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New Scream Season 2 Possible Mr. Branson Teaser Spoilers Dished Out By The Producer

As previously reported, TV Line chatted up Scream executive, Jill Blotevogel, and she delivered new, early season 2 spoiler scoops.

In this segment, she talked about the possibility of seeing Mr. Branson return. It turns out that Jill would definitely be interested in bringing him back for some interesting scenes with Brooke, and more. Jill stated: “I definitely wanted to keep Mr. Branson on the table. Read more »

New Scream Season 2 Emma Spoilers Dished Out By The Producer

Recently, TV Line got to talk up Scream’s executive producer, Jill Blotevogel, to get some early season 2 teaser spoilers.

In this segment, she let us know what Emma will be up to. It turns out that she’s going to be more closed off, defensive, stronger, and more. Jill told them: “Going into Season 2, she’s going to be a character with a lot more information. She’s probably going to be more closed-off, more defensive. But she’s also going to be stronger. Read more »

New Scream Season 2 Officially Confirmed,New Spoilers Are On The Way

Hey, “Scream” peeps. Yes, it’s true guys. We can officially confirm with you, tonight, that MTV has given your favorite show a brand new season 2. The official announcement apparently took place way back in July 2015, according to TV Line, so they definitely didn’t waste anytime greenlighting more Scream goodness.

Mina Lefevre, who is the MTV Executive Vice President, had some wonderful things to say about the show during the renewal announcement. She stated: “We are thrilled Read more »