Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broucher Revealed A Lot Of Very Interesting Stuff In New Interviews

Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broucher Revealed A Lot Of Very Interesting Stuff In New Interviews

Hey, fellow Big Brother peeps. We’ve got another interview report for you guys. The lovely Haleigh Broucher who was a victim of the latest LIVE double eviction this past Thursday night, September 13, 2018, gave multiple interviews with a couple of news outlets before heading off to the jury house.

During her interviews, we think she revealed some very interesting things and answered some burning questions. She revealed why she kept quite about the Swaggy C backdoor plan in week two. She gave insight to how she felt during her last week in the house. She talked about outing herself as the hacker and so much more. We think Haleigh is a very intelligent and beautiful girl which is why we got so frustrated with her when she made dumb game moves, but she had her reasons which she revealed in these interviews.

The first one we’ll go over is the interview she did with Entertainment Weekly. EW kicked things off by asking Haleigh about all the tears she shed in the house. Haleigh told them, “Oh my goodness. I feel like I cried most of the summer. It is funny because I am not really that emotional outside of the house, but it is a pressure cooker in there and everything just seemed very sad to me all the time.”

Next, Haleigh revealed that Faysal for sure had the worst HOH reign between the two of them. When asked which of their HOH reigns was the worst, Haleigh said, “Fessy’s HOH for sure because that one was out of my hands, and it was an intentional shot at an ally.”

Haleigh revealed that she actually didn’t regret taking a shot at Tyler when she was the hacker. She also thought that outing herself was something she needed to do. When asked about it, Haleigh stated, “I don’t regret taking the shot or coming clean. Obviously it wasn’t in the plan, but I thought at the time Tyler was a great competitor that was going to make it very far. I was right. I saw an opportunity and I took it. As far as coming clean about the hacker, I felt that was something I needed to do.”

Haleigh talked about who she thought was lying to her in her goodbye messages. Angela and Kaycee told Haleigh that Brett told them Haleigh was targeting them. Haleigh thinks there was some truth to all the claims. She said, “I guess I would believe a combination of the three. I think there was a large part of Brett saying what he did, but I also think that Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler wanted me gone. So, I think Brett just gave them a reason to justify it further. So, a combination of both.”

Haleigh revealed that she thinks Kaycee is playing a very good game, but she’s rooting for JC. She stated, “I think Kaycee is playing a very good game, but I also think Brett must be doing pretty well. It is so hard to know because I think there is a lot going on that I do not know about. Honestly, I’m rooting for JC to come through.”

On the flip side, Haleigh thinks JC might be in the most trouble at the moment. Haleigh explained when asked who she thinks is playing the worst game, “I don’t even feel like I have a foot to stand on with that question. I’m worried that JC isn’t positioned great. Although he has no loyalties to get him in trouble, he has no loyalties to fall on. That is how I saw it.”

Lastly, Haleigh revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she would like to see where things go with Faysal moving forward stating, “Obviously, I want us to stay close. I think Fessy is great ,and I am very glad to have met him. I want to see where it goes and be a good relationship.”

Haleigh also chatted with the folks over at and answered a few, important questions for them. They kicked off their Haleigh interview by asking her if she was surprised she got voted out in the double eviction episode even though the other houseguests told her she would be staying.

Haleigh revealed she was always prepared saying, “I went into every eviction preparing to leave. I know that in this house you don’t ever tell the person that is leaving, they are leaving. I could kind of tell the way everyone was acting Thursday morning that things had shifted. So, I was pretty much prepared.”

Haleigh revealed that she actually got the closest to Brett before she got voted out. She told them, “JC and I were very close. I got close to the girls, but sadly I would say that the person I felt closest to was Brett which is probably why the salt in the wound hurt even more.”

Haleigh said she thinks outing herself as the hacker was her biggest mistake in the game because she just lost too much trust with a couple of very important people. We couldn’t agree more. Haleigh stated,”Once I outed myself as the hacker, I lost a few people’s trust right off the bat. I lost Tyler and Angela. I gave them a justified reason to put me up, and those are two really big competitors.”

Haleigh revealed that Faysal’s persistence and strong connection with her really grew on her. She explained when they asked what caused she and Faysal’s relationship to evolve, “I think it was combination of Fessy’s persistence and him and I having a strong connection in facing the last few weeks of our Big Brother game together. It became a situation of us vs. them and he grew on me. What can I say?”

Haleigh revealed that she was 100 percent honest when she told Kaycee she was willing to stick by her side during Kaycee’s HOH reign. Haleigh stated, “If there was any one move that I regret, it would have been the move on Kaycee. Once I started getting to know her, I knew that she would be someone I could trust and be loyal with.”

After that, she answered a question that I really wanted to see get answered. I already had my suspicions, but she confirmed them. They asked why she didn’t mention Kaitlyn’s plans to backdoor Swaggy C to her alliance and just let it happen. Apparently, she was worried that crazy Kaitlyn would turn on her and nominate her instead. She also wasn’t sure where she stood with the rest of the house since it was so early in the game, and I think that’s quite understandable.

Haleigh explained, “At that point in the game, it was still early. The information that I knew about Kaitlyn’s plan to backdoor Swaggy could have hurt me if I said something. The move hadn’t been made, and if I had said something, she could have switched her decision and put me up. I made the decision to self preserve because I didn’t really know where I stood with everyone.”

Lastly, Haleigh talked about dear old Sam and her offensive comments to Haleigh both in her face and behind her back. Haleigh revealed that she didn’t try to change Sam’s opinion of her stating, “Sam played a very personal game, and I knew that early on. There wasn’t anything I felt the immediate need to prove to Sam or change her perspective on. I know who I am, and I know my values. So, I didn’t try and change her opinion.”

In the last interview, the folks over at Entertainment Tonight Canada got to chat up Haleigh for a bit. The first thing Haleigh revealed to them was that she always knew in her final Big Brother days that she was basically surrounded by sharks after her alliance got picked off. So, she wasn’t very surprised by her eviction. She stated, “I knew that they had picked us off one by one ,and I was the last one standing. I was basically in a shark tank. That is why my eviction wasn’t that shocking.”

Haleigh told them she trusted Kaycee the most which isn’t surprising. They got pretty close towards the end. However, Kaycee would never choose Haleigh over Tyler and Angela. Haleigh explained, “I think I trusted Kaycee the most, but when it came down to it, she would never have loyalty to me over anyone on her side.”

To conclude the Entertainment Tonight interview, Haleigh revealed that she aligned with the people she did because they made her feel the most comfortable. They were also very accepting and kind to her. She stated, “I wish I had made it further within the game, but the people I aligned with I did so because I felt comfortable with, and they were the most accepting and kind to me. Does that mean they were great game players? No. You never know who is going to make it to the end until you get there. I love my little, evicted alliance.”

Alright guys. So, there you have it. The very well-spoken Haleigh Broucher revealed most of her mindset in the Big Brother game. We think she did a good job explaining it. How do you guys feel about Haleigh’s explanations? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

As previously reported, another Big Brother season 20 eviction is happening today, September 18, 2018. It’s scheduled to air tomorrow night, September 19,2018. We expect Sam to get evicted since she was the main target. We’ll find out if that was the case tomorrow night because CBS has closed the LIVE feeds until after tomorrow night’s show airs.

With that said, we will bid you ado for this report. Again, another new episode of Big Brother season 20 is scheduled to air this tomorrow night, September 19, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to feature the Power of Veto competition, Kaycee’s Power of Veto ceremony, the eviction of either Sam or JC and more. So, be sure to tune to see all that great stuff. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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