Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broucher Revealed Why She Flipped Her Vote For Tyler To Win And More

Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broucher Revealed Why She Flipped Her Vote For Tyler To Win And More

Last Wednesday night, September 26, 2018, Big Brother season 20 finally came to an end, and Kaycee Clark emerged the winner by just one vote. It was a 5-4 vote. One of the jurors Haleigh Broucher played a hand in voting against Kaycee when all of her fellow Foutte alliance members: Faysal Shafaat aka Fessy, Bayleigh Dayton, Angie Rockstar Lantry and Scottie Salton voted for Kaycee to win.

Ross Matthews and Marissa Jaret Winokur chatted with Haleigh and Fessy together during the post-Big Brother backyard interviews, and Haleigh revealed exactly why she decided to flip her vote to Tyler. It turns out it was definitely a flip too because she was all set to vote for Kaycee to win at one point, but something Tyler said made her change her mind during the final jury Q&A and speeches segment.

Along with that very interesting information, Fessy gave his opinion on why he voted for Kaycee to win and what he thought about JC’s Diary Room antics that featured Fessy as the butt of his jokes. Fessy and Haleigh also briefly revealed what they plan to do in the future as far as their romantic relationship is concerned.

During the segment where Haleigh explained why she voted for Tyler, Marissa started things off by saying, “Haleigh, you voted for Tyler.” Haleigh said, “I did.” Marissa asked Haleigh, “Did you think he was gonna win?” Haleigh said,”I knew it would be close because I knew obviously how my alliance felt. So, no. I thought it would be very close.

I thought it would come down to one or two votes is what I was banking on, and you know my mind was set. In jury, my mind was set on Kaycee. I was like, ‘She needs to win. I’m voting for her.’ And then round table happened.

I saw different sides. I saw Angela’s perspective. Brett really started talking about his, and that’s something I went back and forth with like a million times in the hotel room. And then it honestly came down to final speeches.”

Ross asked Haleigh, “What was it in the final speeches that helped you make your decision?” Haleigh said, “I wanted to see how well they both really represented their game, or how well they thought they played because we were giving them credit for things that maybe they didn’t even know they had a part in. And so I wanted to see how much they think they played a part in.”

Ross said to Fessy, “You and Haliegh did not vote the same way.” Marissa asked Haleigh, “Did you guys talk about it?” Haleigh said, “Yeah we did. Before in jury, we were throwing ideas around.”

Ross asked Fessy, “What made you vote for Kaycee in the end?” Fessy said,”My thing was Tyler and Kasey were both comp beasts, but it was kinda like what effected my game the most. It came down to Kaycee beating me in the veto competition. Everyone was grilling Kaycee because she won five vetoes and she kept nominations the same all the time. But, if wouldn’t have beat me in the veto, I would still be in the house. So, Angela put me on the block, but Kaycee put the stamp on getting me evicted.”

Fessy also revealed that he heard about who flipped the votes in the house and about JC calling him his “Big Dumb Puppet” in his diary rooms. He stated, “I heard that JC was the two flipped votes that I never expected. I also heard he was in the DR (Diary Room) calling me his big dummy and all that. Yep.” Fessy said, “I also heard JC was on TMZ like eight times or something.”

Marissa did her best to console Fessy for all the negative JC antics by saying, “But just so you know, everyone at home loved you. They were like , ‘oh, JC.’ But, JC loved you so much just so you know. Even though he said it, he loved you so much.”

Ross and Marissa went on to say that JC’s job was to manipulate people. He hardly won any competitions. So, he need to manipulate people.

During the interview Ross and Marissa asked Fessy and Haleigh about how their relationship is doing.The first instance happened during the beginning of the interview. Ross said to Haleigh, “You and Fessy are the real deal. You get to the jury house, and how was it outside of the Big Brother house?” Haleigh said, “It was good. I was wondering who he was outside of the house. And so it was very interesting. Once you take away the stress and paranoia and pointing fingers. You flipped, not me. It kind of just went smoothly. Everything just meshed.”

Marissa and Ross also asked Haleigh if they’ve had a conversation about the whole nominating Scottie situation. Haleigh said, “We’ve had several” as she rolled her eyes. It was cute. Ross pointed out that was a big game changer. Haleigh said, “I think about it every night.”

Marissa and Ross asked Haleigh and Fessy what their relationship plans are for the future. Haleigh said, ” We’ve discussed it briefly. We never really came to a conclusion. We’re just going to ride it out and see where it goes. There’s no point in fighting right now about it.”

Fessy said, “She needs to graduate college because she’s a baby, and then we’ll take it from there. One step at a time.” So, that seems pretty reasonable.

Alright guys. That was it for Fessy and Haleigh’s post-Big Brother interview with Ross and Marissa. What did you guys think about the reasons for their jury votes? Let us know in the Facebook comments. You guys can view the Fessy and Haleigh, post-Big Brother season 20 backyard interview over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

As always, be sure to stay tuned as we have a ton of other, exciting Big Brother news coming up. Hopefully, we should start hearing new details for the second season of Celebrity Big Brother. We know that casting is now underway for regular Big Brother season 21. There was a lot of speculation if season 21 would get renewed by CBS, but I think we can put that to rest since they are casting for it.

CBS hasn’t officially announced they’re renewing it yet, but we’re very positive they will. Host Julie Chen is expected to return despite all of the mess that’s going on between her husband Les Moonves and CBS. A recent TMZ report revealed that both Julie Chen and CBS want it to happen. So, we’re remaining positive about it. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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