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New Vampire Diaries Season 4 Tyler,Klaus,Caroline Spoilers Revealed,New Clip

New Vampire Diaries season 4 Tyler,Klaus,Caroline spoilers revealed,new clip. Recently,Vampire Diaries,Tyler Lockwood,star Michael Trevino,dropped some new season 4 spoilery dish in this new CW clip (below),and it sounds pretty interesting as he elaborated on the whole Tyler/Klaus body switch spell,and how Klaus may take advantage of that with Caroline.

The new clip starts off,showing final scenes from the season 3 finale episode,including when Klaus revealed he is in Tyler’s body,and Bonnie confronted him. Next,Michael chimes in to explain the whole body switch situation,and how Tyler may use that to take advantage of Carolina in season 4,and more. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Mike Trevino Talks New Tyler,Klaus Spoilers & More,New Clip

Vampire Diaries season 4 Mike Trevino talks new Tyler,Klaus spoilers & more,new clip. Hollywood Life recently caught up to Vampire Diaries,werewolf Tyler Lockwood,star Michael Trevino at the recent CW Upfronts event,and he revealed what he’d like to see go down in season 4,and more (video below).

In the clip, Mike said that he wants to play Klaus a little bit more in season 4,and see how far they can go with the whole Klaus/Tyler body switch. He also commented on seeing how far the Klaus/Caroline relationship can go without Klaus coming in,and messing up everything.

He also talked about how difficult it is too shoot those wicked werewolf transformation scenes. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder,Mike Trevino Spotted Kickin It At BloodyNightCon Other Day

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder,Mike Trevino spotted kickin it at BloodyNightCon other day. This past Friday afternoon,May 4th,Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore and Tyler Lockwood stars Ian Somerhalder and Michael Trevino were spotted kicking it together at the big BloodyNightCon press conference in Barcelona,Spain.

Ian sported his signature black fedora hat,and the two stars appeared to be having a great time together. According to sources,Ian stayed close with his co-star during the interviews,and posed for a couple of photos with Michael. Ian also hit up Twitter to write, “Barcelona the beautiful. Wow,LOVE this place.” Read more »

Video: Vampire Diaries Stars Talk New Season 3 Spoilers & More In France

Vampire Diaries stars talk new season 3 spoilers & more in France in these new videos (below). The Vampire diaries crew,consisting of Ian Somerhalder,Candice Accola,and Michael Trevino recently took the stage at the Mystic Love Convention over in France. They ended up giving away more season 3 spoiler teases,and even started singing and dancing to entertain the crowd.

In the first clip, Ian stood up and danced after expressing that he doesn’t understand why people like when his character Damon dances because he doesn’t think he dances very well. Needless to say,the crowd went wild when he stood up and danced. Read more »

New Video:Trevino & McQueen Talk Vampire Diaries Se2 Spoilers & More

Trevino & McQueen talk Vampire Diaries se2 spoilers & more in this new video (below). CW Vampire Diaries stars Michael Trevino and Steven R. McQueen recently showed up at the 2011 TVD Eyecon event,and did a long 40 minute Q&A with all their loud,screaming fans. They revealed a few spoiler teases that are coming up in season 2,and answered other off-topic,fun questions.

In the clip, the two stars talked about filming scenes for season 2 of the show. Trevino revealed that he was very proud about how the whole werewolf transformation scene came out. Steven joked that he would be Bonnie if he could be any other character on TV. Trevino said he’d be Damon Salvatore. Read more »

New Video: Trevino Talks Vampire Diaries Season 2,Werewolves & More

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Trevino talks Vampire Diaries season 2,werewolves & more in this new video (below). Rabbidtv recently caught up to Vampire Diaries,Tyler Lockwood star Michael Trevino. His character is the resident werewolf,and he discussed what’s been going on with his character in season 2,showed fan appreciation,and more.

In the clip, they jokingly confirm that yes he does play Tyler Lockwood on the Vampire Diaries. Then he revealed that Vampire Diaries is the biggest show he’s ever been apart of. He’s very into it,and it’s been fun. Read more »

Michael Trevino Spilled New Vampire Diaries Se2 Spoilers To Wetpaint

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Michael Trevino spilled new Vampire Diaries se2 spoilers to wetpaint. In a recent Wetpaint interview, Michale Trevino who plays character Tyler Lockwood in CW’s hit show “Vampire Diaries” recently revealed some new,interesting spoilers for season 2,involving Damon,Stefan,this whole werewolf thing and more.

First, he revealed some info we’ve heard before about Tyler and Caroline being friends,but it’s getting odd because they’re supposed to be enemies since they’re vampire and werewolf. He revealed that he thinks Tyler and Matt will be fine with each other in the future,especially since Matt has apologized for attacking him at the party. Read more »

Michael Trevino Reveals More Vampire Diares Wolf Spoilers In New Clip

Michael Trevino reveals more Vampire Diaries wolf spoilers in new clip. TV Guide recently did a video interview (below) with Michael Trevino who plays werewolf character Tyler Lockwood on hit show “Vampire Diaries.”

He answered a lot of different questions that they threw at him,but the one that was really interesting were about this upcoming werewolf transformation scenes,which airs tomorrow night. He revealed what we’ve all been hearing,that it will be very painful and gruesome. He said that the transformation will rip him from the inside out as a human being. Read more »

Vampire Diaries Mike Trevino Reveals New Wolf Spoilers In AOL Clip

Vampire Diaries Mike Trevino reveals new Wolf spoilers in AOL clip. Michael Trevino who plays werewolf Tyler Lockwood in CW’s hit show “Vampire Diaries,” recently interviewed with AOL TV,and he shared a few interesting fun facts about him and the show,along with some intense werewolf spoilers that are going to be coming up (video below).

First, he revealed that he had heard about his character and Caroline being named Forwood for Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes. He said he thought it was cool. Then he jumped right into the werewolf spoilers. He revealed that we’re going to see a lot of the actual transformation,and that it will be big. Most of it will be him performing and very little prosthetics. However there will be some used. It was a grueling shoot. Read more »

Michael Trevino Shares Vampire Diaries Season 2 Spoilers At Comic-Con

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Michael Trevino shares Vampire Diaries season 2 spoilers at Comic-Con. Clevver TV recently caught up with Michael Trevino who plays character Tyler Lockwood on CW’s hit show Vampire Diaries. They were at the 2010 Comic-Con event in San Diego,California, and Mike talked about his character getting effected by the vampire whistle in season 1,and gave away a few good spoilers for the upcoming season 2. Then he hinted that he is a werewolf,but wouldn’t confirm or deny it. However, he said it would be a pretty good guess that he’s a werewolf (video below).

He said he wasn’t sure how the werewolf transformations will take place on Vampire Diaries,but that he would like to think that they’re gonna use real wolves. He said there might be a wolf pack involved in season 2. Read more »