New Big Brother 19 Eviction Nominations & POV Winner Revealed Last Night, September 13th

New Big Brother 19 Eviction Nominations & POV Winner Revealed Last Night, September 13th

Alright, so last night after the Big Brother season 19 taped eviction show that featured Alex getting evicted, we saw a confirmation of who got nominated for eviction and who won the next Power Of Veto competition. It was revealed that Paul won the new Head Of Household on the taped show. Well, the outcome was no different for the POV. Paul won that damn thing too.

We don’t know if any of the others threw that competition. It’s highly likely they did since Paul has them all believing he’s taking them to the end. The only exception is maybe Josh since he’s been expressing a lot of doubt in Paul lately. However, he ultimately still does what Paul tells him to do.

This is actually a really important veto because the holder of it gets to choose who will make the only vote to evict this week. Paul is the current HOH so he won’t get to vote. But, he does have the POV which will in essence allow him to select who will make the only vote to evict.

As for the nomination ceremony, Paul chose to nominate Kevin and Josh for eviction. As far as we know, the target is still Kevin. So, it looks like Christmas will be making the one and only vote to evict this week. According to Big Brother Network, there was a discussion on the live feeds between Christmas and Paul about how she would be voting. So, that confirmed she will be voting unless Paul has a sudden change of plans at the last minute.

We believe the POV Ceremony will play out in tonight’s big LIVE eviction show. So, if any last minute changes in plans occur, we’ll see some very shocked reactions tonight. Let’s talk about some of the conversations that took place last night after the live feeds finally returned.

At around 9;48 pm pacific time, Paul reaffirmed that he wants to take Josh to the final two and he thinks he can get a clean sweep of votes with the jury. He said, “This season was super difficult but I like that I had to play a different game than last season. When I came into the game and saw I was the only vet, I thought it was over for me. My best chance to win will be sitting next to Josh.”

At around 10:05 pm, Christmas joined Paul and he started talking to her about how hard the game was for him since he was the only vet. And like the puppet she is, she agreed with him once again.

Paul told Christmas, “This week played out exactly how we needed it to.” They expressed a lot of happiness over getting the final three they’ve always wanted once they get rid of Kevin tonight.

Paul said, “Kevin hasn’t spoken much today but keeps mentioning America’s Favorite Player. I think Kevin has given up and knows he’s leaving.” After that, they talked about Christmas being the only person that will vote tonight.

At around 10:20 pm, Christmas actually mentioned that she was high most of the season because of the medication she was given for her broken foot. Ha! Ha! She didn’t have to say it. We could definitely tell.

At around 10:55 pm, Josh and Christmas talked about how she’s going to cast the vote to evict Kevin. She told him, “I will say that everyone left has won multiple competitions and had to nominate people and send them out while Kevin has no blood on his hands and could win the game because of that.”

At around 11:56 pm, Paul said, “I’m happy I get to be in the final three with people I wanted to be there with unlike last season.” He also noted that he actually hasn’t gotten the full Big Brother experience because he’s never gone to the jury house.

At around 12:20 am today, September 14,2017, Paul and Josh talked about the second round of the final HOH competition that took place last year. Josh thinks Big Brother might switch it up to make sure Christmas will have a chance to compete in it.

At around 12:25 am, Paul said something very interesting to Christmas and Josh stating, “I failed to repair things with the jurors. I was like, ‘ Oh, you played yourself.’ That’s just how I am.” Josh also said there’s a lot of people in jury that are angry with him. They were discussing that Christmas has the least amount of people upset with her in the jury house and that any relationships she damaged were repaired.

So, it sounds like Paul knows he might run into some issues with the jury this year. The problem with him is that he needs to own his game at some point. He constantly feels the need to keep lying to them even when they’re out of the house. It’s really strange.

Anyways, at around 12:40 am, Paul said, “I expected to be evicted before Jury and every week I thought I’d be gone.”

Alright, so that wrapped up most of the discussions that took place last night. Just to recap, The current HOH Paul nominated Kevin and Josh for eviction at the nomination ceremony. From there, Paul went on to win the Power Of Veto. Now, he’s planning to let Christmas cast the only vote to evict in tonight’s LIVE eviction show. We fully expect her to stay true to the plan and evict Kevin leaving her, Josh and Paul to battle it out in the final three part HOH competition.

Things could finally get interesting if Josh somehow wins this final HOH because he’s mentioned that he actually plans to evict Paul and take Christmas to the final two. Meanwhile, Paul thinks he has a solid agreement with Josh that they’ll both take each other to the final two.

So, maybe. Just maybe on finale night, we might finally get to see someone turn on Paul. We can only hope. We’ll definitely be watching this three part HOH very closely to see what happens when it happens. And we’ll keep you guys updated. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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