‘The Bachelor’ March 2, 2020 Eliminated Victoria Fuller (Recap)

‘The Bachelor’ March 2, 2020 Eliminated Victoria Fuller (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, March 2, 2020, the 10th episode of the 24th season of “The Bachelor” did indeed air, and another unlucky lady did get booted to reveal Peter Weber’s final two women! They combined that final rose ceremony with the special “Women Tell All” segment.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with host Chris Harrison LIVE in studio. Well, I actually don’t know if it was LIVE, but he was in the studio. He quickly rolled the footage of the remaining rose ceremony that we didn’t get to see in last week’s episode.

Peter and the ladies were in Gold Coast Australia to film the overnight dates. Madison had a huge problem when Peter broke the terms of her ultimatum by confessing he slept with the other women.

Peter told Chris about the Madison drama and said, “I’m not sure if she’ll continue with this. I have no idea what’s going to happen at this rose ceremony.”

I have to say the scenery for this rose ceremony was quite nice. Like something out of a fairytale. Anyways, Hannah Ann and Victoria F showed up first, and they were certainly wondering where in the hell is Madison at?

Later, we found at that Madison certainly took her time to get there, but she did eventually show up. I’m sure production had something to do with Madison showing up just a tad bit later to add to the suspense.

Madison told Chris, “I was falling in love with Peter and then last night happened. Now, I don’t really know.”

Next, Madison joined the other women on top of the rose ceremony hill or where ever they were at to finally get this rose ceremony underway.

Before Peter handed out the roses, he told the final three ladies, “I’m so grateful to all of you for the relationships I formed with you. You all have a little piece of my heart. This is absolutely destroying me.”

Next, he gave Hannah Ann and Madison a rose. They both accepted it. That left poor Victoria F standing there with the realization that she would not be Peter’s future wife.

Peter really took a big risk choosing Madison over Victoria F given the fact he was unsure that Madison would even show up to the rose ceremony.

Peter walked Victoria out, and he told her,”I just want you to know how real everything was for me. I was falling in love with you. Our fantasy suite date was all so real. My heart was just further along with the other two girls.”

Victoria said, “I just feel so stupid.” Peter said, “Don’t feel stupid. You shouldn’t feel stupid.” Victoria said, “I don’t want to hear it. I don’t. I don’t know what to say. I get it. It is what it is.”

During her exit limo ride, Victoria told the private cams, “I’m just sad. I was just hoping to find love. Isn’t that what everyone is searching for? The fact that someone could sway his opinion with an ultimatum. It sucks.

I just don’t want him to regret the decisions he’s made.” Then she started crying. It was truly a very emotional moment for her. Bless her heart.

Next, Peter gave both Madison and Hannah Ann a hug. He told them they would meet his family next. Madison gave a toast saying, “Here’s to see if love can conquer all.”

From there, we were shown the “Women Tell All” segment of the show. The returning ladies were: Shiann, Lexi, Sydney, Victoria P, Mykenna, Kelsey, Victoria F, Savannah, Katrina, Alayah, Kiarra, Alexa, Tammy and Kylie.

They talked about Madison’s ultimatum. Lexi said, “We all know what happens on these fantasy suite dates. It was unfair.” Sydney said,”I come from the same area as Madison, and I respect her for standing up for what she believes in.”

Next, they watched a montage of the entire season. Afterwards, Sydney and Lexi started attacking Alayah again, claiming she’s fake.

Savannah told Victoria P she was fake for talking crap about Alayah and then holding her hand in private, asking if she’s ok. Alayah claimed she’s the same way in person as she is on camera.

They talked about Champagne gate. Kelsey said, “I had a flood of emotions when I heard the cork pop off. I overreacted.” Kelsey admitted to totally being in the wrong during that situation.

Tammy and Kelsey argued about their tiff they had on the show. Tammy tried to claim she was genuinely worried about Kelsey, but Kelsey wasn’t buying it for one millisecond.

