The Amazing Race December 16, 2020 Winner Of The Season Revealed (Recap) Finale

The Amazing Race December 16, 2020 Winner Of The Season Revealed (Recap) Finale

Hey, “The Amazing Race” fans. Tonight, December 16, 2020, the big finale episode of The Amazing Race’s current season 32 did indeed air, and the winning team was revealed at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the teams learning they had to fly to New Orleans,LA to get this final leg of the race started. Once they got to New Orleans, they had to head to the The French Quarter.

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From there, they were instructed to go to Louie Armstrong Park to get their next clue. Once they got it, they were told to go to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter to get their next clue.

Once they got to Bourbon street, they had to do a challenge called, “Let’s Party.” In it, they had to collect 50 red and gold beaded necklaces to get their next clue. Apparently, there was a big parade going on ,and people were just throwing the necklaces out into the crowd from a balcony.

After they completed the necklace challenge, the teams had to head to the Cafe Beignet to get their next clue. Once they,got there, they had to dig around in a lot of cakes until they found a tiny, fake baby in one of them.

After that, they had to eat a couple of Beignet pastries to get their next clue. Will & James were having a hard time getting the beignets down, but they finally did it to hold on to their lead.

After the Cafe Beignet challenge, the teams were faced with a Road Block challenge called,”Who Wants To Bridge The Tap?” It took place at the Crescent City Connection bridge. One member from each team had to jump off the bridge with a safety harness of course. Grab the clue while they were in mid jump. After that, both members had to repel 180 feet off the bridge and onto the ground.

When all that was complete, the teams were directed to go to a warehouse and locate a big, blue ball. Once they found it, they had to roll it to another part of the warehouse. Then search that part of the warehouse for pieces of a world puzzle.

Once they collected all the puzzle pieces, they had to correctly put the puzzle piece strips together and stick them on the big, blue ball to complete a world globe. Once they did that,they had to roll the ball up on a float to get their next and final clue of this season.

Once they got it, they were directed to travel by taxi to the New Orleans Super Dome, which was the final pit stop for this season.

Will & James were the first ones to get there, which means they are your winners for this 32nd season of The Amazing Race! All the previously eliminated teams were there to greet them. Host Phil Keoghan confirmed they won the $1 million dollar grand prize.

Then to make this moment even more exciting, Will asked James to marry him. He ,of course, said yes. So, they were totally on cloud 9 in this moment. Later, it was revealed that Hung & Chee finished in second place, and Riley & Maddison came in 3rd place.

How do you guys feel about Will & James winning this season of The Amazing Race? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Amazing Race” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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