‘America’s Got Talent’ June 16, 2020 Round 4 Auditions Revealed (Recap)

‘America’s Got Talent’ June 16, 2020 Round 4 Auditions Revealed (Recap)

Hey,”America’s Got Talent” fans. Tonight, June 16,2020, another new episode of America’s Got Talent did indeed air with the judges: Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum. Tonight’s episode featured round 4 of the early auditions.

Noah Epps kicked off the performances. He’s an 11 year old dancer. He did a Pinocchio-inspired dance routine. It looked great. It had a sort of hip hop/pop type of feel to it. Both the crowd and the judges loved it.

Afterwards,Howie said, “I’m impressed how you commanded the stage.” Sofia said, “It was fantastic.” Simon said, “You told a great story. You may be one to watch.” Noah got a yes from all four judges. So, he’s through to the next round.

Liliac was up next. They’re a family rock band from Downey,California. They sang, “Piece of my Heart” ,and they got a yes from all four judges. They only showed a snippet of their routine though.

Next to hit the stage was Luca Di Stefano. He’s a 19 year old, Italian singer. During his routine ,he sang Barry White’s hit, classic song, “Let’s get It On” with the deep voice and everything. The judges and crowd loved it.

Afterwards, Sofia said, “You were so fun to watch.” Howie said, “I loved the surprise. I could hear you sing that all night long.” Heidi said, “You have an amazing gift.” Simon said, “It’s the last thing I would have expected from you.” Luca got a yes from all four judges.

The W.A.F.F.L.E. Dance Crew arrived next. They’re from New York. They ended up performing a very lively and entertaining act with lots of flips, popping, hip hop and more. Both the judges and the crowd loved them.

Afterwards, Simon said, “I love your energy and determination. This was my favorite audition so far.” From there, Simon proceeded to hit the Golden Buzzer! That means The Waffle dance crew made it straight through to the live shows! Simon also went on stage and gave them a hug. It was a pretty emotional moment.

Next, a singer/songwriter named Nolan Neal arrived on stage. He previously competed on season 11 of The Voice, and he made it to the Knockout round.

After his performance, Simon said, “You have an amazing voice. I think you’re a very brave guy.” Howie said, “We felt your heart, your soul and your pain.” Sofia said, “My family is full of this horrific sickness,” referring to alcoholism. Nolan had previously shared that he was an alcoholic and has been sober for 10 years now. Nolan got a yes from all four judges.

Feng E was up next. He’s a 12 year old Ukulele player from Taiwan. The crowd and judges loved his powerful performance.

Afterwards, Simon said, “Wow. I think you are so talented,” Feng got a yes from all four judges.

Next, comedian Christine Hurley from Boston,MA hit the stage. Her act started out ok, but she fumbled up one of her jokes and that led to another mess-up, but she kept going with encouragement from the judges.

Afterwards, Howie said, “You need to embrace it when things go wrong. It’s happened to all of us.” Heidi said, “I feel for you.” Sofia wasn’t that into it. Simon said, “I have to be honest. We’ve had better comedians.”

Howie and Heidi gave her a yes, agreeing that she deserves another shot, but Sofia and Simon gave her a no. So, Christine got eliminated.

Next, OLOX hit the stage. They’re a New Age Electronica act. In other words they sang. They sang the song, “Zombie” by Cranberries.

Afterwords, Sofia said, “It reminded me of a movie soundtrack.” Howie said, “It was hypnotic.” Simon said, “I could feel the audience loved the act. It was very mysterious and very original.” OLOX got a yes from all four judges.

12 year old singer Ashley Marina hit the stage next. She’s a student at the Lincoln Park Performing Arts charter school. During her performance, she sang the song, “Anyway” by Martina McBride.

Simon stopped her and had her sing a different song without the music, saying the back track was too overbearing. He also didn’t like her A cappella song saying, “It sounded too much like Karaoke.”

Simon was eventually talked into letting her come back later on and perform a different song. She eventually did. It was a song she wrote about her father. It was better an authentic. Both the judges and the crowd loved it.

Afterwards, Howie said, “I walked two of my daughters down the aisle,” referring to the subject matter of her song. Sofia said, “I love the new you that you’re showing us now.” Simon said, “I think we’ve finally met Ashley.” Ashley got a yes from all three judges. Heidi was out at this particular time.

The Spyros Bros arrived next. They are a Diabolo duo act. During their performance, they pulled off amazing tricks with the Diabolo, which included them throwing it back and forth to each other from across the room and so on and so forth. Both judges and the crowd loved it. It was very entertaining.

Afterwards, Howie said, “You’re incredibly entertaining.” Sofia said, “I loved your energy.” The Spyros Bros got a yes from all three of the judges.

Brett Loudermilk hit the stage for the final audition of the night. He’s a sword swallower who has previously appeared on “Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.” During his act, he, of course, swallowed swords.

He got Sofia to pull one out of his throat. Then he swallowed 3 swords at he same time while Simon, Howie and Sofia each pulled one of them out of his throat.

Afterwards, Howie said, “I think you’re a good entertainer and how you’re able to go with the flow.” Sofia said, “You’re super fun.” Simon appreciated how he did that 3 sword trick for the very first time. Brett got a yes from all three of the judges.

Alright guys. That was it for tonight’s 4th round auditions of America’s Got Talent 2020 edition. You guys can view all of tonight’s round 4 audition performances on the official Youtube channel for “America’s Got Talent” by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “America’s Got Talent” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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