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MTV Teen Wolf Season 2 Premiere Date Finally Revealed

MTV Teen Wolf season 2 premiere date finally revealed. Recently,Spoiler TV revealed that the “much awaited” season 2 of MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf is scheduled to debut on June 3rd,2012 after a long,11 freaking months of waiting. What’s really good about season 2,is that it’s been given a whopping 24 episodes instead of just 12,so they’re definitely going to make up for having us wait so damn long,which I can respect.

In the new season,we can expect for Scott to become more of a bad boy. His girlfriend Allison is going to become a more skilled,and adept hunter,which might not bode well for Scott if they encounter troubles in their relationship. They’re still tight-lipped about Lydia’s fate,but I think she should become a werewolf if she survives,because she was bitten by the Alpha dammit! Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 2 Photo Features Alpha Derek Wolfing Out

    derek shows fangs in teen wolf season 2

New Teen Wolf season 2 photo features Alpha Derek wolfing out. MTV recently dropped a brand new photo from the set of their hit show “Teen Wolf,” and it features our new Alpha Derek,showing his violent werewolf fangs. Apparently, Derek isn’t going to be playing very nice this season. He really didn’t play all that nice last season,but at least he was tolerable since he was hiding his true agenda.

But now,all cards will be out on the table,and it should be quite interesting to see what goes down. I do know that Derek will be busy,trying to recruit new pack members,so he can become stronger,and eventually be able to turn into a full wolf like his uncle Peter Hale did in the last season. Read more »

New MTV Teen Wolf Season 2 Photo Shows Scott & Stiles Sneaking In The Woods

    scott and stiles sneaky on teen wolf season 2

New MTV Teen Wolf season 2 photo shows Scott & Stiles sneaking in the woods. Continuing on with our season 2 coverage of MTV’s hot new Teen Wolf show,we’ve got a new photo from the set,which features best friends Scott and Stiles,sneaking around in the woods. Whatever the situation is,here,it looks awfully interesting. Maybe Scott and Stiles are spying on new Alpha Derek,and his new,evil agenda,or they could be hiding out from trouble. Whatever it is,I’m sure it will spark excitement in all of us.

The new season is going to bring on a few guest characters that include a tough,pretty chick. A mysterious new guy. Allison’s grandfather is coming to town,and he’s going to try to turn her into an expert hunter,which could mean trouble for Scott if their romance goes bad. Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 2 Spoilers: New Tough Chick & Mysterious Loner Boy Arriving & More

New tough chick & mysterious loner boy arriving & more in this new set of “Teen Wolf” season 2 spoilers. Zap2it recently dropped some new spoilerage for the upcoming MTV Teen Wolf season,and it looks like we’ll be seeing a new girl and guy join the cast,briefly,anyways.

First off,we’re getting a tough chick named Erica,who’ll be played by actress Gage Golightly. Erica is described as having a tough side to her,and she’ll finally catch the eye of some of the boys and some of the wolves when she undergoes a bit of an ugly-duckling-to-swan metamorphosis. Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 2 Photo Features Scott & Stiles Outdoors

    scott and stiles on set

New Teen Wolf season 2 photo features Scott & Stiles outdoors. As previously reported, MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf is well underway into shooting its highly anticipated,2nd season,which means new photos are popping up from the set. This one,in particular,features actors Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien.

Tyler plays Scott McCall and Dylan plays character Stiles. Word has it,that Scott will become more of a bad boy this season,while Stiles will cause some more problems for his father. Scott’s hot girlfriend Allison is going to get recruited into becoming a very skilled wolf hunter,which could pose a problem for Scott if things go bad between the two of them. Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 2 Photo Features Scott & Allison Smiling It Up On Set

    scott and allison in teen wolf season 2 filming

New Teen Wolf season 2 photo features Scott & Allison smiling it up on set. We got a new photo from the set of the upcoming 2nd season of MTV’s hit show “Teen Wolf,” and it features main stars Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed as characters Scott and Allison. They look pretty happy on the set,and they should be, because their show is a hit,which means they’ll get to stay employed for a while.

The new season is set to bring on some new werewolves as new Alpha Derek Hale is ready to start creating his pack. Allison will reportedly get recruited by her tough grandfather to become a very skilled hunter. Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 2 Spoilers: New Werewolves & More Arriving On The Scene

New werewolves & more arriving on the scene & more in this new set of Teen Wolf,season 2 spoilers. TV Guide recently dropped a new set of spoilers for the upcoming,season 2, MTV hit show,and it looks like we’re getting new werewolves,hunters and more. They revealed that the filming is currently underway in Atlanta,GA.

The first character we have coming aboard,is Battlestar Galactica’s Michael Hogan, and he will play Allison’s grandfather,who is a lethal werewolf hunter with plans to draw her into the family business. Next, actor Stephen Lunsford will play a Beacon Hills High school student with a knack for photography and an eye for Scott’s girl. Read more »

New Teen Wolf Season 2 Photo Shows Alpha Actor In Blue Paint For Show Prepping

    teen wolf 2 alpha blue paint image

New Teen Wolf season 2 photo shows Alpha actor in blue paint for show prepping. This new photo recently came out,and features Teen Wolf,new Alpha actor Tyler Hoechlin immersed in some blue paint to get ready for filming. Wow,it looks like that could be quite uncomfortable. Tyler plays character Derek Hale,who has now taken over the new Alpha wolf duties.

In the new season,Derek is going to be recruiting new wolves,so he can get stronger. That means we’ll probably see a lot more people getting bitten. Scott is,apparently,going to turn into a bad boy,and the girls Lydia and Allison might be showing some more skin. Also, Allison is going to improve her hunting skills,and get really into it. Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 2 To Have The Girls Showing Some Skin & More

lydia in teen wolf  image

Teen Wolf season 2 to have the girls showing some skin & more. Hollywood Life recently tracked down MTV “Teen Wolf,” Lydia starlet Holland Roden at the recent Spike TV,Scream Awards that took place on October 15th,and she dropped a few season 2, spoiler teases to get excited about,at least for the guys,anyways and a few women if you know what I’m saying.

She said, “The guys were objectified last season, and I’d say it’s now the girls’ turn to take the clothes off!” So, she dropped a little hint that we may be seeing the chicks showing some more skin in the new season. She also said that her and her co-star Crystal Reed are in training sessions everyday,and only get to eat brown rice and chicken breast with no seasoning. Read more »

Teen Wolf Season 2 Spoiler: Scott Gets Tougher & More

Scott gets tougher & more in this new “Teen Wolf” season 2 spoiler. Hollywood Life recently caught up to MTV Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes at the 2011 Spike TV Scream Awards two nights ago,October 15th,and were able to drag a good spoiler teaser out of them.

Tyler said Scott is definitely maturing in the new season. “He was a little bitch before, and now he’s going to be a bad ass!” Colton Haynes also said he agreed with that assessment. Tyler went on to say, “It’s definitely maturing as a show. All the characters have new arcs. I’m really excited about it.” Read more »