Kelsey was very ticked off that Tammy claimed she had emotional disorders. Kelsey also said it’s very insulting to people who really do have those types of disorders.

Mykenna told Tammy, “You taught me how to be a person I don’t want to be.” So, that was cold. I have to say I don’t feel sorry for Tammy ,at all, because she was being just as rude as she was on the show. She was constantly rolling her eyes when Kelsey and Mykenna tried to express how they felt.

Chris Harrison brought Kelsey to the hot seat to ask her a few questions. First, they watched a video montage of her journey on the show. Kesley got pretty emotional, and she told Chris of Peter, “It’s hard because I really did envision a future with him. I do miss him.

Peter made me feel so important,loved and special. I learned a lot from Peter.” At one point, former Bachelor Nation contestant Ashley I aka Iaconetti made a guest appearance to give Kelsey a hug. Ashley told Kelsey, “Thank you for representing us emotional girls this season.”

Ashley also brought Kelsey a new, oversized champagne bottle. Ashley told Kelsey, “It’s oversized so you can never lose it again, and no one can steal it.” Everyone got a good laugh out of that.

Next Victoria F hit up the hot seat with Chris. They showed the video montage of her journey on the show.

Afterwards, Victoria told Chris, “I was frustrated with myself because I didn’t realize how much Peter cared about me. I wish I would have let him love me the way he wanted to. It was easier for me to push him away instead of losing him at the end of it. I hate some of the ways I acted. He put up with a lot. Sorry, I’m so emotional. It’s just hard.”

Chris also talked about the woman who claimed Victoria broke up multiple marriages. Victoria said, “It was someone that just didn’t like me or maybe just wanted to get on the show. I don’t know.” Chris asked Victoria, point blank, “Have you broken up marriages?” Victoria said, “Absolutely not.”

Next, they showed a special segment that featured Chris Harrison and Peter Weber crashing Bachelor watching parties. It was a fun clip to watch.

After that, Peter took the hot seat with Chris. Kelsey thanked Peter for showing her the kind of man she wants to end up with. Victoria F thanked Peter. She told him, “I thank you for how patient you were with me this entire season.

I’m sorry because I put you through hell.” Peter said, “Love is patient. I’m happy with what we both experienced.” Victoria said, “I just want you to know there’s no animosity at all. I adore you, and I will take what I’ve learned from you into my next relationship.”

Peter explained to Mykenna why he took her into that one rose ceremony where it seemed like he already knew he was going to eliminate her. He said, “I really didn’t know who I was going to pick going into that rose ceremony. I know it seemed weird.” Mykenna seemed to get the answers she was looking for from that explanation

At one point, Sydney told Peter, “No matter what happened with any of us, I think you did follow your heart. I respect you for that. We just want to see you happy.” So, that was sweet.

From there, they showed a couple of funny blooper moments from this season. Next, host Chris Harrison revealed that Clare Crawley who appeared on Juan Pablo Galavis’ season way back in 2014 will be the new Bachelorette headliner for the 2020 season of The Bachelorette!

Next, they had a very special segment about online bullying. Former Bachelorette headliner Rachel Lindsay was brought on to discuss it.

She read some of the terrible messages that some of the women of this season received on social media. Tammy said she actually got death threats, talking about how she should kill herself!

Sydney said, “None of us are perfect, but none of us deserve this, and I want to be a role model for young girls out there that are dealing with this.”

Finally, they showed a new promo of next week’s two-day finale episode of The Bachelor season 24. Chris mentioned that it will feature the most unexpected and complicated endings we’ve ever seen!

And that was it, guys. The final two ladies this season are my top pick Madison Prewett along with Hannah Ann Sluss. How do you guys feel about Peter’s top two ladies? Are you happy about them? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The Bachelor finale episodes are scheduled to air on back-to-back nights next week. They will air on both Monday and Tuesday night, March 9 and 10, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. Both of these episodes will be 2 hours long. So, be sure to plan accordingly.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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