Corey Feldman Says Everyone is Wrong About Him

Corey Feldman Says Everyone is Wrong About Him

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In an interview with former childhood star Corey Feldman says the media has misrepresented him,and that there’s cynicism that goes along with hearing his name now. He stated, “I have been vastly misrepresented by the press, media, bloggers, pessimists and naysayers, and it hurts. I spend 80% of my time doing charity work.It deeply saddens me every time I hear somebody quickly discarding me as some crazy drug addict or loser, or washed up. I was called ‘washed up’ when I was 20 years old.”

He says in the interview that he’s really a good guy. Lately he says he’s been working on some new projects which include his music band “Truth Movement”. he’s also working on a new “Lost Boys 3” movie. He also says that a Goonies sequel could possibly happen.

He said, “My job, it seems, in life is to educate the world that, ‘Hey that was just the beginning of my life, I’m still very young and have a long way to go.’ “

Corey also commented on Michael Jackson’s recent death. He actually died two days before he was to do a concert with his band for their “Off the Grid” tour.Corey hung out with Michael a lot as a child,but had a falling out with him in 2001. Corey also said back in 2005 that their relationship may have been inappropriate.

Now, Corey has said, that Michael was a role model and dear friend. He stated, “It makes you realize that you really have everything you value in life, and every moment and breath. I really learned it’s a bad idea to let unfinished things go unfinished.

“It’s nice to have closure. It’s unfortunate to me that I will never have that closure. But there is also a part of me that says I do, because of the reconciliation with the family and friendship there.”

Corey Feldman was a huge child star back in the 80’s appearing in classic movies : “The Goonies,” “Stand by Me,” and “Gremlins”.

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