‘Survivor’ February 19, 2020 Voted Off Danni Boatwright (Recap)

‘Survivor’ February 19, 2020 Voted Off Danni Boatwright (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, February 19, 2020, another new episode of this 40th season titled, “Winners At War” did indeed air, and another unlucky contestant got the boot at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with one of last week’s victim’s Amber Mariano telling the private cams, “The game is still going for me” while on Edge of Extinction.

After that, Amber’s husband Boston Rob was seen getting the fire token that Amber left for him. It was accompanied with a note, but the note didn’t tell him who gave him the fire token. So, Rob started wondering if Amber got voted off.

Then he went to talk to Parvati about it. At that point, he was hoping Amber didn’t get voted off and that maybe it was Sandra who gave him the fire token. Then he said, “If Sandra voted Amber off, this means war.”

Next, we saw Ben telling the private cams that he wanted to play more of a social game this time around.

Then Denise was seen finding a hidden immunity idol, but there was a catch. This idol contained two halves. So, she had to share one of the halves with someone else. She told Ben and Adam she had it.

During her conversation with Adam, she contemplated giving it to Parvati. Adam immediately shot that idea down saying,”You can’t trust Parvati with this.” Adam eventually convinced Denise to conveniently give the other half of the immunity idol to him.

Next, Kim Spradlin was seen searching for a hidden immunity idol, and she found one. However, it came with the same catch as Denise’s idol. She had to share half of it with someone else. So, Kim pulled Sophie to the side to tell her all about the idol she found. Then she eventually gave Sophie the other half of the idol.

Sophie told the private cams. “Kim should’ve given her half of the idol to Tyson. I’m the last person she should have told. I’ve never played with her before. Kim could be next on the chopping block for telling me about this.” So, Sophie is clearly not on Kim’s side. Poor Kim.

Next, they showed more footage of Amber and Natalie on Edge of Extinction. They received another clue that could lead them to collecting one of the 5 fire tokens they need to get back into the game. This clue sent them searching the entire island.

Secretly, Natalie found it in the water. It was a “Safety Without Power” advantage. She had to sell it to another player for a fire token because it was no good on Extinction Island.

So, Natalie was somehow able to send the “Safety without Power” advantage to Jeremy with a note, saying he could buy it with a fire token, and he definitely did. So, Natalie was able to collect a fire token off of Jeremy.

There was a segment where Sarah Lacina told Tony she wanted to try and work with him again to resurrect their “Cops R Us” alliance. Tony was all about it. He told the private cams, “We can work if she gives me that trust.” Sarah told the private cams, “Cops R Us can work.”

After that, the immunity/rewards challenge started. This is where Rob found out Amber was voted out at the last tribal council, and he said, “It’s a game. I get it.” Host Jeff Probst revealed that the reward would be a Survivor spice kit.

During the immunity challenge, the two tribes Dakal and Sele had to retrieve a key from a pole. Then use it to unlock a chest. They had to do this for 3 different chests.

Then they had to get the heavy chests through a barricade by taking apart the cart they were on. Once they got the chests through the barricade, they had to reassemble the cart and put the three chests back on the cart so they could roll the chests through an obstacle course.

Next, they had to open up the chests, get the puzzle pieces out and complete a puzzle for the win.

Rob slowed up his Sele tribe, big time, during the puzzle part. He tried to come up with a more slow and calm way of putting the puzzle together, and his way didn’t even come close to giving them the speed they needed to win. So, the Dakal tribe won immunity. Rob said, “My bad, guys. That wasn’t even close.”

The Sele tribe had to figure out who to get rid of next. Parvati told the private cams, “One of the newer people need to go.”

Rob echoed that statement. He told the private cams, “Jeremy or Ben need to go.” So, he campaigned for those two to go.

However, Danni started to stray,feeling left out of Rob’s group. So ,she ran to Ben and Ethan and told them that Rob has and old school versus new school click going on.

When Danni left, Ben and Ethan started talking about getting rid of Danni. So, clearly, that was not the right move for Danni, but she made things even worse! Monumentally worse!

She ran and told Rob that she thinks they should vote out Parvati. When she did that, Rob made her think he was on her side, but as soon as she left, he told the private cams, “What is Danni thinking? Parvati’s my right hand person in this game.” So,Rob started campaigning for Danni to go as well.

He told Ethan and Ben he wanted to vote out Danni. Eventually, Parvati got word that Danni wanted her out. So, Danni was surely number one on the hitlist at this point. However, Jeremy, Michele and Adam presented a different point of view.

Jeremy said,”I don’t like watching Rob and Parvati control the game.” So, Adam, Jeremy and Michele talked about possibly voting out Parvati. They just weren’t sure if it’s the right time though.

Next, came tribal council. At one point during tribal council, they started talking about all the crap Danni pulled. Then Rob and Ben got into an argument about being paranoid.

Parvati always kept a smile on her face. She also rolled her eyes when Danni tried to say something. Oh my gosh. I love Parvati. She’s the greatest. She’s such a fun player to watch.

Anyways, a lot of whispering started happening between a few people during this tribal council, which was also interesting.

Finally, they voted, and the score came out to be Danni with 5 votes, and Parvati with 1 vote. So, with a whopping 5 votes, Danni Boatwright did surely get voted off. She gave her fire token to Denise on her way out to “Edge of Extinction.”

Danni told the private cams, “I still have life in this game, and I’m holding on to that.” Then Danni was seen greeting Amber and Natalie at Edge of Extinction saying, “We have a lot to talk about.” And that was it, guys. That was the show.

It was another very entertaining installment. I’m totally rooting for Parvati. I just love to watch her play. Nothing ever bothers her. She laughs at everything. It’s crazy.

Anyways, how do you guys feel about Danni Boatwright getting voted off in this 3rd episode of season 40? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Survivor season 40 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, February 26, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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