The Chi Season 5 September 4, 2022 Episode 10 Is The Finale. Season 6 Is Happening

The Chi Season 5 September 4, 2022 Episode 10 Is The Finale. Season 6 Is Happening

Hey, “The Chi” fans. We hope you guys totally dug and savored everything that episode 10 served up tonight, especially since episode 10 was indeed the very last episode of this current season 5. That’s right, guys. Episode 10 was the season finale episode. That means you guys won’t get to see another new episode of The Chi for quite some time.

The good news is that you will get to see a new episode of The Chi at some point in the future because we can officially tell you that the folks over at Showtime did decide to renew The Chi for a brand new season 6! That’s right, guys. You can bust out the champagne bottles and celebrate. Your favorite show is coming back with all new episodes.

At this time, it’s not yet known when the new season 6 will debut or how many episodes it will feature, but we’re guessing it will premiere in the summer of 2023 sometime with probably the same amount of episodes as season 5. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see to be absolutely sure. We’ll let you guys know when Showtime makes the official announcements on that.

The CHI’s current season 5 averaged 206,000 LIVE viewers per episode, and a 0.07 ratings score for the 18-49 year old demographics. The most recent episode 9, which air lest Sunday night, August 28, 2022, drew in 218,000 LIVE viewers, and a 0.08 ratings score.

The most-viewed episode was episode 5 with 249,000 LIVE viewers. The least-viewed episode was the premiere episode 1 with 152,000 LIVE viewers.

The highest-rated episodes were episodes 3,5 and 8. They all tied for first place with a 0.09 ratings score. The lowest-rated episodes were 1 and 2. They both tied for last place with a 0.05 ratings score.

Those LIVE Neilsen ratings numbers seem pretty weak even for a cable show, but we’re hearing that The Chi actually set records in viewership via the streaming platforms. The Chi’s streaming audience grew 20 percent this season. We’re guessing that had a lot to do with Showtime keeping the show going for a new season 6.

Alright, guys. That’s all the info we have for this latest, “The Chi” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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