‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Bill Spencer Is Returning To Do Another Terrible Thing & More This Week

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Bill Spencer Is Returning To Do Another Terrible Thing & More This Week

Happy Saturday “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. CBS just released their new weekly teaser clip for this upcoming week of June 18, 2018 to June 22, 2018, and man did it show us some very interesting developments.

The first thing we’re going to go over in this brand new report has to do with the crooked Dollar Bill Spenser character. It turns out that he truly doesn’t know when to call it quits. For any of you who thought he had given up trying to steal Steffy away from Liam, think again. He’s been absent for a few episodes. However, while he was away, he was definitely plotting out his new plan of attack.

According to the new clip, it looks like Bill will resort back to the blackmail plot that he had first initiated against Steffy. You guys remember Steffy’s mother Taylor was revealed to be the one who shot him in the back. Bill promised Steffy he wouldn’t tell the cops if she agreed to sign the Liam annulment papers. It almost worked too, but as most of us know, Wyatt foiled Bill’s ultimate plans. So now,Liam and Steffy are back together stronger than ever.

The last time we saw Bill, he was still trying to get Steffy to run off with him even after she found out about his scandalous attempt to break up her and Liam. Steffy threatened to call the cops on Bill. So, he left. Well, in this new clip, he will be back annoying the everliving hell out of Steffy yet again.

In the new preview clip, the narrator lady says, “Blackmail is always fun.” Then it shows Bill telling Steffy, “You’re not going to marry my son.” Steffy emotionally replies with,”You’re out of your mind!”

To go along with the clip, we have this official CBS teaser for Bill’s return this week. It tells us, “Unrelenting in his love for Steffy, Dollar Bill makes another meddling move to keep her apart from Liam.” An alternate description reads like this, “Bill, who still wants Steffy, meddles in her relationship with Liam again.”

So, there you have it guys. Evil Dollar Bill will indeed be returning to do what he does best. This is particularly interesting though. Because besides Justin, Steffy was the only one who could put up with Bill’s awful ways. Now, he’s making a total enemy out of her.

Steffy also has more resources to deal with Bill as opposed to someone like Sally or Hope. It’ll be interesting to see how Steffy decides to retaliate against Bill. I do like when Steffy told Bill she would not let him bully her around. There’s not going to be much she can do about this blackmail situation though, but we’ll see.

Other noticeable things that happened in this new preview clip is that Wyatt and Sally are seen ripping off their clothes in one of the scenes. So, it’s confirmed that they will certainly be hooking up romantically. Like Katie, Wyatt didn’t waste much time moving on to someone else after their break up. Let’s just hope Wyatt will treat Sally right, or he may see the end of that gun barrel again at some point. Sally don’t play.

The preview clip also showed Maya in a bit of interesting situation. She’s seen claiming to Hope that sweet, innocent Emma might be a spy! So, it appears that Maya may be quite over paranoid in these upcoming episodes. You guys can view this crazy, new preview clip that we’ve been talking about in this article over at Youtube by Clicking Here.

As previously reported, coming up in this Monday’s new June 18,2018 episode, we’re going to see the continuation of Wyatt and Sally’s crazy gun scene. Also, Maya’s going to totally flip out when she finds out that Emma is related to Justin Barber. The official CBS teasers for the June 18, 2018 episode, reads like this, “Sally and Wyatt bond over their similar situations after Sally fires off about Wyatt’s father Bill. Emma impresses Hope with her dance moves and depresses Maya with her last name.”

Alright guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest Bold And The Beautiful report. What do you think about evil Bill Spencer returning to try to screw over Steffy and Liam again? Are you excited to see it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other?

Also, how do you guys feel about Wyatt and Sally officially hooking up? Let us know in the Facebook comments. The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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  1. arletta L Ricci says:

    I think it’s best I don’t say to much..I know that Bill Spencer is a good Actor however in my book time for him to bite the dust. That is all I have to say.
    My life should be made into a soap. haha thank you

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