Survivor May 25, 2022 Winner Revealed In The Finale Episode (Recap)

Survivor May 25, 2022 Winner Revealed In The Finale Episode (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, May 25, 2022, the finale episode of Survivor season 42 did indeed hit the air, and we finally found out who won this thing in the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with them revealing that the remaining contestants were on a brand new beach with no tarp, shelter or anything. They talked about the last tribal council meeting, which finally sent Omar packing. Jonathan told Lindsay that the plan was to get rid of Omar the whole time at the last tribal council.

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Lindsay reacted by getting very angry claiming, “I was in your alliance, and I didn’t know about it.” Jeremy said, “You voted me out. So, that’s not an alliance.”

At one point, Romeo lied and told them he had an immunity idol to throw them off. He even went as far as to make a fake idol. Jonathan told Mike and Romeo, “We’ve got to get Lindsay out.” They seemed to agree. Mike told Lindsay he might play his idol for her. She was skeptical saying, “You told Maryanne the same thing.”

After all of that, everyone was given a chance to get a final advantage clue for the next immunity challenge. They had to unscramble words and decipher a phrase to get the clue, Lindsay deciphered the phrase ,first, and went and found the advantage while everyone was still trying to decipher the phrase.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. In it, they had to race through a series of obstacles to collect puzzle pieces. Then, they had to complete the puzzle for the win. Lindsay’s advantage made it to where she only had to one knot at each station while the others had to untie six knots. It came down to Mike and Lindsay at the end, and Mike just edged her out on the puzzle by one piece.

Mike also won a reward, which was: pasta, garlic bread, cake, salad and red wine. He got to choose one person to join him, and he chose Jonathan.

Mike told the private cams, “I’m going to play my idol so I can bring someone to the final that I can beat.” Jonathan told the private cams, “The plan is to get Lindsay out.” Mike told Jonathan at the rewards dinner, “I will play my idol on you.” Lindsay pitched to Mike to play his idol on her by trying to guilt trip him into returning the loyalty she’s shown him throughout the game.

Maryanne told the private cams that she might try to blindside Jonathan if Mike gives her his idol at the tribal council meeting because she would then have two idols she could play, and she could use one of them to save Lindsay.

At the tribal council meeting, Lindsay tried to pitch why she would be better to take to the final 4 by claiming her social game wasn’t that great since she got tricked by Omar. Jonathan rebutted saying, “Lindsay’s been social with everyone, and everyone loves her.”

After the votes were casts, Mike played his idol on Maryanne. Then, it was revealed that Jonathan got 1 vote, and Lindsay received 3 votes. So, with the 3 votes, Lindsay got voted off. She took it well saying, “It was fun while it lasted, guys.” She gave everyone a hug and said, “Good luck, guys. I’m gonna eat so much food!”

Next, the remaining contestants played the final immunity challenge of this season. During it, they had drop a ball down a metal maze and catch it. They had to keep adding 1 more ball each round to make it more difficult. If they dropped the ball, they lost. The last one standing, won. It came down to Romeo and Jonathan, and Romeo edged out Jonathan to guarantee himself a spot in the final 3!

Mike made his pitch to Romeo saying, “You should send me to make fire against Maryanne because if I were to go against Jonathan and beat him, you have to deal with the two most likable people in the final.” Meanwhile, Maryanne said she doesn’t want Mike in the finals. Mike told Jonathan, “If Romeo gives you an out, take it.” However, Jonathan told the private cams, “That trick isn’t working on me. I’m hyped to beat Mike in the fire-making challenge.”

At the tribal council meeting, Romeo chose to take Maryanne to the final 3. So, Jonathan and Mike had to compete in a fire-making challenge for the final spot. Mike won pretty easily. He got his fire blazing pretty quickly, and Jonathan could never get his fire to build up as high as Mike to burn the rope. Jonathan said, “I gave it all I had. Mike just beat me. It’s that simple.”

Next, the final three: Maryanne, Mike and Romeo had a big breakfast meal before pleading their case to the jury at the final tribal council meeting.

At the final tribal council meeting, the finalist answered questions from the jury. Mike stated, “I played as honorable as I could. I kept my word to people until they deceived me first. I blindsided Hai. I played a strategic and emotional game.”

Maryanne said, “I acted like I didn’t play the game seriously. It was part of my strategy.” She claimed she came up with the plan to take out Omar at the final 6 so it would set herself up to be in the final 3 with multiple combinations.

She revealed that she had a couple of idols and explained that basically no matter what happened, she would be in the final 3 by getting Omar out. She also said, “I really wanted to bring Lindsay to the end with my idol, but I knew I couldn’t win against her.” The jury seemed really impressed with Maryanne’s explanation in that moment.

Romeo talked about throwing hinky votes to throw people off. He said, “I shifted to a self-preservation game because I had to. I claimed I had a fake immunity idol to get people’s attention away from me. Then, I won the final immunity challenge. I brought Maryanne to the end because I thought she had a similar strategy. I didn’t want to play from the bottom, but that was the game that was dealt to me. I didn’t give up no matter how hard things got.”

After the questions segment, the jury casts their votes for the winner. Then, host Jeff Probst read them off, and revealed that Romeo received 0 votes. Mike received 1 vote, and Maryanne received a whopping 7 votes! So, with the 7 votes, Maryanne Oketch is the winner of Survivor season 42! Congrats to her.

Most of the jury cast said they got swayed by Maryanne’s final pitch when she revealed her clever plan to get to the end. Mike said, “I’m living the dream. After hearing Maryanne’s story, I think she earned it.” How do you guys feel about Maryanne Oketch winning Survivor season 42? Let us know in the comments section, and we’ll see you guys again for season 43.

That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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