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Gossip Girl Blake Lively’s Nude Photos Surfaced On The Net

Gossip Girl Blake Lively’s nude photos surfaced on the net. According to many news outlets,including, some apparent nude photos of Gossip Girl hottie Blake Lively have surfaced on the net. You can see the photos here.

Her rep claims that the photos are fake. However if they are, that must be her twin sister or something because they damn sure look like her. Blake’s legal team is now threatening to take action against anyone who posts the pics,and continue to claim that the pics are 100 percent fake. Read more »

Legend Of The Seeker Ep 21 Spoilers: Richard Fights Broken Cara & More

legend of the seeker image

Richard fights broken Cara & more in “Legend Of The Seeker” episode 21 of season 2. We’ve got a few spoilers for the episode,along with a promo clip after the jump. The episode is entitled, “Unbroken,” and it gets real intense when Richard has to fight the newly broken Cara,eventually falls under the rule of Darken Rahl,and more.

In “Unbroken” episode, the “Sisters of the Dark” will be ordered to wait for Richard to arrive,so they can kill him. Richard will get into an intense fight with a broken Cara. Kahlan will end up confessing one of the Lord Sith girls. Darken Rahl will continue his plan to make the world of the living fall into the darkness of the “Keeper.” Read more »

Buffy’s Charisma Carpenter To Appear In ‘Legend Of The Seeker’

charisma carpenter image

E! online reported towards the end of last month that former “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” star, Charisma Carpenter will be appearing in the adventure/fantasy CW TV show, “The Legend of the Seeker.” E! posted the picture of her on the left,which is a promo pic from her episode.

She will appear in their season premiere episode on November 7. Charisma Carpenter will be playing Triana who is one of the feisty Mord-Sith warrior women. She’s one of the type of women who regularly beat up on the seeker, Richard Cypher. Read more »

Ashton Kutcher’s New ‘Beautiful Life’ Show Already Bites The Dust

According to recent reports, the CW has already canceled Ashton Kutcher’s new show, “The Beautiful Life” from its lineup after airing just two episodes. The show was executive produced by Ashton Kutcher and starred former “The O.C.” actress, Mischa Barton. They report that the CW told them that production would cease immediately.

It was a drama about New York models who get tangled in high drama situations. “The Beautiful Life” is the first cancellation of the season. Read more »

Mischa Barton Is Reportedly Back To Work On ‘Beautiful Life’ Show

mischa barton image

The CW has reportedly said that Mischa Barton is currently doing well,and is in New York working on their new TV show “The Beautiful Life” which Ashton Kutcher is executive producing.

They said her health hasn’t been an issue. This is great news for her, since as recent as last month, she was removed from her Los Angeles home and hospitalized for undisclosed reasons. She was also put on a forced psychiatric hold.

Dawn Ostroff, the CW programming chief said that Mischa is at work,looks great,and there’s been no issues. Also Ashton Kutcher said Mischa hasn’t missed a day of production,and he applauded her for helping guide her “Beautiful Life” co-stars who are relative rookies in the industry. Read more »

The CW Cancels ‘Reaper’ TV Show

cw reaper image

Along with “Everybody Hates Chris” and “The Game”, another show entitled “Reaper” gets the CW hatchet swung at it. The “Reaper” is a comedy / drama that started back in 2007. It starred Bret Harrison as Sam Oliver who’s soul was sold to the Devil by his parents before he was born so each week he has to carry out dangerous tasks for the Devil in an effort to send evil souls that have escaped from hell,back to it.

Ray Wise played the Devil character great. It was a very funny show. It had a Fall 2008 hietas,but was returned to the CW line up in March of 2009 and lasted until the show’s finale in May of 2009. The showed aired 31 episodes over that period of time. Read more »

Smallville ‘Bulletproof’ Episode Review

smallville bulletproof episode pic

Review : “Smallville : Bulletproof” episode. I thought this episode was probably pretty equal with Supernatural’s episode in terms of quality and entertainment. It kept me pretty interested,and it had a good fight scene with Lana Lang and Tess which I particularly liked. Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) was not there for the first half of this season I suspect it was do to her shooting her new movie, “Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun Li”. But I’m glad to see her back.

Clark goes undercover on the police force to find out how his Friend, John Jones from planet Krypton got shot because with help of Chloe, he discovers that there may be some dirty cop activity going on. Read more »

Smallville ‘Legion’ Episode Review

smallville legion episode pic

Review : Episode 11 of season 8 “Smallville : Legion”. The show was fantastic,and a real step up for Smallville this season as they were in my opinion getting beat out by “Supernatural” on almost every episode this season. But tonight they took the cake.

Tonight’s show brought in visitors from the future to save Clark from being killed by an attacker from the future which also lead to them helping Clark defeat Brainiac who had taken over Chloe’s body.Brainiac took over Chloe’s body because he new Clark wouldn’t kill him as long as he was in Chloe’s body.

The problem was that it appeared that killing Chloe would have been the only way to defeat him,but with the help of his cohorts from the future, Clark was able to find another way to defeat Brainiac.Meanwhile Davis was turned into a full blown “Doomsday” monster. Read more »

Smallville “Bloodline” Episode Review

smallville pic

The 8th episode of season 8 “Smallville” lets us know where Kara’s been hiding out as Clark opens a strange package with no return address on it containing a beautiful blue crystal which activates when Clark picks it up. It sends both him and Lois back to the phantom zone. Once there Lois believes they’ve been abducted by aliens. Clark finds Kara there after she tries to attack them before realizing that it is her long lost cousin. Read more »

Smallville “Committed” Episode Recap

smallville pic

In this 5th episode of season 8 Smallville I got held up and missed the opening part ya know before the theme song comes on. I was super pissed but anyways I caught it from there which is enough to tell you about it.Cloe and Jimmy get engaged in that opening scene or something I think. From there it starts out with Lois waking up from being passed out apparently from getting drunk the previous night. Clark walks in the room .She starts to think they may have had sex. He in not so many words tells her that she’s nuts when she’s been drunk and that they of course didn’t have sex. Then whe go to a scene where Oliver talks with this lady(Tess) about Lex.Then it progresses into him asking her out to dinner. Next, Clark and Lois find out that Cloe and Jimmy didn’t come home and are missing when they check messages on an answering machine in Jimmy and Cloe’s apartment. It says the LAPD impound picked up their car . So Clark and Lois go on the hunt by using a whole bunch of computers,detective work
and stuff. Read more »