New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For August 19 And 20, 2019 Episodes Revealed

New ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For August 19 And 20, 2019 Episodes Revealed

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  1. Daneey says:

    We’ve always loved Bachelor franchise, but this latest season was the most manipulative, staged, disingenuous show ever. Demi and her girlfriend were the last straw for all of us here who have watched for years. We are officially DONE. What was done with the whole DEMI I’m BI thing is so weird, so fake, so stupid, we are frankly offended as gay people. You made us look weird with this weirdness. This doesn’t happen in real life. You made us look like indecisive double talking double dating odd balls. NOTHING about what you did here was positive for the gay community. YOu totally blew it. And Demi, are you serious? If you really loved this girl you wouldn’t have been on that show, who are you fooling girl? For reals! And your stupid girlfriend? Really? Who in real love just let’s their girlfriend “explore options” are you brain impaired? Wake the F up girlfriend. Make a decision. Fight for love. This wishy washy junk is scary. This is not a good representation of gay love at all! This you do whatever you want and get back to me when you decide BS!!!! That makes us all look so weak and flimsy. How arrogant of you all to assume we just accept whatever everyone wants to do in the name of gayness? ReallY? Really? As if we are just so stupid and out of control we just have to accept each other as we explore men, women, women, men, etc…Jesus you idiots have no clue about love do you? And Demi GET OVER YOURSELF girlfriend, if I were that guy I would’ve said, BYE B^%tch…you aren’t that hot. You aren’t even intelligent or cute. You’re boring and empty. Next.

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