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New NCIS Season 15, Episode 10 Is Getting Delayed For A While

Hey, “NCIS” fans. It is with great regret that we have to deliver this latest set of news to you guys. It turns out that your favorite show is about to hit a break in the schedule this coming Tuesday night, November 28,2017 and Tuesday night, December 5,2017.

On those nights, CBS will not be airing a new episode of NCIS. So, that means the new and latest episode 10 will be missing in action for a while. It’s currently expected to finally air on Tuesday night, December 12,2017 in its same 7 pm central time slot on CBS. So, be sure to mark that very important date down on your TV calendars. Read more »

The NCIS Season 15 Team Is About To Discover A Very Serious Breach

Recently, CBS put out an official press release for their upcoming episode 5 of this current season 15. It features a brief teaser description of the episode, and it sounds like we’re going to see some pretty serious stuff take place. The NCIS team is going to discover a major breach when they investigate a new case. Additionally, McGee will get pretty embarrassed and more.

The CBS press release also revealed that episode 5 is entitled, “Fake It Til You Make It.” According to their description, we’re going to see Reeves get quite distraught because he’s going to see his friend get kidnapped! This will prompt the NCIS team to launch a big investigation to find the missing friend. Read more »

NCIS’ Pauley Perrette Aka Abby Made Some New Very Shocking & Devastating Statements

According to a new report from, Pauley Perette (above) who plays character Abby Sciuto on CBS’hit drama/action show “NCIS” has come out to drop yet another major bombshell just a few days after she announced that she’s leaving the show after 15 years.

She’s now letting the world know that she was actually raped when she was just 15 years old! Apparently, she decided to speak about this in light of the recent allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. There are claims out right now that accuse him of sexually harassing and assaulting numerous amounts actresses. Read more »

CBS Responded To Pauley Perrette’s NCIS Departure Announcement

Unfortunately, “NCIS” fans. As most of you are currently aware of, Abby Sciuto actress Pauley Perrette (above) has recently made the decision to leave the show that she has been on for the past 15 or so years. She announced it via letter on Twitter.

Now, according to a new article, CBS has released a statement responding to Pauley’s departure announcement. Also, the producers of “NCIS” George Schenck and Frank Cardea released a statement. Read more »

Important Season 15 Information Confirmed About NCIS’ Donald “Ducky” Mallard Character

According to a recent report from the folks over at Buddy TV, fans of CBS’ hit drama/action series NCIS were very worried about actor David McCallum’s Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard’s future status.

Apparently, in this latest episode titled, “Exit Strategy” that aired this past Tuesday night, October 10,2017, there was a storyline that appeared to be setting up an exit for Ducky’s character.

Now, it has been confirmed that all you Ducky fans can calm down because Ducky will definitely be sticking around. Read more »

NCIS Season 15 Is About To Feature A New Addition To The Team

Hey, “NCIS” fans. We’ve got some interesting news for you guys in regards to the upcoming episode 4 that’s due to air next week. CBS recently put out an official press release for the episode. In it, is a little teaser description of what’s in store.

We’ve learned that we’re going to see a new female agent arrive on the scene. This had already been reported a few weeks back. But now, it’s finally time to see her in action! The upcoming episode 4 is entitled, “Skeleton Crew,” and it’s going to feature the arrival of NCIS Special Agent Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane (above right). She’s played by actress Maria Bello. Read more »

Someone Is About To Mysteriously Vanish On NCIS

Hey, NCIS fans. We got some interesting new information from CBS for the upcoming “NCIS” episode 3 of the current season 15. It turns out that someone from the NCIS team is just going to vanish right in the middle of case, and it’s going to cause the NCIS team to have to look into a decade old murder! This new episode 3 is labeled,”Exit Strategy.”

CBS’ recent press release for this recent episode reveals that Agent Torres and his partner will be on a stakeout with the Metro P.D. Then all of a sudden, Torres’ partner is going to come up missing! The whole thing will be a total mystery prompting the NCIS to team to launch an investigation into it. Read more »

Another One Of NCIS’ Main Females Is Officially Leaving The Show, New Details

According to a new report from the folks over at TV Line, there has been official confirmation that one of the main females from CBS’s hit action/drama series “NCIS” has decided to quit! The announcement was just made today.

This person is none other than Forensic specialist Abby Sciuto portrayer Pauley Perrette (above right). It’s reported that she will stay on board for the rest of the current season 15 but after that, it will be lights out for her Abby role. Read more »

New NCIS Season 15 Episode 2 Official Teaser Description Revealed By CBS

Hey, NCIS fans. Recently, the wonderful folks over at CBS put out a new episode press release for their upcoming second episode for the current season 15 of their hit action/drama series “NCIS.” It features a teaser description for the episode.

It sounds like we’ll see some pretty interesting things take place in it as McGee and Gibbs have to undergo a psych test after their awful experience in Paraguay. Elsewhere, the NCIS team investigates the dead body of a missing Navy Lieutenant and more. Read more »

NCIS Season 15 Sean Murray Aka McGee Talked Premiere Details, What’s To Come & More

Recently, Entertainment Tonight got chance to talk with NCIS Tim McGee star Sean Murray (above). During their interview, he talked about some of the things that went down in last night’s big premiere.

He a gave a few tidbits about what we can expect to see from he and Delilah’s characters moving forward as well as the McGee and Gibbs new dynamic. He talked a little bit about a new agent that’s arriving and more. Read more »