The Amazing Race November 25, 2020 Eliminated Kaylynn & Haley Williams (Recap)

The Amazing Race November 25, 2020 Eliminated Kaylynn & Haley Williams (Recap)

Hey, “The Amazing Race” fans. Tonight, November 25, 2020, another episode for the Amazing Race season 32 did indeed air. This one was another huge, two-hour show, and they featured a mega leg where they doubled down on all the challenges. Sadly, another team was indeed eliminated at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the teams learning they had to fly to Hyderabad, India to get this leg started.

Chee & Hung mentioned to the private cams that they didn’t want to help DeAngelo and Gary anymore since they haven’t helped them at all.

When the teams got to Hyderabad, India, they were faced with a “Put To The Test” challenge. During it, they had to find a pollution control technician. Then they had to flag down 3 rickshaw vehicles to do a smog test to get their next clue.

After they completed that challenge, they were faced with some detours: “Food App” or “Number Trap.”

In the “Food App” detour, they had to partner with a phone operator to deliver food to a hungry customer. They had to make three deliveries for a food delivery service named Swiggy to get their next clue.

In the “Number Trap” detour, They had to crack some sort of number code on a computer monitor. It looked like a video game. Once they cracked the number code, the words they were given led them to where they could get their next clue.

Poor Kaylynn and Haley got lost again on their way to the detours. So, that cost them a lot of time and put them in a vulnerable position to get yielded.

Chee & Hung got hung up on the Number Trap detour. So, they decided to ditch it and do the “Food App” detour instead.

After the detours, the teams were indeed presented with another yield opportunity. Will & James ended up yielding Kaylynn and Haley for 20 minutes.

The next challenge the teams were face with was a Road Block. During it, they had to find a animated character on a tablet computer screen. Then match it with the real life person based on the turban they were wearing. They had to get 3 correct matches to get their next clue.

This first hour episode concluded with poor Haley & Kaylynn serving out their 20 minute yield. They had a good attitude about it though. They just laughed it off.

In the second hour, the teams had to travel by auto rickshaw vehicles to the Charminar. Once they got there, they hit up another round of detours: “This” or “That.”

In the “This” detour, the teams had to find bangle bracelets that the bride in a shop was wearing. They were given a cart that was full of different bracelets. They had dig through all of those bracelets until they were able to find and match 7 bracelets that were on the bride to get their next clue.

In the “That” detour, they had to correctly prepare and put a set of dentures into a patient’s mouth to get their next clue.

After completing the second round of detours, the teams were presented with another yield opportunity. Riley & Maddison yielded Kaylynn & Haley for another 20 minutes to give them their second, devastating yield of this leg.

Riley & Maddison were apart of an alliance called the “Mine Five.” That’s why everyone yielded Haley and Kaylynn. They were the only team left that wasn’t part of the Mine Five alliance.

So, when Kaylynn & Haley got lost earlier and fell behind, they were totally doomed by the other teams getting to the yield point before them.

The next challenge the teams faced was called, “Getting The Royal Treatment.” During it, they had to get all dressed up an take some high society people for a chariot ride to get their next clue.

This is actually the point of the challenge where Haley & Kaylynn got yielded for another 20 minutes. It came right after that “Getting The Royal Treatment” challenge.

After completing it, the teams had to complete another Road Block challenge. During it, they had to correctly prepare a table for a royal dinner to get their next clue.

Once they finished it, they were told to hit up the pit stop for this leg of the race. Riley & Maddison came in first place and won a trip for two to the Caribbean for 7 days from Travelocity.

Will & James took second place. DeAngelo & Gary came in 3rd place. Hung & Chee landed in 4th place. Eswar & Aparna got that all-important 5th spot.

So, poor Haley & Kaylynn did indeed finish last. Host Phil Keoghan did confirm that their luck had run out ,and they were eliminated.

The Five Mine alliance did finally defeat them by jumping ahead of them and yielding them two times for a total of 40 minutes. I will say that Haley and Kaylynn were troopers though. They just laughed it off,and they did at least finish up the leg. So, I say, “Good for them.”

How do you guys feel about poor Kaylynn & Haley getting eliminated in tonight’s November 25, 2020 episode? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new “The Amazing Race” season 32 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night,December 2nd, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Amazing Race” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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