NBC Heroes ‘Cold Wars’ Episode Review

NBC Heroes ‘Cold Wars’ Episode Review

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Review : Peter,Mohinder, and Matt drug Noah so that they can take him back to a motel, and have Matt read his mind for answers as to why they are being chased. They find out that Nathan planned the whole thing with Noah to capture all heroes and people with abilities so they can find a way to take away the abilities forever. They also find out that Daphne the speedster is still alive on life support after having been shot . Another thing they find is the sergeant guy that’s in charge of the whole thing.

Peter attempts to go after him ,and almost kills him, but Nathan stops him by telling him all of his friends will be killed if he does. Nathan’s men find out where they have Noah. They retrieve him,capture Mohinder, and also capture Matt for a little while until Peter rescues him with his lightning fast flying powers. In the end it is revealed that Noah is not really working with Nathan. He is just pretending to work with them . He really has a secret plan going on with Angela Petrelli.

My Take : Good episode

Grade : B

TV Show : Heroes : Cold Wars – Episode 17, Season 3
Original Air Date : Monday February 23, 2009
Network : NBC Network

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