Rob Mariano Won ‘Survivor 22: Redemption Island’ Tonight

Rob Mariano Won ‘Survivor 22: Redemption Island’ Tonight

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Rob Mariano won ‘Survivor 22: Redemption Island’ tonight. Tonight’s 2-hour finale episode kicked off with scenes from the entire season,including the last episode when Grant Mottos got sent to Redemption Island with Matt,Mike,and Ashley.

Then they showed Grant arriving at Redemption Island to see the others. Next,they got right back to main game commentary where Rob revealed that he missed Grant. He also said Ashley’s no good,and would like her to go for good.

After that Matt,Andrea,Mike,and Grant got ready for their final Redemption Island duel,while the rest of the tribemembers watched. In the duel, the contestants had to place their foot at the end of a teeter totter board,which had a vase on the other end of it. They had to balance it,and not let it fall. The last person left standing with their vase intact,won the duel.

Grant lost first. Matt lost second. Mike dropped third,which left Andrea the winner of the duel. So,Andrea rejoined the main game for the $million prize,while Matt,Grant,and Mike went to the jury.

After the break, they showed more commentary footage, Ashley said that she was glad Ashley is back because she would be more inclined to help the girls out since Rob already burned her once. Rob said he couldn’t wait to vote Andrea out again.

Then they showed immunity challenge footage. In the challenge,they had to race across a balance beam without falling, and retrieve bags with numbers in them. Then put them in order. They had to do this drill 4 times to complete 100 numbers. The first one to complete it,won. Ashley ended up winning it for immunity.

After the break, Rob gathered the rest of the group up to confirm they are voting Andrea off. Ashley promised Natalie she would go through with it as long as Natalie promised they would get rid of Phillip next. Phillip saw them and got suspicious,so he talked with Rob about it,while Andrea tried to make a deal with the girls. Natalie appeared to stay loyal to Rob at this point.

Next, they headed to the tribal counsel meeting,talked game,and casts their votes. Rob played his hidden immunity idol,so any votes against him wouldn’t count. Rob ended up getting 1 vote,and Andrea got 3 votes,so Andrea got ousted from the game and onto the jury.

After the break, they showed the final immunity challenge. In the challenge,they had to run through a giant maze and collect four bags located at different stations within the maze. The bags contained puzzle pieces. After they collected the 4 bags, they had to put a puzzle together to win it. It came down to Rob and Ashley,and Rob pulled out the victory to for immunity and a final 3 spot. Needless to say, he was very happy.

After the break,Ashley was revealed to be the next target. Natalie didn’t like that Rob wanted to vote off Ashley. Natalie made Ashley think that they were still voting Phillip off going into the tribal counsel meeting. Once at the tribal counsel meeting they talked game for a while. Then casts their votes. Natalie ended up getting 3 votes ,and Phillip got 1 vote,so with a vote of 3-1,Ashley was sent off to join the jury,while Rob,Natalie,and Phillip made it to the final three.

After the break,they showed more commentary footage with the final three. They basically talked about how happy they were to make it to the finals. Phillip sounded crazy as ever,still talking about his dead great,great grandfather.

Then they showed the final tribal counsel footage where the final three gave their pitch to the jury,and also answered questions from them. Rob clearly gave the best speech.Natalie sounded immature,and Phillip sounded crazy as usual,and the jury’s reaction to Phillip really showed that.

Ashley was pretty upset at Rob for deceiving her,and thought Phillip was disgusting. Julie felt none of them deserved to be in the final,and that no one respected Phillip. After all was said and done,the jury casts their votes. Then it went directly into the live show in New York City where host Jeff Probst read the votes.

Rob ended up getting 5 votes, Natalie got 0 votes,and Phillip got 1 vote. So,with a vote of 5-1,Rob’s plan worked to perfection,and allowed him to finally claim a Survivor victory after the 4 tries. Congratulations Boston Rob! Rob also won the Sprint $100,000 prize,so he was a super big winner tonight.

Survivor 23 will see the return of Redemption Island in the South Pacific,and will bring on 16 new competitors. Follow us on Facebook for more Survivor,reality TV news,spoilers,and more by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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