Avenge Sevenfold’s ‘The Rev’ Reportedly Died Of Natural Causes Today

Avenge Sevenfold’s ‘The Rev’ Reportedly Died Of Natural Causes Today

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Avenge Sevenfold’s ‘The Rev’ reportedly died of natural causes today. According to Fox News, James (Jimmy) Owen Sullivan aka “The Rev” was found dead at his home in Southern California. He was a backup vocalist and drummer for the Southern California band, “Avenged Sevenfold.”

They say James Owen Sullivan who went by the stage name, “The Rev” appears to have died of natural causes today in Huntington Beach,California. He was only 28 years old. The Orange County coroner’s office is reportedly investigating the death.

The Avenged Sevenfold band was formed in Huntington Beach,California back in 1999 and won “Best New Artist” at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. Also they were working on their fifth album,according to their Myspace page.

The band released a statement earlier to today,stating, “one of the world’s best drummers,” and our best friend and brother.”

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38 Responses

  1. jake says:

    backup vocalist? thats not all…he wasa drummer!!!! R.IP. Reverend…

  2. Philip says:

    He was the DRUMMER, not the backing vocalist. How disrespectful to get something that important wrong in your article. That’s like calling Brittany Murphy a “stagehand” when she died.

  3. arikitty says:

    no… fuck no…. this can’t be happening… one of the greatest drummers alive, part of one of the greatest bands ever… this is horrible. He was WAY too young. And the sad thing is no one will care half as much as they did for fucking michael jackson… what a tragedy :[

  4. lynners says:

    Wow, nO kidding..
    He was an amazing drummer.
    RIP Rev. <3

  5. Laura says:

    Wow this is just a tragedy…

  6. khkhkg says:

    Did anyone noticed that in 2009 many famous people died like michael jackson,brittany murphy e.t.c

    P.S R.I.P The Rev. May you rock in the afterlife

  7. Kittehlove says:

    I really cried a little… it is a huge loss to the world of music. A7X will never be the same, because those guys have been together since high school… a real band of friends doing what they love instead of some manufactured crap put together in a studio for the sole purpose of churning out generic rock music for a profit. A7X is the greatest band to come out in the last 10 years in my opinion…

    And calm the f**k down and read the whole article people… they DID say he was a drummer. And he did do backup vocals as well.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I truly hope they break up now and never record any more of their god awful, generic, music, that for some reason people think is metal. It is not even close. But hey he was a good drummer so this is a bad thing in a way.

  9. Jodie says:

    Aw man. No. I loved him, this is shit. Why the hell is everyone dying ! Rest in peace Jimmy, my thoughts to his family and friends.. aw no. I’m gonna cry now, he was an awesome dude

  10. Mike Litoris says:

    I wee’d a little ’cause I laughed so hard.

  11. laura says:

    you have no respect. ..and ur name ryhmes with clitoris.

    jimmy..love u always x

  12. Kittehlove says:

    People who comment on obituary articles to talk shit are the among the lowest forms of human garbage. If you hated the band, and don’t care he’s dead, get a fucking life and quit being needlessly disrespectful. Regardless of how you felt about his music, he was a young man whose time came far too soon, and will leave many friends, family members, and fans in mourning. I wish I could smack both of you upside the head, like your mother or father obviously needed to a few more times, so you’d learn some manners.

  13. \m/ :S says:

    fuck u both .. this guy was good ..i m not a big fan of this band .. but i admit its ggd.. this death reminds me of cliff Burton :s.. RESPECT TO BOTH . R.I.P .

  14. montu says:

    they say he is a drummer you fuck tards read a little closer before you say stuff like that

  15. \m/ :S says:

    i meant to say hes great just like cliff u fucking brainless… now stop .. the guy is dead :/ .. RIP

  16. Andie says:

    I am soooo very terribly sad, and shocked. He was such a great great artist, not just a drummer. I just cannot believe it!! :'( rest in peace Rev!!

