New Power Book II Ghost Spoilers For Season 1, January 3, 2021 Finale Episode 10 Revealed

New Power Book II Ghost Spoilers For Season 1, January 3, 2021 Finale Episode 10 Revealed

Hey,”Power Book II: Ghost” fans. We hope you guys totally enjoyed the hell out of episode 9. Now that it’s officially wrapped up and in the history books, we are back to tell you a few things about how this season 1 is going to end.

That’s right, guys. The next, new episode 10 of Power Book II: Ghost will indeed be the season finale episode of it’s premiere season 1.

As usual, STARZ is late to the spoiler party ,again, with no official episode 10 press release yet. However, they are , once again, very stellar at getting those new preview clips out there. So, we do have an official preview clip for episode 10, and that’s what we’ll be working with as a source for this spoiler session.

First thing’s first. We did track down an official title for this season finale episode 10. It’s called,”Heart Of Darkness.” I must say, that title already gives this thing quite an intense tone. And to no surprise, the new preview clip also delivers that intense tone.

It starts off with Brayden getting told, “Tariq is dangerous. He’ll say or do anything it takes to get whatever he wants!”

Next, the clip cuts to another court scene. The Judge is seen saying,”Mr. Sax, call your witness.”

Next, Diana and Tariq are spotted in a new scene. Diana has something very important to tell Tariq in regards to Cane. Diana tells Tariq, “You need to be careful. Cane’s out of control.”

Right after that, Cane is seen getting real, real angry and flipping over tables!

Next, the clip gives us a new Monet scene. She’s seen having a very intense conversation with Lorenzo. Monet tells Lorenzo, “He’s the f!#cking problem!” Lorenzo says, “And now, he’s the solution.”

I believe Monet might have been referring to Cane as the f$%cking problem in that scene, but we’ll have to wait and see to be sure. Whatever the case, Cane is definitely causing some problems.

The next and last scene we get is Diana and Monet in the car. Monet tells Diana, “D, something’s up.” And then it just cuts out until wee see another court scene. In this one, Tariq is seen getting called to the stand by the government. Again, it all looks quite intense and dramatic.

You guys can view the new episode 10 preview clip for yourself over at Youtube by Clicking Here.

Starz confirmed that the next, new season finale episode 10 of Power Book II: Ghost is indeed scheduled to hit the airwaves next Sunday night, January 3, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Power Book II: Ghost” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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