Big Brother September 24, 2020 Evicted Da’Vonne Rogers. New Twist Revealed (Recap)

Big Brother September 24, 2020 Evicted Da’Vonne Rogers. New Twist Revealed (Recap)

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, September 24, 2020, another LIVE eviction episode did indeed air, and another Big Brother All-Star was voted out and sent to the jury house.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with footage that happened in the house after the last POV ceremony. Tyler revealed to the private cams aka The Diary Room that he didn’t use the veto because Dani and Nicole are working with Da’Vonne.

Da’Vonne was seen telling Kevin, “I’m losing me in here. It’s draining me.” Dani told the private cams, “I really want Da’Vonne to stay this week. She’s on my side, and she will go after people for me.”

Da’Vonne said, “I’m not gonna give Tyler, Cody and Enzo the satisfaction of a campaign.” So, she just decided not to campaign to them to stay.

Memphis was seen telling Kevin of Da’Vonne, “After that speech, I don’t think anyone’s going to vote for her to stay. That type of stuff just doesn’t work. I also think Dani and Nicole are working with Da’Vonne.”

After that, Kevin told Da’Vonne he thinks Nicole and Dani lied about David voting to evict Ian last week. So, Da’Vonne asked Nicole again if she voted to keep Ian. And of course, Nicole lied to Da’Vonne again saying, “I voted to keep Ian”, and Da’Vonne believed her.

Nicole told the private cams, “I wanted to tell Da’Vonne the truth, but I knew it would blow up my game.”

Memphis was seen telling Enzo he wanted to make some additional alliances that includes both of them to get to the end. Memphis told the private cams, “Enzo is someone I think I can beat in the jury at the end.”

Enzo seemed to go for Memphis’ plan. Memphis pitched the plan to Cody. He seemed to go for it as well. Memphis, Cody and Enzo formed a new alliance called, “Wise Guys.” Memphis pitched a new alliance to Christmas too, and she went for it.

Dani was seen pitching to Christmas to vote out Kevin. Christmas told the private cams, “I need to split up Dani, Nicole and Da’Vonne or they will run this house.”

Christmas told Memphis she wanted to guarantee David a chance to make it to the final 8 if he would put up Dani and Nicole if he won HOH (Head Of Household). Memphis liked the idea. So, he went for it.

Christmas began implementing her plan by telling David, “You’re safe with me. I know you, Kevin and Da’Vonne voted for Ian to stay. Nicole didn’t vote the way she said she did. I don’t think that was fair to pin that on you. Does this build some trust?” David said, “Yes.”

After that, David told the private cams, “Dani and Nicole are now my targets.” So, Christmas was definitely able to direct David’s focus towards targeting Dani and Nicole with that conversation.

After all of that, the eviction nominees Da’Vonne and Kevin gave their final plea speeches. From there, the rest of the houseguests casts their votes to evict.

Tyler, Enzo, David, Cody and Christmas all voted to evict Da’Vonne. Nicole and Dani voted to evict Kevin. So, by a vote of 5-2, Da’Vonne was indeed evicted from the Big Brother season 22, All-Stars house tonight.

Afterwards, she gave her exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. During it, Da’vonne told Julie, “I’m relieved. I was ready to go. Those people are too fake. They kept Kevin because he can be puppeted. They new they couldn’t get me to do whatever they wanted.”

Da’Vonne was also shown a couple of pre-recorded goodbye messages from certain houseguests. During those messages, Tyler told Da’Vonne about the 6 person alliance he’s in. Nicole confessed to Da’Vonne that she lied about the Ian vote.

Da’vonne said of Nicole, “I feel what Nicole did was personal because it wasn’t even about game at that point. I just wanted her to tell me the truth so I wouldn’t be blaming David for something he didn’t do. Gamewise, I wouldn’t have held it against her. I don’t know where I stand with her now.”

Next, former Big Brother legend Dr. Will Kirby revealed to the remaining houseguests that he’s living next door to them and is apart of a new twist the producers have cooked up called, “Neighbor Week.”

He will have some temptations for them that involves them choosing between prizes or the game. He stated, “For the next HOH competition and Veto competition, you’re going to have an important decision to make. Go for power or go for prizes. I sure know what I would do. Good luck. Oh, and I do live right next door so you will be seeing me.”

And that was the show tonight, guys. They have not played the HOH (Head Of Household) competition ,yet, like they usually do. It will be played later on tonight. So, we’ll have to give you the results of that after they play it.

How do you guys feel about Da’Vonne Rogers getting evicted tonight? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Big Brother season 22 episode is scheduled to air this Sunday night, September 28, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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