Survivor 30 Mike Holloway Won The Whole Show Tonight,May 20th

Survivor 30 Mike Holloway Won The Whole Show Tonight,May 20th

Tonight’s 2-hour finale episode, kicked off with conversation footage that revealed everyone was still gunning to get Mike out since they think he’s the biggest threat. Next, each of the final contestants were greeted by their loved ones just before the rewards challenge.

The challenge was another obstacle course and puzzle. Mike pulled it out and won more time with his loved one (mother) and scored an advantage in the next immunity challenge.

Next, Mike learned his advantage in the next immunity challenge, which was to explore a maze that he would be blindfolded in. After that, they showed the immunity challenge. They were all blindfolded and had to find 4 medallions at the north, south, east and west locations of a maze. Then find the immunity necklace for the win. Mike won again to claim immunity and a guaranteed final 4 spot.

Then Mike negotiated with Carolyn and Sierra to vote out Rodney, but then went and told Rodney all about it, which seemed quite odd this late in the game. But anyways, it set up a situation where Mike had two 3-way deals going on, and he needed to chose between the girl’s side or the men’s side.

Next, tribal council footage went down. They talked game for a bit before casting their votes. Rodney ended up getting 1 vote and Sierra got 3 votes. So, with 3 votes, they dissed and dismissed Sierra.

Next the final immunity challenge immediately went down. It was another big obstacle course and puzzle challenge. And Mike hustled hard to pull out the win again, and seal his spot in the final 3! Yeah!!

Next, Mike made a deal with Carolyn to vote for her to stay so she could compete in a fire challenge to make it into the final 3 just before tribal council. At tribal council, everyone talked game for a bit. Then cast their votes. Carolyn ended up getting 2 votes and Rodney got 2 votes. So, the fire-making challenge was on to break the tie. And Carolyn just edged Rodney out for the win to seal her place in the final 3!!

Shortly, after that, Will, Carolyn and Mike did their best to convince the jury why they should win this game at the final tribal council. After they finished that up, host Jeff Probst, read the votes during the live show. And it was revealed that Mike did indeed get the 4 votes he needed before Jeff could finish reading all the votes.

So, Mike walked away with the $1 million dollar grand prize and bragging rights. Much congrats to him. Season 31 is happening. Stay tuned for spoilers on that. Also, get your favorite TV show stuff, and more by Clicking Here.

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