New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For August 19 And 20, 2019 Episodes Revealed

New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For August 19 And 20, 2019 Episodes Revealed

Hey, “Bachelor In Paradise” fans. We hope you guys enjoyed the most recent August 12 and August 13, 2019 episodes. Now that they’re officially history, it’s time to go over a few things you can expect to see take place in the upcoming Monday August 19 and Tuesday, August 20, 2019 episodes.

Thanks to ABC and our trusty source Reality Steve, we do have quite a bit of spoiler materials to share with you guys.

So, with no further ado, let’s just go right ahead and jump into these spoilers. The first thing ABC pointed out in their Monday, August 19, 2019 episode press release is the big fight that took place in the last episode between Jordan and Christian.

Apparently, they will show the continuation of it. ABC’s description tells us, “The explosive start to this week’s adventures in Paradise tests Jordan’s friendship with Clay as Christian aggressively competes with him for Nicole’s affection.

When the sand settles, who will Nicole be with?” An alternate description reads like this, “ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE WHEN JORDAN ATTEMPTS TO HELP CLAY IN HIS PURSUIT OF NICOLE.”

As we previously reported, Reality Steve said that both Jordan and Christian are going to get kicked off the show for their crazy fighting activities! That means Nicole will have no other options but Clay at this point.

So, Jordan did help out his buddy Clay. However,he did it at the expense of his own “Bachelor in Paradise” experience.

We expect the rose ceremony to take place in this episode. However, we can never say for sure because ABC likes to jumble these episodes up.

They do mention in their press release that a high stakes rose ceremony will be looming in this episode. ABC’s description tells us, “A high stakes rose ceremony looms with the women holding all the power and the roses and the men scrambling to find a way to stay.”

Thanks to Reality Steve, we do know the results of this rose ceremony. Demi gives a rose to Derek. Caelynn to Dean. Hannah G to Dylan. Nicole to Clay. Katie to Chris. Sydney to Mike. Tayshia to JPJ and Kristina to Blake.

Poor Onyeka said she didn’t find a connection. So, she ends up quitting the show and not giving anyone a rose.

That means poor Cam Ayala, Kevin Fortenberry, and Wills Reid will get eliminated to join Jordan Kimball & Christian Estrada who got kicked off for fighting.

Continuing on, ABC revealed that one of the new women who enters the show will have a hard time finding someone at first, but she will eventually find a guy that is interested in getting to know her.

ABC’s description tells us, “Although a new woman on the beach has a hard time finding a man who isn’t committed to someone, she discovers a passionate guy who is interested in getting to know her.”

Who will this mystery man and woman be? That’s the big question for this particular situation. We’ll have to wait and see because ABC conveniently left out their identities.

ABC also revealed that one of the women will discover a secret about one of the men that’s very embarrassing. ABC’s description reads like this, ” One woman uncovers a secret about one of the men that will be quite embarrassing.”

Next, is a particularly interesting set of events as they will feature our most recent Bachelorette headliner Hannah Brown! She will show up to check on her good friend Demi at one point. However, Demi will be still be confused as ever, and will resort to asking host Chris Harrison for help!

ABC’s description tells us, “Hannah B. arrives and is eager to hear good news from her close friend Demi, but she finds her confused and at odds with herself about her future in Paradise. Demi asks Chris Harrison to help resolve her dilemma.” An alternate description reads like this, “DEMI CONFRONTS HER CONFLICTED FEELINGS ABOUT DEREK.”

In the Tuesday, August 20, 2019 episode, the drama with Demi will continue. Demi will explain to Chris Harrison that she’s very conflicted and is contemplating actually leaving the show over it!

ABC’s description tells us, “The drama picks up with Demi explaining to Chris how conflicted she is between staying and exploring a relationship with a man she cares deeply for and leaving for a certain woman she can’t stop thinking about back home.”

Reality Steve actually supplied all the intel on this scenario. It turns out that ABC will actually bring Demi’s girlfriend Kristian Haggerty to compete for Demi’s affections, and she wins.

Demi ends up picking Kristian at every rose ceremony from here on out, leaving poor Derek on the outs. But don’t worry about Derek too much. He ends up starting something with Tayshia.

Next, ABC revealed that there might be trouble for Katie and Chris when another woman shows him some attention. ABC’s description tells us, “Katie might regret what she shared with Chris about how deep her feelings are for him after she sees a new beauty arrive at Paradise with designs on her man.”

Will this new woman really threaten to break up Katie and Chris. Only time will tell. However, we think probably not. We’re seeing on Reality Steve’s site that Katie keeps getting a rose from Chris. It’ll still be fun to see the drama play out though.

Alright guys. That’s the drama that will be playing out in these two episodes. Are you excited to see it or what? Let us know in the comments section.

Again, these next,new episodes are scheduled to air on back-to-back nights: Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20, 2019 starting at 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

Alright guys that’s all we’ve got for this latest “Bachelor In Paradise” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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    We’ve always loved Bachelor franchise, but this latest season was the most manipulative, staged, disingenuous show ever. Demi and her girlfriend were the last straw for all of us here who have watched for years. We are officially DONE. What was done with the whole DEMI I’m BI thing is so weird, so fake, so stupid, we are frankly offended as gay people. You made us look weird with this weirdness. This doesn’t happen in real life. You made us look like indecisive double talking double dating odd balls. NOTHING about what you did here was positive for the gay community. YOu totally blew it. And Demi, are you serious? If you really loved this girl you wouldn’t have been on that show, who are you fooling girl? For reals! And your stupid girlfriend? Really? Who in real love just let’s their girlfriend “explore options” are you brain impaired? Wake the F up girlfriend. Make a decision. Fight for love. This wishy washy junk is scary. This is not a good representation of gay love at all! This you do whatever you want and get back to me when you decide BS!!!! That makes us all look so weak and flimsy. How arrogant of you all to assume we just accept whatever everyone wants to do in the name of gayness? ReallY? Really? As if we are just so stupid and out of control we just have to accept each other as we explore men, women, women, men, etc…Jesus you idiots have no clue about love do you? And Demi GET OVER YOURSELF girlfriend, if I were that guy I would’ve said, BYE B^%tch…you aren’t that hot. You aren’t even intelligent or cute. You’re boring and empty. Next.

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