Big Brother Season 20 Kaitlyn Herman Revealed Shocking Big Brother Regrets And More

Big Brother Season 20 Kaitlyn Herman Revealed Shocking Big Brother Regrets And More

Hey,”Big Brother” fans. Now that crazy Kaitlyn Herman is out of the Big Brother house, she gave a few interviews to the press to explain herself and why she did the crazy things she did in the game. She also talked a little about her boyfriend who was reportedly very upset with her actions in the house in regards to being all touchy feely with the guys.

This particular interview was with the guys over at TV Guide. First, she talked about her little panic attack she had during the competition to get back in the house. She totally blames herself for giving up stating,”I blame myself for giving up. For having a moment of defeat. The game wasn’t over. I could have powered through, but that is not what was meant to be.”

Next, she revealed that she was definitely going to try to get out Faysal and Tyler if she had stayed. She told them, “If I stayed in the house, I would have been coming for Fessy and Tyler. I didn’t lie when I said I want a girl to win this. It is 2018. It is the year of the powerful female and the men just have to go.”

Kaitlyn talked about why she thinks JC voted to keep her when everyone else voted her out. She doesn’t think it maybe had something to do with game strategy. She thinks JC honestly had some sort of compassion for her after he was the one campaigning to get her out the entire week.

She stated, “JC was absolutely not trying to frame Tyler. JC saw me in a very vulnerable moment and he did what his heart and his intuition told him to do. I am very proud of him for making the unpopular choice and listening to his intuition. I have nothing but love for JC.”

TV Guide asked Kaitlyn why she thinks Sam made things so personal with her nomination speech. Kaitlyn revealed that she doesn’t think she’ll ever understand Sam’s logic in doing that stating, “I will never understand why Sam decided to make things so personal. That is one thing I will never be able to wrap my head around.”

Kaitlyn also spoke about Sam being hypocritical when it comes to women empowerment stating,”I think Sam and I have very different opinions on the meaning of an empowered female. Sure, do I think her actions were hypocritical, absolutely. But, they were hypocritical to my definition of an empowered woman and not to hers.”

Kaitlyn claims that all her flirtations with the guys was all just a big, elaborate scheme to push all the girls to the end, but she did end up personally liking the guys she flirted with. She explained, “Let’s be clear. My strategy was for an all-girls alliance and for a girl to win the whole thing, but I knew that creating close relationships with the men in the house would keep me safe if one of them was in power. Little to my surprise, I actually ended up personally liking these people, these men. So, joke’s on me, but it was a part of my strategy all along.”

After that, TV Guide got down to the nitty gritty and asked Kaitlyn about what she thinks her boyfriend is going to feel about how she acted in the house. Kaitlyn told them, “I am honestly not sure. What I do know is that Joe knows who I am at my core. He knows I am an affectionate person but he also knows how deeply, deeply in love with him I am. Hopefully he was able to watch the show and understand my strategy.”

Kaitlyn revealed that she thinks she’s going to get mixed reactions from the Big Brother fans stating, “The fan reaction is probably very mixed. I can’t even imagine the amount of people that don’t understand me, but I know at the same time there is a large group of people that totally get me and understand the decision I have made.”

Kaitlyn explained why she flipped on her own alliance in the first two weeks. She explained the first one away by saying she was deceived. She admitted to screwing herself over when it came to Swaggy C.

She stated, “Well when I voted to evict Steve, it was because I was under the impression that if I didn’t my alliance would be in trouble. I was made to believe that the power that was used would effect my alliance in a very negative way. So, I was actually staying loyal to them given the information I was told. Now, as far as Swaggy is concerned, I thought I was gaining a new alliance by making that decision. So, I guess I just really screwed myself over.”

In another interview with Entertainment Weekly , Kaitlyn said she regretted sending Swaggy C home, but felt she needed to do it to save her game. She stated, “I regret sending home Swaggy C just because he was so deserving of staying in this game. He just really deserved to be there, and I took the opportunity away from him. So, that kills me.

But on the other hand, he was the only person in the house who gave me a reason to send him home after he called me shady and a liability to his alliance. I didn’t feel safe with him. I knew that as HOH I had the power of making a big game move ,and I also was not promised that power ever again. So, I felt that I needed to do what was best for my game.”

Back to the TV Guide interview, Kaitlyn told them she just wasn’t meant to win Big Brother saying, “I wasn’t supposed to win. Plain and simple. There are people outside of the house that I can be of larger service to than inside. I just wasn’t meant to be there anymore.”

TV Guide also asked Kaitlyn, “Do you really believe that you were with Tyler’s late father in some way?” And she replied with, “One hundred percent. I felt spirit around Tyler every single day. That is what made me feel closer to him was because I feel close to spirits.”

Kaitlyn also said if she could do things over again, she would not have backdoored Swaggy C. She stated,”I would have not backdoored Swaggy. I would have trusted not one person in the house. And I would have voted to evict Sam the first week.”

Alright guys. It sounds like Kaitlyn is somewhat remorseful of some of the crazy actions she took in the game. Of course, it doesn’t matter now. But, oh well.”

Kaitlyn also posted a big letter to the Big Brother fans on her official Twitter account. It reads like this, “A note to you all. First and foremost, I never meant to hurt anyone along this journey, and I am so sorry for any role I played in doing so. Big Brother is an experience that no one can prepare you for. Even with live feeds and curated episodes, there are so many things that you do not get to see.

However, in the end, I always stayed true to myself. Outside of the house, I have a lot of healing to do. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the(literal) energy to move forward. I hope you can continue to support me during this major adjustment in my life as I return to inner love and self acceptance. Love & Light, Kait.” You guys can view that tweet on Kaitlyn’s official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

How do you guys feel about Kaitlyn’s explanation of her Big Brother season 20 actions? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Also, don’t forget a new episode of Big Brother season 20 airs tonight, July 29, 2018 at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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