  17. samantha dodson says:

    I MISS HIM ALREADY! Even though Jimmy is dead i will like to celebrate february 10th and think that he will turn 29, becuase in my heart he lives on forever….ILY JIMMY! RIP


  19. Ieuan Jenkins says:

    I only just found out ! such an awsome drummer! from such and awsome band he will be missed by all us in Great Britian

  20. the rev was a badass drummer and he was in a great band it sucks he had to go like this i can only imagine how the band feels there all like brothers

  21. guiroge says:

    he was a drummer but he was to a back vocalist look at youtube : tape: avenged sevenfold afterlife live
    before solo’s guitare sang

  22. Jayy. says:

    This is such a tradegy among music. A7X is one of the most amazing bands I’ve ever come to know. Nobody can replace the talent The Rev had. The band will never be the same. May he rest in peace and be rocking out wherever he might be now. <3

  23. red devil says:

    mm….sayang baget ya…mestinya karirnya masah bisa berlajut….

  24. red devil says:

    mm….sayang baget ya…mestinya karirnya masih bisa berlajut….

  25. anonymous says:

    A friend and i happened to be on our way home from a vacation when “rip rev” popped up on the screen of her blackberry at 6am. She asked me who it could be and i could only think of one possibility, i was trying to think of anybody else and hoped i was wrong….
    unfortunately i wasnt and avenged sevenfold will never be completely the same i will always remember seeing them live at ODU and the truly amazing concert they put on.

    To the people that are posting disrespectful and tasteless comments at a time like this, no one is asking you to magically become a fan of jimmy or the band… if you dont like them its whatever it isnt about liking them infact, if you really dont like them that much why did you care to read the news that he had died? And as for anyone who cares to comment on the cause being a natural one or not who cares! the term its self simply means no fowl play was involved sure there is still the possibility it could be drugs but it could also be heart problems and several other common health problems that occur in young people. Reguardless the bottom line is someone has DIED, there are friends, family and fans all grieving how about you show them the decency and respect everyone in this situation deserves and allow them to mourn in peace

    RIP jimmy sullivan you will be missed

  26. ronal says:

    beeehhh knpa bs bgni…. akhir.a….????

    dewa mangk ga” adil……

    knpa mesti secepat niee… kw ambil dia…..

    the rev i miss u……

    smoga arwahmu tenang di alam sna…….

    km slalu di hti……

  27. ronal says:

    buat fans the rev di sluruh dunia sy mohon klian smua mendoakan.a

  28. danz says:

    i’m so sad,,and not believe that…
    jimmy, u are best drummer in the world,,u are my inspiration,,,R.I.P..

  29. the raff says:

    this isn’t true…he’s my idol..the best ever drummer…he still young to the way through….he’ll be missed…

  30. Agung yudhantara says:

    We’ll be missing you.. You are the best drumer ever… Keep in rock a7x.

  31. Bayu says:

    Good bye jimmy,,we’ll never forget you..God bless you..

  32. Zach says:

    At everyone who says he was not a backup vocalist you are not a true fan he sings backup in Critical Acclaim, as well as A Little Piece Of Heaven. R.I.P The Rev Avenged will not be the same without you

  33. Anthony says:

    Acually he was a part backup vocalist and drummer. What a terrible loss tho 🙁 he was really good. He sung backup in a couple of songs especially in their recent album afterlife

  34. Kittehlove says:

    Zach, you are either illiterate or just too much of a moron to read everything before you post, but no one said he wasn’t a backup vocalist. NO ONE. They only said he wasn’t ONLY that, and that wasn’t his primary role in the band, which it wasn’t. So shut your face and quit trying to call people posers; it’s immature and silly.

    Critial Acclaim, as mentioned, is definitely the best sampling of his vocal prowess… he sings the whole hook by himself through the song.

  35. andrew broome says:

    we miss you Rev your the best drummer i have ever heard play bad thing bout this is i just started listening to A7X when he died thanks to my cuzzins Casey and Dylan Helms changes my mind bout what kind of music i listen to i was listening to only rap but rap sucks balls and now i am pure ROCK DEATH METAL AND METAL we miss u rev

  36. andrew broome says:

    you are always in are hearts

  37. Anonymous says:


  38. Michaila Ward says:

    You guys are so pathetic! How can you go and comment on something so horrible like this, And be so goddam rude ! That was very disrespectful, And uncalled for. Jimmy was amazing, And if you are going to be so rude like that, right after he passed, Then keep your little comments to yourself. Love you Jimmy. And miss you terribly. Listening to Avenged is not the same anymore. R.I.P <3

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