Rapper Heavy D Died Abruptly Earlier Today After Getting Rushed To Hospital

Rapper Heavy D Died Abruptly Earlier Today After Getting Rushed To Hospital

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Rapper Heavy D died abruptly earlier today after getting rushed to hospital. This is some crazy news! TMZ has just reported that rap legend Heavy D just died earlier today after getting rushed to the hospital. His real name is Dwight Arrington Myers. They say he was rushed to a Los Angeles,California hospital at around noon,today.

Then he was pronounced dead at 1pm. He was 44 years old. It’s really odd. Heavy D had just performed at the 2011 BET Awards in October,and appeared to be fine at that event. An update says that he was unconscious when paramedics picked him up. Then he regained his consciousness shortly afterwards.

Then at 1pm,he was dead. He had also tweeted about Joe Frazier’s death a few hours before he met his own death. This is just totally insane. Something really crazy definitely went down here. Stay tuned. More details will come out,shortly.

Update: Cops are currently investigating the death. So far, there are no obvious signs of foul play. Police are currently at Heavy D’s home.

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  1. india brooks says:

    Wow i cant believe heavy d is gone he was a good person, i grew up listening to him were the same age and im sitting in my office crying God needed him more im so sad now. RIP heavy D.

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