Why We Think Paul Abrahamian Lost Big Brother 19 Last Night For A Second Time

Why We Think Paul Abrahamian Lost Big Brother 19 Last Night For A Second Time

Hey guys. As most of you should know by now, houseguest Paul Abrahamian lost the show again last night after making it to the final two for a second straight year in a row. In this article, we’re going to break down and give you the reasons why we think he lost.

First off, Paul lost by a vote of 5-4. It was extremely close. Cody, Mark, Elena, Alex and Jason all voted for Josh. Christmas, Raven,Matt and Kevin voted for Paul. It came down to Cody’s vote since that was the last key host Julie Chen pulled.

Houseguest Alex Ow was extremely bitter. She said, “I voted for the person who stabbed me in the front. Not in the back.” During the jury questioning and final speeches, we noticed that Paul would still never really own his game. When he was asked about his bullying tactics, he pretty much denied ever doing any of that when he clearly did.

Meanwhile,Josh gave some surprisingly good answers. They were much better than we thought they would be. More importantly, they sounded believable. Josh was way more honest about his game. Also, he had started being honest about his game in his goodbye messages. Josh made sure to point that out.

Paul totally looked startled when he learned that Josh had been ratting out their alliance during the goodbye messages. What’s really sad is that Paul should’ve been doing the same thing. There’s just no point in continuing to lie to houseguests after they’ve been evicted.

We had already been touting this for the last couple of weeks when we saw that Paul was still lying to these houseguests in his goodbye messages after they got evicted. As soon as we started seeing this, we got a real bad feeling for him. But, we still held out hope that he would eventually come clean with these people. Sadly, he never really did even in the finale show!

We believe this loss was totally due to Paul’s lack of understanding of how to manage a jury when they’ve left the house. Sure, they were bitter but you just can’t keep lying to jury members after they’ve been voted out. We never understood his logic in doing this and we always said that this would probably be his demise.

Then there were the rumors that most of the jury members except Raven and Matt were really bitter at Paul. Unfortunately for Paul, that rumor turned out to be true. Despite that, we still think Paul had a chance to win over the jury coming into the finale show. We really believe Paul’s jury question answers and speech caused them to go ahead and make up their minds of who they were going to vote for. I say that because it’s believed by some people that they may have already had their votes locked in.

We really don’t think that’s the case. We truly believe that if Paul had really owned his game and had been completely honest with them about what he did. Maybe even gave some of these people a brief apology and showed a bit of humbleness like Josh did, he could’ve gotten a couple of those losing votes to swing his way. Instead, Paul just never really owned his game. He sort of did in his jury speech.

However, the problem with his jury speech is that it came off extremely rehearsed. He had been practicing it for the last few days. It was pretty long and he blurted it out real fast so he wouldn’t run out of time. It just didn’t sound very genuine and we don’t know if the jury members ever really picked up on all the points he tried to make with it.

We think Paul’s lost totally had to do with the lack of psychology of how deal with exiting jury members. Little things like that can really sway a jury vote. We think Paul just kept thinking he could lie to them until the very end without any sort of consequences. We always said Paul should have told Alex the complete truth before she exited the house instead of telling her that half truth.

She might have been a little less angry if he had been completely honest with her. Instead, Alex went to the jury house based on a half truth that Paul told her. We suspect that when Alex eventually found out the full truth of what Paul had done, it made her feel like an even bigger idiot. She probably thought back on the statements she made that were based on the half truth she was given. And that jsut caused the anger to build up even more.

Because if you recall, when Alex first entered the jury house, she was all for voting for Paul based on his game play. Then all of a sudden at the jury round table, she was leading the bitter charge to not vote for Paul. In fact, she seemed to be the most bitter in the finale show. So, we suspect that she found out more facts in the jury house that caused her anger to build up even more. We believe Paul could’ve dampened that if he had been completely honest with her before sending her to jury.

Then of course at the finale, Paul still tried to lie and it just really solidified that they were not going to give him their vote. Another reason why we believe it definitely had to do with the way Paul handled them was because both Elena and Mark were seen giving backyard interviews with Dr.Will Kirby after the finale show. They said they still thought Paul played a better game, but they outright said it was his bad jury management that caused them to vote for Josh.

Alex was seen telling Dr. Will that she would’ve given Paul her vote until she got to the jury house and found out he had been lying to her and making fun of her behind her back. Here’s one of her exact statements: “I would’ve given him my vote had he not swore to me up and down that we were friends and like this meant everything to him. I get to the jury house and find out he’s been lying and he makes fun of me behind my back! Why did you have to make fun of me? I would’ve just let you have your vote. Why did you have to make fun of me also to add insult to injury?”

Alright guys. That was our two cents on why we think Paul lost the game for a second straight time. Do we think the jury could’ve been more mature about it and still voted for Paul despite his bad jury management? Yes, but in the same vain, we think that if Paul would have handled them better and told them the complete truth at any point during this, he probably would’ve have gotten those extra votes he needed to finally win this thing.

With that said, that’s a wrap on this season. We will be reporting some of the important interviews that took place with certain houseguests. Then we’ll be back with all the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother news. We’re really hoping CBS does a good job casting this to make up for this season 19 flop. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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