s revealed that it’s even more imperative that they find away out immediately as Arebdella has been taken over, and more! The episode is titled, “Heroes And Villains.”

In the new clip, it’s revealed that the Snow Queen’s magic is still surrounding and trapping everyone in Storybrooke even though she’s dead. As they contemplate how to get out, Anna tells Elsa Read more »

Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 Raina May Hit Super Hero Status Too,New Spoilers

agents of shield raina image

As previously reported, TV Line got to talk with “Agents Of SHIELD” producers, Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, and got some really good 2nd half spoilers for season 2.

In this particular segment, they that Raina might be destined to hit up the same super hero path that Skye is on, and more. In their Raina spoiler reveal, they explained: “She may have been changed. You glimpsed a little bit of what may have happened to her, but in the very next episode, we learn exactly what happened. Read more »

NCIS Los Angeles Season 6,Episode 11 Two New Spoiler Clips Hit The Net

Recently, CBS released these 2,new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “NCIS: Los Angeles” episode 11 of season 6, and they feature new footage of Sam getting annoyed with Callen over marital issues, along with Kensi and Deeks interjecting their issues into an actual investigation, and more. The episode is labeled, “Humbug.”

The official synopsis for episode 11, reads like this: “The team will end up, investigating a burglary at a cyber-security company, but Callen will have to steer clear of the crime scene after Hetty reveals his girlfriend, Joelle, is one of the lead witnesses. Also, the team will discuss their personal holiday travel plans.” Read more »

Scorpion Episode 12,Season 1 Two New Spoiler Clips Hit The Net

Recently, CBS dropped these 2,new sneak peek/spoiler clips (below) for their upcoming “Scorpion” episode 12 of season 1, and they give us new looks Walter being incredibly swift and heroic to rescue a boy that’s gotten trapped in a sink whole that developed all of a sudden. It’s revealed that Drew is going to let Ralph down again to do his baseball thing, and more. The episode is titled, “Dominoes.”

The official description for episode 12, reads like this: “As Christmas approaches, Team Scorpion is going to end up, racing to find a way to save a young boy’s life after he gets trapped in a beachside cave and drowning is imminent.” Read more »

New Hart Of Dixie Season 4,Episode 1 Official Spoilers,Plotline Revealed By CW

Recently, CW released the new, official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming “Hart Of Dixie” episode 1 of season 4. The episode is entitled, “Kablang,” and it turns out that we’ll see Zoe attempting to spice things up with Wade to no avail. A surprise visit will creep up on Brick, and more. The episode is titled, “Kablang.”

In the new, 1st episode press release: Zoe (Rachel Bilson) is going to be excited that Wade (Wilson Bethel) has decided to stay in BlueBell. However, she will be struggling with getting him to notice her attempts at romantic gestures. Brick (Tim Matheson) Read more »